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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2:Secret of the Ooze Review

BRIEF STORYLINE: Shredder lives again in this sequel, and roughly the same formula as the first movie. The turtles are joking about, Splinter's words of wisdom, Shredder, the Foot, Tatsu, plus a couple of new good guys, Tokka & Rahzar the bad mutants, Vanilla Ice, but minus Casey Jones.

The turtles are in an transition period, as they are looking for a new home but are right now living in April's apartment for the time being. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2" is entitled "the Secret of the Ooze", because it's the ooze that helps Shredder build Tokka(a turtle) & Rahzar(a dog) and they then cause havoc. The "secret" is that, just as the company that developed the ooze called TGRI, is in the news about some contaminated land, Splinter tells the turtles the truth. The fact, that they were created by TGRI's neglect of the ooze, which spilled in the sewer. This dissapoints the turtles, particularly Donatello who gets upset that their creation was like an accident.

Professor Perry from TGRI, analyses the contaminated land reported in the news, and attempts to dispose of all ooze from the TGRI lab. However, Tatsu and the Foot ambush the place, fend off the turtles for the last canister of ooze and Professor Perry is captured with them. Shredder holds hostage Perry and enslaves him to create the aforementioned mutants Tokka & Rahzar. Despite being incredibly stupid, their strength is of use to the Shredder.

Pizza delivery boy and martial arts enthusiast Keno, gets caught up in this fued when he discovers the turtles. He helps locate where the Foot are, by joining up with them, locates them at a NY junkyard. He is helped by Raphael who had another fall-out with the other turtles and Splinter. But then Raphael is captured by the Foot, but not Keno, and the turtles quickly come to his rescue, but not before the unleashing of Tokka & Rahzar, and this is also where the turtles meet Professor Perry for the first time.

They survive and go back to their new lair, an old out of use subway station. The turtles, Splinter, April, Keno & Perry conjure up a plan to defeat the Shredder and the Foot once again.

TMNT REVIEW HQ COMMENT'S: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 was bound to happen with the success of the original. The sets are more lavish looking thanks to a bigger budget. The new lair of the turtles i liked a lot, is rich in props like the old subway train etc.

The question is, is this better than the original? No.

The editing is worser, execution of the fight scenes aren't as good, but the violence is presented in a more comedic,fun and imaginative way, which is good. Also, April has no love interest this time, which cuts out a potential sub-plot completely. The film suffers from a dissapointing ending with the turtles and Super Shredder. In a film whose heroes are martial artists, to end it with a wooden pier collapsing on them and hoping to survive, with no hits thrown at the Super Shredder, that is lousy.

This is a more light-hearted film with little mood of the darkness that was in the first movie. There is more humor in this film, which is the best thing about it.What it lacks is the character development of the original. Editing between most major scenes is good though. Elias Koteas' Casey Jones is much missed as he isn't in it. However, the Professor Perry character, played by Alan Warner was one of the best actors in this film, as he did bring common sense to this more outlandish sequel and plot.It would've been a lesser film without him. Shredder was played by a different actor but the voice hasn't changed much. His new helmet was a bit ridiculous-looking though.

The new April actress, Paige Turco, is beatiful looking, looked more like the cartoon April than Judith Hoag(1st movie), but her acting isn't as convincing. The Keno actor was weak. He was strongest in his fight scenes.

One of the best executed scenes was the turtles on the phone to April in the sewer, which was funny. Some of the worst parts was just the some of the camera angles in the turtles fight sequences.

Personally, i like the movie, but there's slightly more bad than good quality in this movie.


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