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Blitzkrieg was originally called Split Image and was formed by guitarist Jim Sirotto, bassist Steve English, drummer Steve Abbey and, vocalist Sarah Aldwinckle. The band got heavier with the addition of rhythm guitarist Ian Jones. At this point Sirotto decided the band needed to be heavier so he began looking for a male vocalist. Finally they got Brian Ross on vocals and changed the name of the band to Blitzkrieg. After making some for giging in late 1980 Blitzkrieg recorded a three song demo tape (Blitz 01) over a two day session. The band sent the tape out and not to long after Neat Records offered to issue a single for them. In early 1981 the band spent two days in the studio to record three songs. Two of the songs recorded were put on the bands first record Buried Alive c/w Blitzkrieg (Neat 10) the other song was on a Neat Records sampler called Lead Weight (Neat 1000). A few weeks after Steve English stole the bands PA system and sold it, he was then replaced by Mick Moore. The band then did a photo shoots for Neat Records and for an article in Karang. In February 1981 after going off on people for no reason, Ian Jones was asked to leave. Guitar tech John Antcliffe replaced Jones. The band then recorded a six song live tape called Blitzed Alive (Blitz 02) in May 1981. After more giging the band went recorded three more songs for a 12" single and prepared to make an album called A Time Of Changes. Rumors are Chris Green was going to take the place of Steve Abbey but that never happened. On December 17th 1981 Blitzkrieg broke up after Jim Sirotto and Brian Ross left the band. Blitzkrieg's management wanted to replace them and go on but the rest of the band backed out and Blitzkrieg was another history N.W.O.B.H.M. (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) band. Mick Moore and Brian Ross moved to Newcastle and formed Avenger but by the time the first Avenger single came out Brian had left to join Satan. After leaving Satan Brian decided to get some musicans backing him to form The Brian Ross Band so he could record the Blitzkrieg album that never happened. Brian got Sean Taylor from Satan, Mick Proctor, and Mick Moore (still in avenger) to help out. With Jim Sirotto agreeing to record on the album they all began rehearsing. In October 1984 The Brian Ross Band began recording. The metal press began printing stories of Blitzkrieg being back together and recording an album. So Brian Ross decided to call his band Blitzkrieg and over two weeks they recorded A Time Of Changes. After the album was released in 1985 Brian needed members to tour behind it. Mick Moore and Mick Proctor agreed to stay. Chris Green became the new drummer and Gavin Taylor filled the monster shoes by replacing Jim Sirotto's lead work. After this the band would go threw many members and make two demos and live videos. In 1990 Blitzkrieg recorded the CD 10 Years Of Blitzkrieg that was released in 1991, It had both Tony J. Liddle and Glenn S. Howes on guitars. In 1992 Blitzkrieg recorded Unholy Trinity that sat on the shelf until the 1995 formation of Neat Metal to release it. Unholy Trinity was the return of Sean Taylor to drums and the guest appearance of Gav Taylor playing the lead guitar. In 1997 the band recorded Ten, then in 1998 a patched together line up recorded The Mist Of Avalon. The Mist Of Avalon line up would be the first Blitzkrieg line up of the 1990s without Tony J. Liddle but it was also the return of Glenn S. Howes. From 10 Years Of Blitzkrieg to Ten Tony J. Liddle would be the only member to stay from album to album. In 2000 after being hurt badly in a car wreck put Blitzkrieg back together with Tony J. Liddle returning. After playing more shows Absolute Power was released in October 2002. Soon after Tony J. Liddle left the band again. Ken Johnson replaced him and they recorded some live show that may. In early 2004 Andy Galloway left and was replaced by Phil Brewis brother Paul Brewis shortly after that the live shows recorded in 2003 were released as Absolutely Live in mid 2004. Blitzkrieg is curently working on a new studio album.

Current Members:
Brian Ross-Vocals
Paul Nesbitt-Guitar
Phil Brewis-Drums
Ken Johnson-Guitar
Paul Brewis-Bass Guitar

Former Members:
Steve English-Bass Guitar
Ian Jones-Rhythm Guitar
John Antcliffe-Guitar
Steve Abbey-Drums
Jim Sirotto-Lead Guitar
Chris Green-Drums
Gavin Taylor-Guitar
Mick Proctor-Guitar
J.D. Binnie-Guitar
Darren Pernaby-Bass Guitar
Sean Wilkinson-Drums
Chris Beard-Guitar
Robbie Robertson(R.I.P.)-Bass Guitar
Steve Robertson-Guitar
Kyle Gibson-Drums
Glen Carey-Bass Guitar
Gary Young-Drums
Mick Moore-Bass Guitar
Dave Anderson-Bass Guitar
Sean Taylor-Drums
Phil Miller-Guitar
Steve Ireland-Bass Guitar
Paul White-Drums
Martin Richardson-Guitars/Bass Guitar
Mark Handcock-Drums/Bass Guitar
Glenn S. Howes-Guitars/Vocals/Bass Guitar
Tony J. Liddle-Guitar
Andy Galloway-Bass Guitar

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