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Utah's most unsung inventor...Philo T. Farsworth!

Did you know that the inventor of the television was born near Beaver City, Utah? Philo T. Farnsworth was born outside of Beaver City, Utah in 1906. As a young boy, his family moved to Idaho, where they established a family farm.

The story goes that the 14 year old boy came up with the idea for the technology that would make television possible while plowing a potato field. The back and forth movement on the field hepled him realize that an electron beam could scan images the same way, back and forth, line by line. The sketch to the right was made by Philo at age 14.

Farnsworth built the first all-electronic television system at the age of 21 in San Francisco and afterwards became entangled in a long, ugly patent battle with RCA over the television technology

To learn more about Philo T. Farnsworth and other inventors from Utah who have invented fun things, visit the Utah Curiosities and Inventions Exhibit at the Utah Museum of Art and History.

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