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A little about me:

I am Michael Pruett(my pic on, a Bluefield College graduate. I'm now an alumni of FMD and an Eagle Scout. I enjoy fantasy books, and my favorite author is Michael Moorcock. My parents are Mike and Iris Pruett, I have two sisters, Sarah and Erin, and a neice, Stephanie. In my spare time I like to read, work out, and play the game with my friends. The thing in my life I enjoy most right now is Karate. I'm studying RyuKyu Kempo under Sensei Bradley Owens. I live in Wytheville, Virginia, with my roommate Josh. I'm working at Ruby Tuesday and I'm a substitute teacher.

Physical Information

  • Height: 5 ft 11 in
  • Weight: 155 - 160 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Black
  • Average Build
  • Don't smoke

I Am A: Lawful Good Human Fighter Paladin

Lawful Good characters are the epitome of all that is just and good. They believe in order and governments that work for the benefit of all, and generally do not mind doing direct work to further their beliefs.

Humans are the 'average' race. They have the shortest life spans, and because of this, they tend to avoid the racial prejudices that other races are known for. They are also very curious and tend to live 'for the moment'.

Primary Class:
Fighters are the warriors. They use weapons to accomplish their goals. This isn't to say that they aren't intelligent, but that they do, in fact, believe that violence is frequently the answer.

Secondary Class:
Paladins are the Holy Warriors. They have been chosen by a God/dess to be their representative on Earth, and must follow the code of that deity, or risk severe penalties. They tend towards being righteous, but not generally to excess.

Tyr is the Lawful Good god of justice. He is also known as Tyr Grimjaws, Wounded Tyr, the Maimed God, and Blind Tyr. He appears as a warrior, missing his hand. Followers of Tyr are concerned first and foremost with justice - discovering the truth and punishing the guilty for their crimes. They wear blue and purple robes with a white sash, a white gauntlet on the left hand, and a black gauntlet on the right, to symbolize Tyr's lost hand. Their preferred weapon is the warhammer. Tyr's symbol is a set of scales resting on a warhammer.

Find out What D&D Character Are You?, courtesy ofNeppyMan (e-mail)

What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Gauntlet Adventurer.I am a Gauntlet Adventurer.

I strive to improve my living conditions by hoarding gold, food, and sometimes keys and potions. I love adventure, fighting, and particularly winning - especially when there's a prize at stake. I occasionally get lost inside buildings and can't find the exit. I need food badly. What Video Game Character Are You?

What Sort of Hat Are You? I am a Bandana.I am a Bandana.

I'm somewhat antisocial, not in the way of an introvert but more like a protester. When the law is wrong, it should be changed, or it should kiss my ass. What Sort of Hat Are You?

You are Morpheus-
You are Morpheus, from "The Matrix." You
have strong faith in yourself and those around
you. A true leader, you are relentless in your

What Matrix Persona Are You?
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Which Ringwraith are You?
By Lisa

And now a little about you:

Here are the contents of your hard drive.J

Impressed? If not I haven't done my job. ;-)

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