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Football Club Barcelona

Visitors since December 17, 1997

¡Español Porfavor!


The logo of the centennial includes all the basic elements of the symbolism of the club (shield and colors) concocted in a visual and synthetic manner. The one-hundred years of the club's existence are easily identified with the numbers 1899-1999, but are also more symbologically identified with the presence of 100 spears in the interior and exterior of the logo therein.

Tàpies' Poster

This magnificent poster by Tàpies (catalan artist) has things very clear: colors, forms, and symbols are intertwined to form a grandiose concept of design. The 'B' of 'Barça' and the city of Barcelona and the centennial's years. A phrase on the center of the poster that is accompanied by symbols. The boot and the cross. The cross represents te opression suffered by the catalan people. The colors of the club which are blue and red. All these colors, forms and symbols make this poster by Tàpies a true work of art.

*Club History*

Joan Gamper is the man who founded F.C.Barcelona on November 29, 1899. In Spain, football (soccer) entered through Huelva where british workers taught the curious sport to their fellow workmates. In 1878, the growing number of supporters created the Huelva Recreation Club, which played it's first matches against the crews of british merchant ships. In Barcelona, football was born in the town of Sant Gervasi de Cassoles, where Gamper lived. He was a swiss man that regularly played football matches in his house with other patriots. Scottish and Englishmen also gathered and the rest is history!


These men formed the first 'official' club in 1901. Standing: Witty, Reig, Meyer, Cabot. Kneeling: Llobet, Widerkeher, Valdes. Sitting: Parsons, Steinbeg, Gamper, Green, Cenarro.

*European Trophies*

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1978-79 1981-82 1988-89 1996-97
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1957-58 1959-60 1965-66
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SuperCup  SuperCup
1992-93 1997-98
European SuperCup

*With 10 Cups in Europe, Barcelona is tied with Milan for the most by any European club.

*National Trophies*

Spanish Champions-(15 times)1928-29, 1944-45, 1947-48, 1948-49, 1951-52, 1952-53, 1958-59, 1959-60, 1973-74, 1984-85, 1990-91, 1991-92, 1992-93, 1993-94, 1997-98

Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey)-(24 times)1909-10, 1911-12, 1912-13, 1919-20, 1921-22, 1924-25, 1925-26, 1927-28, 1941-42, 1950-51, 1951-52, 1952-53, 1956-57, 1958-59, 1962-63, 1967-68, 1970-71, 1977-78, 1980-81, 1982-83, 1987-88, 1989-90, 1996-97, 1997-98

Spanish Supercup-(5 times)1983-84, 1991-92, 1992-93, 1994-95, 1996-97

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"5-Star Stadium"--UEFA

Camp Nou

Built: 1957

Capacity: 112,000 souls

Dimensions: 107m x 72m

Address: Av. Aristides Maillol s/n

Barcelona, Spain 08028

Phone: (93)496-3600

Fax: (93)411-2219

*My Favorite Player*

Iván De la Peña


Iván is my favorite FCB player because of his outstanding passing skills and dribbling talent. He gives everything to the team and he's a joy to watch. They call him "Little Buddha" because of his shaven head. He's not yet a spanish international, but he soon will be if he continues playing like he does.

*FC Barcelona's new NIKE Uniforms*

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