Utah's Hauntings

Brigham City

Dove Creek Camp
This abandoned labor camp was used as a camp for the many Chinese men whom died while constructing the east west line of the rail people have reported hearing Chinese voices, phantom train lights that have been known to go straight through cars, also the sound of hammers hitting railroad track can even be heard. I have even talked to a man who said him and his son were up camping and decided to walk the area as the sun was going down and he stated they could even see sparks flying from the ground up and they heard voices in a foriegn language that were undestiguishable.

Cedar City
The Brickhouse is now known as Betty’s Cafe and is located on Main Street in Cedar City. Employees have reported seeing a very active presence within the old home. The ghost has been spotted late at night wearing a plaid shirt.

Canyonlands National Parks
Dead Horse Point
Many years ago cowboys left injured horses fenced up to die of thirst. The apparitions of these horse haunt the area.


Lyric Theater
Founded in 1913 this old theater once entertained well known performers but soon fell into disrepair and sat dormaint for years until renovated by Utah State University. One night while rehearsing for an upcoming production of Hamlet the proffesor for the theatrical department was playing Hamlet and heard giggling from the balcony, others saw a man dressed in Shakspearean garb and wearing a fools cap. The ghosts clothing looked like that of a grave digger so the proffesor took a original program from 1913 and looked up the man that played that part a Mr. Everett Jones so ever since the entity has been known as Everett, and he has been making his presence known for the past 20 years. "I haev heard a number of things, you sense somebody moving in the place but nobody's there, or you just sense a presence" the proffesor said. A woman has also had some run ins with Everett, while her husband and another man rehearsed onstage she was taking notes for the proffesor, they had gotten done with the rehearsal her husband approched her and asked "did you see that man in black he was distracting me, and he walked around watched them rehearse and sat down three seats behind you" "but I didn't see anyone" she replied. Other times you can hear Everett pacing, rattling doors, a dark haired man with a medium build has been seen in areas surrounding the old boiler room (which is the only room that still has the old dirt floor), and a telltale sign Everett is around is when the chandelier starts to shake

Grapevine Restaurant
Ex-employees talk about strange going ons while working. Such as dishes flying against the walls and breaking, brooms being moved from one room to another as if being carried by an invisible entity. To put a stop to these things for a while they had to speak sternly such things as "Stop it!" and "Knock it off!"

Saint Anne's Retreat (The Nunnery)
Reports of childrens voices by the pool, a woman dressed in black, ghost lights, cold spots etc.. are just a few of the phenomena witnessed at this location. As legend has it this building was founded in the 1920's as a lodge, it was soon after given to the Chatholic Church as a retreat, but the legend tells a diferent stroy, one of murder. According to local lore the nunery was home to many local nuns one of which was going to have a baby, the head nun didn't know that this particular nun was pregnant until she had the baby at the Nunnery, the head nun was irrate and told the nun she would kill the baby. So fearing for her newborns life she tried to escape the Nunnery late on night but the head nun gave chase through the forest. The nun was terrified of what the hed nun would do to her and her child so with the head nun on her tale she hid her baby under some leaves and brush and continued to run. Later when she felt like it was safe she went back to the spot where she hid her baby but it wasn't there. Now not knowing what to do she walked back to the Nunnery only to find her child floating face down in the pool, the sight of this made the nun go crazy and she commited suicide at the side of the pool so she could be with her child.

Green Canyon
There is a certain area where horses will not go and birds will not chirp. You will not see animals here. Strange things have been reported. When you enter this location you get a feeling of despair, depression and hopelessness. You get a strong feeling of evil, of something evil being done there.

Mountain Meadows
Mountain Meadows Massacre
This is the site of the infamous "Mountain Meadows Massacre" that occurred in 1857. 120 men, women, and children, on their way from Arkansas to California, were murdered at this spot by a band of Mormon Militia. To this day, the reasons behind the slaughter are unknown. Many have reported that when they approach the creek below the monument, they can hear voices of the dead calling out to them.

Union High School
The school was built on top of an old Indian burial ground. The Auditorium is haunted by a ghost named Edwin who has played mean tricks on people such as hanging costumes in the curtain tracks and turning of the lights on unsuspecting people in the auditorium alone. Also he pushed a coffin off the stage with a person inside it during the production of Dracula.

Union Station
One of Utah's oldest railroad stations at the west end of 25th Street, is the site of continuing unexplained activity and apparitions. The site has been investigated and was featured on national television. The site is now a local museum and if you are lucky... you may be able to speak with the maintenance folks who will share their stories with you!

Ogden City Cemetary
This Cemetary has more than one legend, and I am sure it is haunted. It is built on somewhat of a hill and as story goes one year there was alot of rain and it washed away some of the hill, and some graves slide out of there resting places and had to be relocated. - The first legend is of a wich whom is buried in a plot with her family, it is on the west most edge of the cemetary and has a small wrought iron fence around it. People have reported seeing odd things such as balls of light and shadows moving through the tomb stones. this and all cemetaries in Ogden are now off limits to the public after dark because of the numerous amount of teenagers that would go to this site and get drunk waiting to see things. I have even heard stories from the sexton that they have caught people doing some kind of sacrifices of live animals on the site of this grave. No wonder this spirit not at rest. The second legend is of a statue of a soldier that stands in the center of the park and I believe it is in rememberance of fallen soldiers or police officers, but as rumor has it he has been known to move the position of his gun he is holding and also his head looks as if it follows you when you walk through the vicinity. also I have a statement from someone saying they were driving through the cemetary at night and came upon this statue so they got out looked around at the stones and these "green balls of light" started following them through the trees.

Downtown Hotel
This is perhapse Ogden's grandest hotel. But your not only getting a good deal on a room, but may also be getting the night of your life. numerous people have been known do have met their deaths in this hotel. some of the accounts I have gained knowledge of upon investigation of the hotel is that two young men allegedly brothers leapt to their death from the roof, A Miss Eccles was reportedly was murdered for her money by her husband in room 1102, A woman was reportedly waiting for her son to return from either WW1 or WW2 he never returned, she later committed suicide (they don’t know if at the hotel or after she left but she is rumored to haunt room 1106, Miss Eccles son reportedly came home from a trip and when he learned of her death he committed suicide in room 1010. I love doing investigations at this locale because the employees are very outgoing and love to tell you their experiences. some have said that the elevator stops randomly at floors when noone is on the elevator (I have witnessed this once) you can get a good whiff of perfume on the third floor by the elevator door, one night while the night auditor was there with one other witness there was a loud rumble and then a wind came down the stairs shook a tree at the base of the stairs and then proceeded around the room making every light it passed go out and then it continued further down the stairs and out the door and the lights came back on. (for more of this story please go to the Investigations page and read casefile 2001000 a hotel in Ogden), also check out some of the pics from this hotel Pics

Park City
Snowed Inn
A Victorian mansion built as an upscaled replica to the owners distant grandmother. Grandmas spirit now lives in this Victorian mansion and likes to make her presence known to individuals staying there. The rooms are themed around the original home and grandma likes to occupy the bedroom themed after her own. Her mist has been seen ascending and descending through the floors, and she has also shown up in pictures taken by the staff of the Victorian hotel.

Park City Silver Mine
Mines were created over a hundred years ago. They operated several decades. History of murder and accidents over the course of the mines operation. Apparititions seen and heard in several of the interlinking mines by miners and caretakers. The mines are currently not in operation.

Minersville Creek
It is said to be haunted by a mysterious lady dressed in black. She was very rich and was crossing the country with some men. The lady had a feeling the men was going to still her money so she hid it somewhere down by the creek. When the lady wouldn't tell the men where she hid the money, they killed her and the money was never found. To this day, people go to the creek in search for the money, but they never find it. People have said to have seen her roaming the creek, keeping people away from her money and scaring people away from the haunted creek. Nobody knows what would happen to them if they found the money, and they hope they never find out.

Provo River
Old Bishop was a Ute indian and as rumour has it he got his name because he looked like the recentely deceased bishop of the LDS church. But to the story, as rumour has it Old Bishop came upon three white men poaching on indian land and when he tried to stop them the men shoot him and his body fell into the provo river, fearing for their freedom the men pulled his body from the water one of the white men pulled a knife from his belt stuck it into Bishops belly and ripped him open and then proceeded to fill him with stones so the body would sink and with it would sink all evidence of the murder they commited. But instead of sinking the body washed downstream and got logged on a cottonwood tree. the three white men went back to town and boasted of the murder, well the Ute indians found the body of their fallen tribsmen and what insued was one of the blodiest battels between the Nuavoo Legion (mormon army) and the Ute indians. And as legion has it on the aniversary of Old Bishops death he can be seen rising from the banks of the Provo river and taking the rocks out of his stomach one by one untill he disapears .

Salt Lake City
Old Desert
located 5 minutes from downtown in the This Is The Place State Park.An old deserted settlement is the home to many, one woman is said to have been seen looking out the windows giveing obscene hand gestures because they put her house backwards during the movement of it to it's present day location. the sounds of children can be heard playing when the museum caretakers are their by themselves. And they have even reported smelling things cooking when noone is in the kitchen.

Utah State Historical Society
Built in 1910, it was once home to the railroad station for the Denver & Rio Grande Railroads. It was also used as a place to store bodies of fallen soldiers until their family could retrieve the bodies. And a woman dressed in purple is said to haunt the ladies restroom and the cafe. It is believed that she was killed by a train while attempted to get the ring that her boyfriend threw on the tracks during an argument they had before he departed to WW1. Other activity includes footsteps, and voices and the apparition of an unknown man. I have talked to many of the miscellaneous employees and some have said they don't believe, but the majority have said they have seen or heard noises while in the building after hours that they couldn't explian, some of those employees no longer work there because of these encounters.

McCune Mansion
Wedding arrangements were being setup the night before a reception, in the morning the room was entirely disarranged from the way that it was left .Doors locking that don't have locks on them, footsteps creeping up and down the back steps when no one shoould be around, cold spots, and as the owner drives away he looks into the rear view mirror and sees lights going on and of all through out the unoccupied house. No one knows who or what may haunt this old upper class mansion but something does. A bunch of Congressional campaign strategists were having a meeting one night when talk turned to that of Ghosts, the man that owns the home stated that his house was haunted and the congresmans finance chairman stated "quit pulling my leg" as soon as he had finished saying that a chair started to move towards the fire place all by itself. "just another day at the McCune Mansion stated the homes owner.

Chart House (Devereaux Mansion)
The sprirt of a child is supposed to haunt this resteraunt and they believe when he was alive he had to stay upstairs while his parents were entertaining company. Most of the crew has had something happen to them and it is always upstairs. Things will come tumbeling down the stairs, Waiters will lose their equilibrium while walking into the study, order tickets placed at the wait station disappear only to be found later wedged between the bookcases of an old armoire, the only original piece of furniture left at the resteraunt.

Shilo Inn
There is strange echoing laughter in the indoor pool next to the Lobby. The Pinball machine by the exit to parking on the upper level played by itself on several occasions. A man pushed his wife and children out of one of the upper level windows and then leaped out to meet his own demise.

Old Mill
Ghosts of two vagrants and their dog who died in a fire still haunt the building.

Murray / Granite Elementary School
The ghost of a former Band teacher that died in a car accident on the way to school one morning, is sometimes heard playing the piano in the cafeteria which also serves as the schools auditorium.

Trolley Square
What originally served as a holding yard for Salt Lakes Trolley service is now a mall with numerous stores and new empolyees, and according to a 20 year veteran of the sheriffs department is home to the ghost of a janitor. according to him he went to work for the mall and was told by the man leaving that he would see a man in bib overalls come out of a grate by the north doors. The veteran paid it no mind until three in the morning the maintanence crew left for thier lunch break so the gaurd let them out and went to do his rounds he came across where they had been working on rewaxing the floors but they still had more than half the hallway to go, so he proceeded with his rounds and then at around 4 am and as the security gaurd was unlocking the gate they all heard a soft whistle that sounded like "Danny Boy" the gaurd took off down the hall to investigate with the janitorial crew at his side when they came to the spot the crew had been working the whole hall sparkeled with new wax on the floor and all of the equipment was stacked neatley against the wall and no one was to be found.

Salt Lake City County Bulding
Apparentley this building is home to more than city workers. according to reports their are childrens voices that can be heard, doors slam by themselves, the elevators zip up and down from the fith floor, fire alrams go off for no reason. a boy & girl dressed in pioneer clothes have been seen running up and down the fourth floor hallway bouncing balls and giggling, some say they have also seen the kids mother. Another acount is of a man in a gray coat has been seen wandering the halls, and one of the first judges to serve in the court has been known to let out deep belows from his old chamber. A deceased council member is always blamed for when no apparent reason doors slam in the middle of heated board discussions..

Mariott Library at the U of U
The ghost of a man dressed in civil war era clothing has been spotted numerous times by staff and visitor alike at this library (once a military fort (Fort Douglas). The special collections area is his favorite place to roam according to employees. He has been known to breath on peoples necks. the curator of Fort Douglas museum believes the same ghost haunts the museum as well and says he has had 9 or 10 encounters with the spirit. then most memorable was when he was there after hours in the basement and could hear footsteps upstairs when no one should have been there, he ran to check them out but found nothing the first two times, the third time he heard the footsteps he snuck up the stairs and turned the corner and as he came around the drinking fountain he saw it, a man dressed in what appeared to be civil war uniform the entity looked over its sholder towards the curator then started down the hall and turned a corner when the curator got to the corner and looked the man was gone. so he returned to his work and the noises kept on, so finally fed up with it he returned upstairs and shouted knock it off I can't concentrate and I have alot of work to do. after that he heard nothing the rest of the night. Most employees of the Mariott believe that this spirit means well but feel frightened or threatened sometimes, also most people get scared when they hear a high pich wail in the special collections area.

ZCMI Department Store
The store in the mall downtown has been known for the cook who worked in the store's exquiste resturant, who passed away a few years back, and is still preparing meals for the groups of women (who have also passed on) who used to eat and play cards in the store's resturant.

Santaquin Canyon
Strange noises, cold spots, strange lights are just a few to name seen and heard by many visitors to this location.

St. George
Hardy House Restaurant
A strange unknown shadow has been seen by customers, wait staff and the owner.
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