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Welcome to KidStories! Here you can write a story or poem about anything you want and have it posted online for the world to read! You can have it be as long or as short as you want, and you can have it be as wild as you want! This site was made especially for kids, and especially by kids. To submit a story or poem, go to the Writers' Studio and type or paste your story in the box. To view other people's stories or poems, go to the Story Gallery or the Poem Gallery. There is also a progressive plot being developed in My Story, if you are looking for new.

Featured Work

The Silence

The Silence, broken only by the wind,  
which swells and ebbs, comes and goes like the tide,  
Yet it is that parched wind which dries my tears.  
It is the only thing I hear as I run the long winding way.  
That angry shout, those mad eyes,  
Two weapons, one Silent clash,  
a blinding flash--  
one dead, one running...  
Again a flash as I return to my body,  
which Silently convulses with irrepressible emotion.  
As I stumble, in agony of my entire soul,  
I no longer feel my feet touching the ground.  
This dreadful night, A brother dead,  
With blood on my hands and pain in my head,    
The Silence of the empty way  
Crescendos to a deafening roar.  
That angry shout, those mad eyes,  
Two weapons, one Silent clash,  
A blinding flash--  
One dead, one running...  
My life, a mirage, Silence broken not by the wind,  
nor pain,  
Yet lasting torment,  
Running evermore a road that leads to Inferno…