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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Back from the Sewers (Gameboy)

This is the second of 3 TMNT games developed for the original gameboy in the early nineties. Much like most TMNT games, it is a scrolling beat 'em up for the small screen. Play as any of the 4 turtles to take on Shredder, Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady, General Traag and others. There seems to be no storyline in this game, but you get the picture its Krang and Shredder wanting to destroy the turtles, rule the world etc.

GRAPHICS: The graphics are very good in defining the characters we all know and love. Backgrounds to the levels though, vary from pleasing to bland. Levels in the early stages have the better looking backgrounds, but then later on the game is dominated by the underground and Technodrome's uninteresting, awful backgrounds. GRAPHICS: 3/5

GAMEPLAY: There is no major negatives about the gameplay, that spoils the enjoyment of the game. One button for attack, one for jumping, and pressing both buttons at the same time is a sliding tackle attack. It's not all about bashing enemies, in one level your turtle is on his surfboard in the sewer, where you must avoid the incoming missiles, and mines floating in the water. One frustrating part of the gameplay, is sometimes when you are attacking a close-by enemy with a flying kick, your life gets damaged even though the enemy gets killed at the same time. GAMEPLAY: 3/5

SOUND: Most of the sound is at a high standard throughout the game, from the flicking of Michaelangelo chucking his Ninchuku, to the satisfying sound of the boss having been defeated. The sound is characteristic and memorable for what it means. There's also the impressive speech you can hear from the turtles before the level starts. The sound for the enemy getting destroyed could've been better, but there's nothing much to complain about here! SOUND: 4/5

MUSIC: Some of the in-game music, thanks to using the actual TMNT cartoon theme song in some levels, is very good. There's a nice quite dark tune used in the underground levels. However, some tunes are a bit patchy, such as when the turtle is in an elevator and that specific tune sounds a mess.MUSIC: 3/5

LONGEVITY: In the course of the game you will usually have to play (unless you are very good at this game) all 4 turtles. When you lose one life with Raphael, he is "in jail" as the picture suggests, and you will have to pick another turtle, and the same progress follows until all turtles are "in jail". However, the continues seem to go on forever, and this game can be completed in an hour, for first-timers, that is. Some of the bosses are quite hard like Bebop and General Traag, but find the technique to defeat them, and its fairly straightforward. There are a few bonus levels in between the proper levels, like defeating the robot NY cop you may know from the cartoon, as Rex 1. LONGEVITY: 3/5

OVERALL: It's a decent enough game, with impressive sound and worthwhile controls, though not perfect. An enjoyable game, that won't frustrate the player. Nice and easy!


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