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Quality Appaloosas
Spotted Bandit Ranch is a small horse ranch located at the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains in Lindon, Utah, just south of Salt Lake City.

Our goal is to breed and raise the best quality Appaloosas that can be used for both pleasure and competition at an affordable price.  Our goal is to start producing the  Appaloosa that represents the true beauty and versatility that made the breed so treasured by the Nez Perce tribes.

We do not have any Appaloosas on our ranch that are "Impressive" (AQHA) bred so therefore, HYPP is never an issue with our horses.  We do not believe in producing horses that are not conformationally correct, as so many of the "modern" halter horses are today. Our horses are still plenty pretty enough for halter, but they are bred for performing and riding and for enjoyment for many years. 

We are proud to offer for your consideration our HOMOZYGOUS (100% color producing)  Appaloosa Stallion:  DREA Taps Ghost Wind, a black few-spot leopard 100% Foundation Appaloosa, who also carries the characteristics of the true Ghost Wind Stallions. 

 Visit the "New Arrivals" page to see Who's expecting for 2009.

Hope you enjoy your visit at the Spotted Bandit Ranch. Don't forget to sign our Ranch Guest Book!


Ranch News, July '09

   We now have a page on FACEBOOK! Check it out and become a fan. Pictures of the 2009 foals are on there and the horses that are available for purchase.  I have decided to cut down my herd and have decided to sell our Thorobred mare, Ally, along with her dark bay, blanketed filly. Next year, Lacy will be available for purchase, in foal!  

 NEW beginning in 2009.. we are now able to accept payments through PayPal! Use your credit card or apply for credit through PayPal and make payments on your own terms.

  There are currently still 2 foals available for purchase. One was born May 10th and the other was born in June.   I have changed computers, so it's been a pain for me to keep the site updated, so please check our page on FACEBOOK to see pictures.


We are now accepting bookings to Ghost for the 2010 breeding season.  

We do offer a multiple mare discount, so book early as the bookings always fill fast!  We will only breed 5 outside mares a year.   Your breeding comes with a Live Colored Foal Guarantee! Please be sure to check the Appaloosa Stallion page for information on mare care fees and policies.



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