Texas Weekly Saltwater Fishing Report 7-28-21

Sabine Lake Overall conditions: GOOD. 85 degrees. Fishing patterns remain the same as previous weeks with freshwater runoff continuing to be issue, so fish in water depths of 8-14 feet in the channel. The ship channel or the south end of the lake are great spots for speckled trout. Redfish and speckled trout are good on the humps 5-11 feet of water using live shrimp or live croaker on a popping cork, plastics with a quarter inch head with chartreuse tail. Flounder are good in 8-14 feet of water using jigs, gulf shrimp, and plastics with chartreuse tails. Fish in-coming tides and in the channel finding bait fish in the steel bulkheads. Trout are good in the jetty fishing early morning top water using live croaker, plastics, swimbaits, and topwaters. Many catches of sharks as well.

Bolivar GOOD. 85 Degrees. Speckled trout have been fair near the north jetty as well along the shoreline on live shrimp. Redfish have been good along the shoreline and are best caught on shrimp, soft plastics or topwaters early. Black drum are good around vegetation or structure on crab or shrimp. Flounder are fair around the jetty on shrimp.

Trinity Bay FAIR. 85 degrees. With the drainage of freshwater in the bay the fishing has been slow but is picking up as the salinity levels return. Look for the birds, the fish will typically be under them. Fishing the flats remains to be the best method to fish for both redfish and speckled trout. The northwestern and eastern sides of the bay are still solid. Flounder are fair around rocks using mullet or minnow.

East Galveston Bay FAIR. 85 degrees. We are seeing similar fishing patterns as last week. Redfish and speckled trout are still along the shorelines and near the jetties. You can also find them in the deep water around structures like reefs. Soft plastics or shrimp are great. Sheepshead are good and will be found primarily around rocks on minnow.

West Galveston Bay FAIR. 85 degrees. West winds are mudding up the water, but some success has been seen with live bait early in the morning. Wade fishing in the west and closer to the pass has seen success. Redfish and trout are good using shrimp on popping corks, croaker bottom rigs.

Texas City FAIR. 85 degrees. Fishing has been slow with early morning bites. Redfish and speckled trout are good using any kind of live bait.

Freeport GOOD. 85 degrees. Red snapper season begins August 2, much success is already being seeing off-shore for red snapper, king fish, mahi-mahi and cobia using live and dead baits. Redfish and speckled trout will be found in the back bay around shell and marsh and are good on shrimp. Sheepshead will be found around the oyster reefs and rocks and are good on live bait. Flounder are good around the rocks on mullet. Black drum are fair on blue crab, slow bouncing off the bottom over grass.

East Matagorda Bay GOOD. 85 degrees. As the winds die down the surf is flat creating good fishing conditions for trout, redfish and black drum using artificials and live bait. Look for bait activity as a clue as to where the fish will be.

West Matagorda Bay GOOD. 85 degrees. The surf is proving to be excellent for trout, redfish and black drum as the winds die down. Use artificials and live bait for the best success. Shrimp is slow due to freshwater run-off.

Port O'Connor GOOD. 85 degrees. Fishing has improved as the winds have died down. The surf is the place to be for trout using live croaker. Black drum and redfish are good in the jetty using dead shrimp and mexican sardines. Rockport FAIR. 85 degrees. With the run-off of freshwater fishing has been slow because the freshwater is killing off the bait fish, but as the salinity returns to normal levels we should better fishing. The redfish are biting on cut mullet and cut ladyfish around L reef. Speckled Trout are good on shrimp under a popping cork and are being found along the shoreline or around structure. Flounder have been good on minnow around the piers. Black drum are fair above the grass on crab.

Port Aransas GOOD. 84 degrees. In Ingleside, smaller redfish are plentiful along the channel edges with shrimp, bigger reds are caught on cut ladyfish and cut mullet . The surf is full of menhaden balls follow the birds to find them. Trout are plentiful on croaker and piggie perch free lined in the first gut. Tarpon are around the 3rd bar. Sharks are in the surf around the bait balls, so use caution wading around the bait balls.

Corpus Christi GOOD. 84 degrees. Speckled trout are around the well using shrimp or croaker on a free line in water 10-15 feet. Sharks are plentiful around the gas rigs and will bite whatever you offer.

Baffin Bay VERY GOOD. 88 degrees. Freshwater run-off continues to be an issue as the fishing in the back bays is still slow. Redfish and speckled trout are good in the mouth of the bay on gaff lines and sandbars on live croaker, but with the best success using artificials.

Port Mansfield GOOD. 86 degrees. Trout are scattered on the flats in deeper water on the edge of the grass beds using kwiggler ball tail, shrimp under a popping cork and topwater lures. Redfish seem to be shallow on the sand flats using kwiggler paddle tail and topwaters. Also good numbers are at the jetty using gold spoons. This week should be good for snapper with light winds and calm seas. Keep a few to eat and release the rest.

South Padre GOOD. 80 degrees. After the freeze this winter knocked out the fishing population we are seeing the return of redfish in the bay. Success has come with live shrimp on a popping cork and mullet. Speckled trout and flounder are good as well.

Port Isabel GOOD. 82 degrees. Long bar is a great area for wade fishing. Speckled trout are located in the lower Laguna Madre. They can also be found in the shallow water over grass and are best on live baits. Redfish will be found along the shorelines. Sheepshead are good on mullet around rocks. Flounder are good on mullet. Black drum are fair on blue crab in the deep water transitions.

Updated 7-28-21

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