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I visited Germany in May 2000. Despite the two world wars faced, Germany is one of the most advanced country. German is the language of Germany, but people understand and speak English. Berlin is the capital of Germany.

Munich city

Munich (or München in German) is located in south central Germany on the Isar River. Munich is Germany's third largest city (after Berlin and Hamburg) with 1.3 Million inhabitants. It's the capital of the state of Bavaria. If there is a center of Europe, here it is. Munich's Deutsches Museum is the largest museum of technology and natural sciences in the world Munich is a major centre of culture and the arts with 2 opera houses, 45 museums and no fewer than 42 theatres.

Olympic Stadium in Munich

I am in Munich

Olympic Tower in Munich

B.M.W Building

Old BMW car in BMW Museum

BMW in 3 wheel, in design phase

Latest B.M.W with GPS system in design phase
(My future car)

I am on B.M.W.

On this BMW a world tour was done in 1972

Germany's first submarine in the Deutsches Museum

U.S. Helicopter captured by Germany
in the Deutsches Museum

Rocket in the Deutsches Museum

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