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Fanfic Library

I gladly accept submissions (especially from new fanfic writers who don't have their work up anywhere yet), but keep it clean, please, and kinda like the TV show. I generally prefer dramedies, but I love to see any well-written, IC Monkees story. Please mail submissions to me here.

Now, on to the stories!

By Dark Spellmaster

What Makes You Different A very excellently done story detailing how Tony and Alice (my OC from Prisms) met. I wasn't going to write such a story, but DSM wanted to, so I said she could. And I'm definitely pleased with the results! **One chapter; Incomplete.**

By Lucky_Ladybug

Stories in the "Return of Baby Face" series:

I'm terribly fond of the characters Baby Face Morales and Tony Ferano from episode #25, Alias Micky Dolenz. My new Monkees stories involve them almost all the time. My new stories are also longer, better, leaning more toward the classic dramedy formula, and more detailed. I think I've also gotten better at keeping everyone in character.

REVISED! The Return of Baby Face Morales Baby Face returns, and he's feeling very vindictive towards Micky. Not to mention that he and Tony are waging war with each other. There's no hope of The Monkees avoiding this mess. **Eight parts on LiveJournal; 11 on InsaneJournal, and please go there if LiveJournal isn't working. Complete.**
Will the Real Baby Face Please Stand Up? The semi-sequel/follow-up. After being assaulted on the street and hitting his head, Micky believes himself to be Baby Face Morales. **A prologue and eight chapters; Complete.**
This Just Doesn't Seem to Be Our Day The Monkees and the mobsters are forced to work together when they are all taken captive and tortured by Doctors Mendoza and Marcovich. **Eight chapters; Incomplete.**
Not Your Stepping Stone Peter gets amnesia during a goof-off session with Micky and turns distrusting. The situation only worsens when he wanders off and runs into Baby Face Morales. **Three parts and an epilogue; complete.**
The House of the Setting Sun The Monkees uncover a bizarre house filled with lost souls, including someone they know. But the reason why he's dead is twisted and dark, and the Monkees may end up suffering the same fate if they aren't careful.... **Seven chapters; complete.**

Stories About the Gangsters:

When I love characters, I love to flesh out their pasts and personalities and make them very real and very human. That's what I've strived to do here. It's ironic, I thought that in the Monkees fandom there were just sweet, innocent characters to love, but no, I had to go find some dark characters to love as well. **laughs.**

NOTICE: A Meeting of Fate is now the prologue for Prisms of No Color, due to the emerging emphasis on the relationship between Baby Face and Tony. Prisms originally was going to focus completely on Tony's downfall, but Baby Face was around a lot during that time, though he was not directly involved with said downfall, and the story has been developing his character as well as Tony's. Therefore, I find it appropriate to make this former one-shot the beginning of the Prisms story.

Prisms of No Color Tony Ferano was once an honest police officer, with a loving wife. But his life began to turn upsidedown when he was given the assignment to catch a criminal known as Baby Face Morales, and when he uncovered a dark secret about certain members of the Detroit police department. **A prologue and four chapters; Incomplete.**
Live For Yourself Mortally wounded from a gang war, Baby Face reflects on his life and what drove him to become a notorious criminal. **One-shot; complete.**
#9: War I like to write theme sets with Baby Face and Ruby based on the themes available at the Livejournal community 1sentence. This story was inspired by one of the sentences. It involves Tony being shot during a battle with the Syndicate, and Baby Face not knowing how to deal with his feelings on the matter. **One-shot; complete.**
No Time to Rewind I wrote this a month and a half ago, and I'm just getting around to posting it now. It's a follow-up to Live for Yourself, told from Tony's POV. **One-shot; complete.**
Getting Away with Murder A partial crossover with the anime and manga series Detective Conan (Case Closed). While trying to unravel the mystery surrounding his mentor Ambrosius Eduardo's death, and trying to figure out what happened to Tony to cause him to go on the run, Baby Face comes in contact with the Kaitou Kid, whose father was good friends with Eduardo. They then become entangled in a plot that involves both the Black Organization and the Syndicate. **Two chapters; incomplete.**
I've Been Standing Too Near Baby Face and the gang have returned to his old mentor's estate in Chicago to take care of an unwelcome task. And no matter how much he insists otherwise, Ruby knows the duty bothers him. **Oneshot; complete.**
Early Morning Blues and Greens Tony ponders on his gangster lifestyle. His life wasn't always like this. **Oneshot; complete.**

Older Stories:

Magical Mystery Tour, Version 2 A crossover with the Beatles!
Maisie After a gig, Peter finds a very special dog.
Micky and the Home Perm Kit A regular day turns into disaster for Micky!
Monkees in Mayberry I crossed my two fave TV shows, and this is what I came up with. Hope you like it!
The Monkees Blow Their Minds Again My attempt at a sequel to my fave eppie. An example of what happens when you give me word processor and keyboard when I'm in a particularly wild mood *grin*
One Boring Monday Evening The inspiration for this short story was about a million goofy commercials I've seen on TV recently!
Seeing is Believing The Monkees get lost in an amusement park, Davy finds love (as usual), and . . . Well, just read it! ;)
The Sweet Adeline Caper The Monkees have to solve a mystery aboard a mini cruise ship!

By Martha M. from SC

I Saw My Name Upon the Wall A great Mike story!!!

By Mary Nesmith

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 5: The Monkees vs. Leatherface Don't worry, folks, it's harmless, and very, very funny---guaranteed!
Today of All Days! An already bad day becomes far worse when The Monkees witness a bank robbery!