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Dimension X's Favourite Outlaw: A Talking Brain

NAME: Krang.

Age: Unknown, but he sounds and looks old.

Height: He wouldn't reach the average man's knee. About 1 foot.

Weapon: The advanced variety of weapons he has constructed through many of the episodes. The Technodrome is also a weapon as it has missles connected to protect him.

Good or Bad Guy?: Bad guy.

No. of appearances?: Krang ONLY appears in the Original 80s cartoon and the Archie Comics series. He does appear in a cameo in the 2003 cartoon as a Utrom called Krang, but it isn't confirmed as the same Krang from the previous TMNT cartoon series.

Words that Describe Krang: Dominant, dictator, cruel, evil, ambitious, brainy, clever, comedic, smart, greedy, lonely, bitter, short-tempered, dastardly, scheming, boastful & big-headed.

Favourite Quote?: "Shredder, you fool!"

Status: Main Villain. Alien Warlord exiled to Dimension X, has more superior technology than humans, and controls the Spherical tank-like Technodrome and controls an army of Rock soldiers.

Voiced By: Pat Fraley in the original cartoon series.

TMNT Review HQ Analysis: Krang is a legendary, memorable character from the original cartoon series(1987-1996). Upon first impression he looks like a talking brain, except with 2 small tentacles for arms. He is very clever as the brain-look suggests, but this is really a grotesque evil alien warlord who was exiled by his own race. He did used to have a flesh and bone body, but then something happenend to it before he was exiled. This was never explained how in the cartoon. Another alien called Drakus (who appears in the the first episode of the 8th 1994 Season, aka Berzerko) invents a massive battle fortress called the Technodrome that moved by rolling tank treadmills underneath. Krang stole it, and he kept a hold of it after the exile.

Krang also control an army of Rock soldiers, or Stone Warriors and the chief Rock Soldier General Traag looked after the army. Shredder discovered Krang somehow, and they made an alliance later on, along with their future creations of the mutagen Bebop and Rocksteady, who were simple New York punks. Baxter Stockman was an of ally of Krang's at the beginning of the 1988 season, but was rejected by Shredder and Krang not much later.

Krang is the most egomaniacal of all the villain, he even is the master over Shredder due to having technology far advanced than any human technology. He is quite bitter at the worlds, and must be sort of lonely(he knows nobody else from his race). However, despite his anti-socialness with wanting to destroy people, he is one of the funniest characters in the cartoon, his humour centering on Shredder's vocal output. In the cartoon, he is suppoesed to have come from an alien race called the "Krangezoids", who were reptile-like creatures when they had the bodies. This is seen in "Invasion of the Krangezoids" in the 1993 7th season.

Shredder builds Krang a new body, this time its a robotic body/android. This shows Krang does have low self-esteem about his appearance, and feels embarressed, so he looks more intimidating in this android, which has all these gadgets, including an enlargement chip, which gives him the power to become Godzilla size!

Krang wants to conquer the Earth and become their leader. He is not as obsessed about the turtles and Splinter as Shredder is, and is not into martial arts. He does not care for the Shredder/Splinter rivalry or the history of the Foot Clan or Japanese culture at all.

In alot of episodes, the Technodrome is stuck in various places (centre of the Earth/ the Artic/Dimension X/Atlantic Ocean etc.), and Krang needs power for the Technodrome to move, or getting through a dimensional portal when they're stuck in Dimension X.

Another thing to note is that, out of the usual four villains, himself, Shredder, Bebop & Rocksteady, he was the least likely to engage in combat with the turtles, as he mostly lets the other 3 do the dirty work. However, whenever Krang did fight the turtles, it makes it more exciting that these are few and far between, and they happenend at such worthwhile times like the finale to the 1989 Season(3rd season).

By the 1994 8th Season however, both he and Shredder were beginning to get phased out, and did not appear at all in the 1995 Season. A new villain named Dregg replaces them by 1995, but Krang comes back in the 1996 season with Shredder only, and he is much more vulnerable this time. Dregg transports them from Dimension X, and Krang has no android body or Technodrome. He only appears in 3 of the 8 episodes in the last 1996 season. Funnily enough, Krang's android body turns up in the very last episode, which the turtles use against Dregg in his gizmo-galore body suit. Krang and Shredder are back in Dimension X, notably absent, and were never seen again...

Krang appears in the Archie Comics, and his character is darker in this. Krang was decided not to be part of the 2003 cartoon because the creators wanted the TMNT to go back to their comic roots. In the original comics and 2003 cartoon, there is a remarkably similiar set of aliens called Utroms who also look like talking brains. However, Krang was never mentioned as being a Utrom in the original cartoon because he wasn't. The Utroms aren't evil like Krang, who are peaceful. However, strange enough, Krang does make a "cameo" in the 2003 cartoon, when one Utrom says to another one "Oh, shut up Krang!" after the "Krang" Utrom complains of walking on his tentacles. This is confusing! What's more confusing is that we find out Shredder is actually a Utrom in disguise, not human!

Krang was never involved in the movies either, to some fans dissappointment. The creators did not want this to involve Krang, or the Technodrome. In the video games, Krang appears as a boss near the end of the 16-bit games, but is never the last boss, as its Shredder. Krang is not a selectable fighter in the TMNT: Tournament Fighter games, but his android is a boss in the Sega Genesis version.

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