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Donatello - The Scientific Genius

NAME: Donatello, derived from Donatello the Renaissance sculpter by his Master Splinter.

Age: 15

Height: 5'2"

Weapon: The Bo, or quarterstaff, which is really much like a long wooden pole.

Good or Bad Guy?: Good guy.

No. of appearances?: Appears in every TMNT movie and cartoon episodes, appears in most TMNT comics.

Words that Describe Donatello: intelligent, techno-geek, smart, clever, ingenious, Einstein, serious, good-natured, facts-driven, structured, brainy, complicated, misunderstood, complex, rule-obeyer, respectful, computer-obsessed, knowledgeable, mind-over-heart, unexciting & scientifically-minded.

Favourite Quote?: "hey guys!(and name of his new invention)"

Status: Main character. The brains of the 4 turtles.

Voiced By: Barry Gordon in the 80s cartoon, Sam Riegel in the 2003 cartoon, Corey Fieldman in TMNT movies 1 & 3, Adam Carl TMNT 2. Acted by Leif Tilden in TMNT 1 & 2 movies and Jim Raposa in TMNT 3.

TMNT Review HQ Analysis: Donatello is the smartest of the turtles and can build brilliant machines that will save the day for the turtles. He can be depended on when it comes to complicated riddles, puzzles or mysteries. In all mediums he is portrayed in the similar way of being the computer geek.

In the comic, Donatello is the least aggressive and doesn't fight unless he has to. So you could say he is the most level-headed and calmest of the 4 turtles. He hates weapons like guns, but becomes forced to use one. In the Image comics, shock tactics were used when Donatello's body got so damaged that he became a cyborg, meaning metal element parts were fitted into his body. Many fans look down on this storyline. He is also considered the weakest physically of the TMNT.

In the original cartoon, Donatello it's really the same thing, and he designed all the major TMNT vehicles like the TMNT Van, the Turtle Blimp and the Turtles Sub at one time. He is the voice of reason, and everyone listens to him when he is concocting something new in the lab. He isn't the most popular turtle i'd, because the one with mainly just the brains isn't seen as cool or trendy. However, Without Donatello, the turtles would be dead. No joke. He found out about the unstable mutations in the the later seasons, saving the turtles with his technology. He has done so many things, which might seem impossible in real life. One thing that's the most different here from other mediums, he is closest to Leonardo. There has also been a dark side to Donatello seen here, such as in "Donatello's Duplicate", where he clones himself and out pops an evil Donatello. Also he becomes a superhero with a dark aura, just like Batman in "Night of the Dark Turtle".

In the 2003 cartoon, Donatello does not like to get into the centre of the action. He is closest to Michaelangelo. He also creates the vehicles for the turtles here.

In the movies, Donatello is again closest to Michaelangelo, while Leonardo and Raphael hang out. In the first movie, Donatello isn't shown much playing about with machine, but in TMNT 2 that bond with computers is firmly established. He makes friends with Casey Jones susprisingly. Also to note, the most famous of all the voice actor, child start Corey Fieldman (starred in "The Lost Boys" & "The Goonies", was in rehab and could not voice in TMNT 2.

Now in the computer games, Donatello, thanks to his bo, had the longest reach. He is the best turtle to pick in any game for beginners. Although he is the weaker of the turtles. Thats Donatello folks, a man of awesome brainpower!

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