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Kambri Littlefield Supreme Queen

Courtney Hunter Baby Supreme Queen and Mark Carlson Jr. Supreme King

Center Star Kambri Littlefield and Covergirl Chucky Manville

70's Print Model Courtney Hunter and Over All Photogenic Chucky Manville

Over All Character Katie Martak and Cover Boy Julian Joulhayen

Beauty Queen/Kings
Baby Miss ~ Victoria Kokal
Toddler Miss ~ Nayali Trejo
Little Miss ~ Chucky Manville
Jr. Miss ~ Alexis Peterson
Teen Miss ~ Kerri Lee Bertleson
Starlet Miss ~ Calli Mogenson

Talent Queen/Kings
Toddler Miss ~ Nayia Trejo
5 to 7 King ~ Tyler Bingham
Little Miss ~ Shelby Huntington
Jr. Miss ~ Shayla Pitchforth
Teen Miss ~ Kerri Lee Bertleson

Other Awards and Titles
Cover Girl ~ Chucky Manville
Center Star ~ Kambri Littlefield
Cover Boy ~ Julian Joulhayen
Character Photo ~ Katie Martak
70's Print Model ~ Courtney Hunter
Over All Model ~ Kambri Littlefield
Over All Talent ~ Alexis Peterson

Onstage pictures

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