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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PS2)

The TMNT finally re-emerge in the gaming world after nearly a decade of silence, after missing out on the whole generation of 32-bit and 64-bit consoles(PS1, N64, Sega Saturn etc.) thanks to the new 2003 cartoon reigniting the popularity they once claimed to have. Many people hoped Konami would maintain the positives and quality of their 16-bit predeccessors that are placed highly among an old school gamers favourite scrolling beat-ems-ups(of course they weren't the best though). The TMNT meet the Playstation console for the first time, and will we see a successful 128-bit cracker of a game?

LEVEL LAYOUT: A. Stage 1 - Things Change

1. Sewer

2. Streets

3. Alley

4. Rooftops

5. Stockman's Lab

B. Dojo Stage - The Secrets

C. Stage 2 - Nano

1. April's Antique Shop

2. Subway Station

3. Subway Train

4. On the Bridge

5. Junkyard

6. Junkyard Rear

D. Stage 3 - Trap

1. Art Warehouse

2. Trailer Roof

3. Construction Site

4. 13th Floor

5. Top Floor

6. Air

E. Stage 4 - Tengu

1. Museum Entrance

2. Dinosaur Exhibit

3. Egyptian Exhibit

4. Courtyard

5. Japanese Art Exhibit

F. Dojo Stage - Progress

G. Stage 5 - Notes from Underground

1. Mouth of Underground

2. Underground World

3. Abandoned Town

4. Genetics Lab

5. Cultivation Room

H. Special Stage - Ordeal

I. Stage 6 - Justice

1. Entrance

2. Japanese Garden

3. Foot Science Lab

4. Mouser Arsenal

5. Demolitioned Arsenal

6. Trap Corridor

7. Heliport

8. Shinto Palace

GRAPHICS: The cel-shaded graphics are very pleasant to look at indeed. It gives the desired impact of giving the look and feel of the 2003 cartoon. As a turtle hits a enemy, the comic book effect comes to life with words like "Whack" appearing as your enemy gets Some of the most impressive graphics you see come from the boss outings such as the giant mousers techniques of squishing a turtle. The black outlines of your characters adds to the sharp vision, but is it all looks, no substance? GRAPHICS: 4/5

GAMEPLAY: Ok the controls are fairly easy to understand. You gain an extra jumping attack some way through the story mode. I don't understand some buttons uses like the L1, L2 buttons, where the turtle can make like a quick, short fast dodge in any direction. It would've been better if they had a running button, to get through some parts of a level completed faster. The uppercut button isn't really a great addition either. However, the action is repetitive, not alot of different ways to play the game then. The controls do have good reaction times, but more variety and originality would've make it better. GAMEPLAY: 3/5

SOUND: The sound is mostly strong and clear, and we hear the actual cartoon's voice actors in the movie segments in-between levels. However the hitting sounds i wouldn't say are great, and the phrases the turtles make, though unique for each turtle, during the level play, is repetitive, and some people would get irritated by it. SOUND: 3/5

MUSIC: The music has got to be the weakest area in this game. NONE of the in-game music is memorable, which features alot of guitar riffing. Some of the tunes you hear are in fact terrible. This includes flute music you might hear in the later level with the ancient Japanese settings. The days of the 16-bit TMNT games using music that will spur you on/pump you up are a long distant memory when you hear these melodies. MUSIC: 2/5

LONGEVITY: The replayability of the whole story mode gets some meaning, and more play for you, when you are encouraged to go through the whole thing with a different turtle. It's not like the arcades where you can just select another turtle when you continue a game. The downside is, there isn't much difference in who you face, and all the levels are the same again. However, completing all levels with all 4 turtles will unlock more characters in the VS. mode, which is like a beat-'em up mini game, and the Challenge Mode where you take on all the bosses in a gauntlet-type encounter. The extra's such as the Library do seem pointless, where you get more images of the new-look turtles/sketch diagrams. LONGEVITY: 3/5

OVERALL: Its a decent enough game for the PS2, but the problem the game can get very competitive, and you do fight too many of the same enemies. Also mutiplayer only allows 2 turtles at once, not all 4. So it's slightly dissappointing for Konami after their solid reputation for their TMNT games in the 16-bit era. There is a lack of depth, like the different skills of the turtles should've been utilized more, and a lack of originality too. The graphics do look impressive at times, the controls are mostly solid but simple. Reccomended for any TMNT fan, but non-TMNT fans might not get into the game. So quite a successful game unlike the 2 further sequels.TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES(PS2) GETS A: 3/5 RATING.

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