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Adam West is the **Real** BATMAN

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Hiya BATFANS .. WELCOME ... come in .. keep an eye on my progress .. even with the limited FREE space I have here .. I will try to hold your attention .. .. If you have any ideas for this page .. I welcome them .. write to me .. colors/backgrounds/pictures/sounds/anything .. I like the purple .. BATGIRL colors ..
Well .. it's Feb 4th 2003
I have added to this Main Page ..
Pages here have been fixed ..
More Updates will be soon ..
More Bat-Links have been added ..
SOON .. a **NEW** Page ..!!
Thanxs to all my visitors ..
Please sign the Bat-Book to let me know what I can do to improve the pages ..
I have been getting close to 100 visitors a day now ..
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`..``..->This way to Gotham City<-..``..
I don't know about you .. but I loved all the famous people on that show .. but with all those famous VILLIANS .. with out a doubt my favorite was the RIDDLER .. he was the best .. and the only RIDDLER .. thats the
** Real ** RIDDLER .. is this man ...

TAKE NOTE..!!! BATMAN can be seen now ...
Monday - Friday @ 4:00 AM EST on the TVLand channel
.. CATCH IT.. !!!

All I Need Is 9 More Episodes Too ..
Then I Have ALL On Tape .. !!
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    Adam West - Style
    Cowl & Costume

    That's it for now ...
    Be careful though ...
    Who knows for whom the Bell tolls ...
    Might toll for thy ...
    Come Back Soon ...
    Remember .. Same Bat-Time ...
    Same Bat-Channel ...
    Just like the DYNAMIC DUO .. !!!!

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