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SEASON 7 (1993) 27 Episodes

A somewhat confusing construction of a season here. This season contains the episodes where the turtle travel through Europe, and then it's just the episodes with the regular settings of New York. Some say the Europe episodes are a season in themselves and i'm sure that they were made in 1990 or 1991. This is the last season where Shredder is voiced by "the Fresh Prince of Bel-air" Uncle Phil actor Jame Avery. His last episode was "White Belt, Black Heart". And he was never bettered.

Tower of Power (Episode 144) Review
Rust Never Sleeps (Episode 145) Review
A Real Snow Job (Episode 146) Review
Venice on the Half-Shell (Episode 147) Review
Artless (Episode 148) Review
Ring of Fire (Episode 149) Review
The Irish Jig is Up (Episode 150) Review
Shredder's New Sword (Episode 151) Review
The Lost Queen of Atlantis (Episode 152) Review
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