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Zelda 64 Cheats
Get 100+ gold skultulas: You must have the boomerang, bombs, and the Song of Storms. Go to Hyrule Castle as young link past all the guards the spot where Talon was sleeping. Play Song of Storms next to the tree and a hole will appear. Go in it, turn to your left a little, and bomb that wall. Kill the regular skultula and the gold skultuala. Now stand right in front of the teleport thing. Target the token and throw the boomerang. Right when it hits, do a backflip. If you did it right, you should hear the music from getting the token. Go back into the hole and the gold skultula will still be there. Do this all you want. You should save after each token in case you mess up.
Make Gerudo Fortress Empty: Fight Ganon. When he takes your Master Sword, save the game and reset. Go to Gerudo Fortress and nobody will be there! Go to the training grounds and you will go somewhere else.
Equip anything on Epona: Do the trick above. When riding Epona, get your ocarina or something and equip it on one of the C buttons. You can now use it while riding Epona!
Get lots of Bottles: WARNING: If you overwrite an item that is important like boomerang, you will lose it! Take an empty bottle and go somewhere with a fish you can catch (like the hole in Kakriko Village behind the potion shop.) Swing the bottle to catch the fish and RIGHT before you get it, switch the bottle with something like the claim check or magic beans. The thing will now be a bottle. The only bad part is the fairy won't bring you back to life so put blue fire or potion in it instead.

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