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SEASON 2 (1988) 13 Episodes

2nd Season: After the success of the first season, which it had to be, another season followed. This time bigger with 13 episodes. Unlike Season 87, most episodes weren't continuations of the previous adventure. However, there was a 4 parter within the season, concerning the Eye of Sarnoth. This is also the season where there is some shuffling with major villains from Baxter Stockman being Shredder's henchman to Bebop & Rocksteady. Now how did that happen?

Return of the Shredder (episode 6) Review
The Incredible Shrinking Turtles (episode 7) Review
It Came from Beneath the Sewers (episode 8) Review
The Mean Machines (episode 9) Review
Curse of the Evil Eye (episode 10) Review
Case of the Killer Pizzas (episode 11) Review
Enter: The Fly (episode 12) Review
Invasion of the Punk Frogs (episode 13) Review
Splinter No More (episode 14) Review
New York's Shiniest (Episode 15) Review - COMING SOON!
Teenagers from Dimension X (episode 16) Review-COMING SOON!
The Cat Woman from Channel Six (episode 17) Review-COMING SOON!
Return of the Technodrome (episode 18) Review-COMING SOON!
1988 Season Overview-COMING SOON!
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