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Raphael - The Joker/Short Fuse

Name: Raphael. Named after "Raffaello Santi", a famous renaissance artist by Splinter.

Age: 15

Height: 5'2"

Weapon: carries two "sai", like a three-pronged knife.

Good or Bad Guy?: Good guy.

No. of appearances?: He appears in every episode of the original & new cartoon, all 3 TMNT movies, all TMNT: Next Mutation eps & most issues of the comic.

Words that Describe Raphael: Humorous, witty, sarcastic, crude, rude, jealous, short-tempered, aggressive, strong, angry, hot-headed, bitter, sullen, clever, doubtful, cool, friendly, kind, resentful, sensitive and knowledgable.

Favourite Quote?: Raphael doesn't really have a catchphrase, but many funny lines: "what the shell?"(from 80s cartoon),"You know, with a face like yours, i'd make up with it with some sort of a personality, hahaha..."(from movie)

Status: Main character, the Joker of the turtles in 80 cartoon, the short fuse of the turtles in movies, 2003 cartoon & comics. He also comes across as like the 2nd-in-command of the turtles.

Voiced By: By Rob Paulsen in original cartoon execept in the last season in 1996, which was taken over by Michael Gough. In the UK, Hal Rayle voiced him in the 1987 season. In the new cartoon, by Frank Frankson. In TMNT 1 movie, acted and voiced by Josh Pais, in TMNT 2, acted by Kenn Troumand and voiced by Laurie Faso. And in TMNT 3, acted by Matt Hill & voiced by Tim Kelleher.

TMNT Review HQ Analysis: Raphael is one of the the 2 turtles who do not take themselves seriously(the other being Michaelangelo), and therefore is one of the comical or entertaing one. Firstly in the Mirage comics, Raphael could become rather aggressive and was the most violent turtle. But he had a humor that was skeptical and sarcastic. He resented Leonardo being the leader, and wanted to take his place but soon he ran out of hell-bent steam with this quarrel and let Shredder himself defeat Shredder. He was closest to Michaelangelo. In the image comics, Raphael suffered drastic physical changes such as getting his face disfigured and wearing Casey Jones hockey mask and later an eye patch.

In the 80s original cartoon, Raphael's aggression was gone and the humor/sarcasm stayed, there was even an episode that's totally dedicated to his reputation for being funny, called "Raphael Knocks 'em Dead" and he gets a sort of girlfriend called "Mona Lisa" in "Raphael Meets His Match". But only for one episode!

In the new cartoon and movies, we see more of Raphael's aggressive nature. In TMNT 1 he is bad-temmpered but funny. It centres more on him and his emotions more than the other turtles in the first movie, making him look like the "star turtle" of the film. He also has a more tough-guy voice in these 2 mediums. In the new cartoon, he argues with Leonardo and Michaelangelo, and his best friend is Casey Jones. In the TMNT movies 2 and 3, he doesn't get that special treatment focusing on him and the turtles are involved in the film equally.

In the TMNT video games at first, there wasn't much to differentiate him from other turles, only that he wasn't that popular because he has the shortest weapons. However in games on the SNES, he was made the fastest turtle, and then in the 2000s games, he was actually the strongest turtle which is true to the comics & movies

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