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Leonardo - The Loyal Leader

Name: Leonardo. Named after one of Splinter's idols "Leonardo Da Vinci", a renaissance painter.

Age: 16

Height: 5'2"

Weapon: 2 Katanas or 2 Ninjatos. They are long, straight blades that are strapped to his back.

Good or Bad Guy?: Good guy.

No. of appearances?: He appears in every episode of the original & new cartoon, all 3 TMNT movies, all TMNT: Next Mutation eps & most issues of the comic.

Words that Describe Leonardo: Loyal, kind-hearted, valiant, discipline-minded, respectful, humble, retrospective, brave, stringent, committed, controlled, strategist, obedient and routine-orientated.

Favourite Quote?: "Turtles fight with Honour!" or "Turtle Power!".

Status: Main character & leader of the 4 ninja turtles.

Voiced By: Cam Clarke in original toon, Mike Sinterniklaas in new 2003 cartoon, acted by David Forman & voiced by Brian Tochi in TMNT1 Movie, acted by Mark Caso & voiced by Brian Tochi in TMNT2 & 3 Movies.

TMNT Review HQ Analysis: Leonardo pays more homage and loyalty to Master Splinter than anyone else. He trains at Ninjitsu harder than the other turtles and probably so has the best skills. In general, of all the different mediums shown above in pictures(i.e movies, cartoon and comic)what we see is Leonardo has a lot of honor, and can differentiate between what is good and evil, right and wrong accurately. He's also the most sensitive turtle.He is not resentful or boastful or arrogant at all. He watches over the other turtles like a parent, making sure they train as well. He is also an "ideas" person.

His weaknesses you could say is, his lack of humor, not a great fun-lover, can be fussy over rules and discipline, and isn't very spontaneous.

In the comics, new cartoon and movies, Leonardo tends to clash with Raphael, who doesn't display his ethusiasm of rules and would like to take over Leo's position as leader. In the original cartoon, Leonardo is seen as a "goody two-shoes" persona but for me, Cam Clarke's voice is the vintage Leonardo voice. The best voice. The original cartoon shows leonardo at his most optimistic. In the movies though, Leonardo is less serious and comes out with jokes, but is still the sensitive one. When we reach the recent representation of the turtles, Leonardo is more spiritual. We also see a more darker side to him, and someone less sure of himself and his beliefs.

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