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Last updated: 12/15/08

If you're on this page, you're probablly looking for the same information I was. Downloads and drivers for the Blaze MPXchanger device. Thankfully I found the CD-ROM and I have zipped the contents to a 5MB zip file which you can download here.

The Blaze MPXchanger is a device that allows you to copy and transfer game saves from PlayStation memory cards, Nintendo 64 Memory Cards, and GameBoy saves. It requires Winodws 95/98, using Windows XP will cause the program to run weird. There are fixes, first you must run the program in 'Compatibility Mode' and select Windows 95 or 98. Then you can try using a program called PortTalk to control the Parallel Port communcations. To download the MPXchanger software with PortTalk and a Read Me file click here.

For more detailed information please visit's page here.

Thanks, and I hope this information has helped you.

Email me with questions or anything else here.