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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Radical Rescue (Gameboy) Review

This is the third of 3 TMNT games developed for the original gameboy in the early nineties. This is much more like a platform game than a scrolling beat 'em up. You can only play as Michaelangelo at the beginning, who must rescue the other 3 turtles. When the other turtles are rescued, they become selectable to play.

GRAPHICS: The graphics are decent, though not as good as the second TMNT gameboy game. The foot soldiers you fight against, if they are, look a little odd image, not recognised from the cartoon. It's fabously detailed graphics, but they're ok. Once again, alot of the game is stuck with a cave-like background, which always looks awful with this calibre of graphics.GRAPHICS: 3/5

GAMEPLAY: A simple layout of controls, one button for striking your opponent with the turtles' preferred weapon, and a button to jump. As Michaelangelo, pressing the jump button again while in mid-air, he can swirl and Ninchukus and gives you more time to move in mid-air, ideal for avoiding large obstabcles on the ground. It's just reasonable and nothing more.GAMEPLAY: 3/5

SOUND: Sound isn't as good as it could've been, however, nice suitable sound for the enemy getting destroyed. There isn't really much sound to brag about here.SOUND: 4/5

MUSIC: As in previous gameboy games, the TMNT cartoon theme song is used, which is generally a catchy theme. The new themes specifically for the game though fare much less better. Mozart it ain't. MUSIC: 2/5

LONGEVITY:This is the most challenging and hardest of the gameboy TMNT games. There are only 2 continues, but you can collect more life's during the games as whole pizza icons. It's not so straightforward this time, as its a maze of caverns/rooms you have to go through, and stumble across the bosses. Keys and cards are to be searched for to unlock some areas of the maze, and it does take some time. Some people will get frustrated by the game, some will be resilent and hunt down the keys and cards, and the bosses. LONGEVITY: 3/5

OVERALL: It's a good game, but it doesn't keep the player enthusiastic and interested with the maze format, due to bland backgrounds and a simple storyline.Still, its a challenge, if you are willing to carry it out, it does require you to find a technique to kill a boss, as lifes are not in plentiful supply.


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