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Season 10 (1996) 8 Episodes

The last season of the original cartoon. It was a damn good run of 9 years. Impressive. Dregg is back for the second season, and this time he doesn't have the people of Earth's trust. A new character is his sidekick called Mung, who could be mistaken for Master Splinter with that red cloak of his. Shredder and Krang are back! But only for 2 or 3 episodes, and play second fiddle to dregg and Mung to maybe some people's disatisfaction. The turtles are still experiencing problems with their unstable mutations and Carter is pondering over whether to go back to college and have a normal life without the mutation. April still runs about in the background, but doesn't feel like a main character anymore.

Will the turtles get a good send-off, particularly in the very last episode? There's a new character called the Globfather. Haha, how funny!

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