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United Oriental Roller Association
(A pigeon club)



1. The kit should consist of 8 to 16 in number, any age accepted.
2. Judging time will be for 15 minutes. A preflight time of 2 minutes is mandatory before the timed judging .
3. Kit scoring will be as follows:
a) Full turn - all birds performing Score: 5 points
b) 3/4 turn - 3/4 of the kit performing Score: 3 points
c) 1/2 turn - 1/2 of the kit performing Score: 2 points
d) 1/4 turn - 1/4 of the kit performing Score: 1 point
e) individual rolling during fly Score: Each bird scores 1 point.
4. These points given only if the bird(s) fly for the 15 minute fly time. Birds that land, roll down or fly out of the kit will not be scored. The kit will score. If you fly 8 birds and only 6 kit, the score would be a 3/4 turn. Two birds down eliminates a full turn.
5. The kit must be observable by the judge to score.
6. Preferred performance is the roll. A bonus score will be given (1 point) to each bird that rolls during the judging time.
7. The judge will be selected by the directors. Out of Salt Lake City may select a judge from your area .
8. All U.O.R.A. members are encouraged to take part.
9. Fly dates.
Saturday - August
Saturday - September
Saturday - September (This is not a misprint for October. Fly will be two days in September.)
Note: Out of area members may select a different date in August or September. Please inform the fly directors before you change your date in your area.
The honor system is expected.


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