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Please forgive me as I have not updated this page in years! I do plan to update it and add a lot of links but I have to find the time. Meanwhile, if you run across any broken links I would appreciate it if you would let me know what you find so I can at least correct it or remove it. Also, if you have a favorite recipe page that you would like me to add please send me the link so I can check it out.


Cookie Recipes

Welcome to

The Recipe Network

The Love Chef Home Page

Welcome to Epicurious

Pillsbury Home Page

Visa's Restaurant Row Recipe File

Hershey Chocolate Home Page

Campbell Soup Home Page

Betty Crocker Home Page

Nestle's Home Page

KSL Channel 5 (Utah) Recipe Page

M & M's Candy Home Page

Butterball Turkey Recipe Page

Includes recipes and some excellent grilling tips.

Recipes from Norbest Turkey

You won't just find turkey recipes here!

The Dole Recipe Center

Recipes from Good Morning America

Hidden Valley Recipes

Chinese Recipes From Yan Can Cook

Channel A: Hong Kong 1997

(More Recipes From Yan Can Cook)

International Recipes

Kitchen Link... Copycat Recipes On The Web!

You're The Chef

SOAR... Searchable Online Archive of Recipes

In The Kitchen With Chef Tell

Teri's Recipes

Aunt Libby's Kitchen

Recipes Of The Month

John's Vegetarian Recipes and Information

Richard Simmons' Recipes

Also includes many recipes of his friends!

Two Fat Ladies Recipes

Top Secret Recipes on the Web

Original recipes for cool kitchen clones of your
favorite brand-name foods.

Prevention's Healthy Ideas & Recipes

Native American Recipes

The Food Network's CyberKitchen(Food TV)

Lawrence Wheeler's Favorite Mexican Recipes

Salt & Pepper - An Archive Of Best Recipes!

Better Homes & Gardens Kitchen

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