Lake Conroe, Tx Crappie 2004

Paul Crook With April 2004 Hogs

Biggest is 15+ inches long and 2.2 Pounds

Early Morning Crappie Action In April 2004

At about 6:50 AM I pulled into the parking lot at Stowaway Marina on the North end of Lake Conroe. The only other vehicle in the lot belonged to famous Lake Conroe fisherman Paul Crook. Rain poured and lightning flashed as I hurried to the marina store. Got a couple dozen minnows and headed for the dock.

Paul opened the gate and of coarse mentioned it was not necessary to bring minnows. Paul provides a tremendous fishing enviroment for catching crappie. I can bring some minnows even though Paul had quite a few. Paul was joined by a fishing friend also named Paul.

I was informed they had only caught a couple. Both were working famous Lake Conroe jig rigs ( Three jigs tied on about 12" apart) and had minnow poles set up on the dock box.

Paul said to check out 2 "little ones" in the basket and I was awed by a monster that looked to be 3 # and a little 1# +. Both caught by Paul on jigs.

I dropped my minnow in the boat slip where Paul had other minnow rods out with "Crappie Light" shining in water with huge schools of 3" shad swirling in pre sunrise darkness.

I dropped my jig rig in slip across the dock and immediately hooked and landed a 12" + hog!!!

We caught a total of 8 keepers. ( Gota' be 10" minimum in Texas) Paul's fishing friend Paul caught no keepers but landed a toothy 2 1/2' Gar!! On A Crappie jig!!!

2 were caught on minnows. All caught over Paul's Crappie structure.

Left for home at 9:00AM

Daylight Crappie At Lake Conroe Tx

Hog caught on blue jig with white tail about 7 feet deep. April 2004

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