Jonathan Creek (Alan Davies) is a quiet man. He lives in a windmill far away from any other houses, and he works for a magician inventing magic tricks. However, his life is about to become much more complicated when he meets Maddy Magellan (Caroline Quentin), an investigative journalist with a flair for the macabre. Before he knows it, Jonathan is dragged into helping Maddy investigate first one, then numerous "impossible" situations.
How was a man stabbed in the back in a locked room? How did a teenage girl walk through a doorway and never reach the other side? What does a toilet have to do with the murder of a man in his nuclear shelter? And, most importantly, will Jonathan and Maddy ever stop bickering long enough to finally get together?
Filled with tension (sexual and otherwise) and mystery, this is a stylish, highly addictive program from the BBC. It's the only TV I watch anymore, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in mystery or magic. Or Alan Davies.

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