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I'll Always Be Right There

I swear to you...
I will always be there for you..there's nothin' I won't do
I promise you...
All my life I will live for you..we will make it through


Forever...We will be
Together...You and Me
Oh n' when I hold ya...nothin' can compare
With all of my heart...ya know I'll always be right there


I believe in us..nothin' else could ever mean so much
You're the one I trust our time has come..we're not two people
Now we are One..ya you're second to none


Forever...we will be
Together...a family
The more I get to know ya..nothin' can compare
With all of my heart..ya know I'll always be right there


Forever...we will be
Together...just You and Me
The more I get to know ya...the more I really care
With all of my heart...ya know I'll always be
Ya know I really love ya...ya nothin' can compare
For all of my life...ya know I'll always be...right there


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