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On 9th. March 2000, I visited Holland (Netherlands or waterland), the gateway to Europe. Most of its land has been reclaimed from the sea over the centuries. More than half of the country lies below sea level. This is Europe's most densely populated country. The great artist Vincent van Gogh spent many years in Holland. Dutch is the language of Holland, but most of the people speak excellent English and are happy to use it. Holland is world famous for its delightful dairy products and flowers.

Nice canal view in Amsterdam

Nice canal and boat in Amsterdam

Some typical buildings of Amsterdam

More specifically I want to say that I went to Amsterdam, the city of canal, Holland's capital. Amsterdam is one of the busiest and largest airport in the world. The city is a canny blend of old and new. Branching out from that core like a watery web is Amsterdam's famous network of canals-160 to be exact, spanned by 1,281 bridges. It is better to see Amsterdam by boat through canals. If the canals freeze over in winter, the boats get stuck and there's skating to be had. There are many museums (more than 20) in Amsterdam.

Central Amsterdam

The Church of Saint Nicholas

Tram of Amsterdam

Central Railway Station of Amsterdam

World famous flowers of Holland

Royal Palace in Amsterdam

Monument of the Liberation in Amsterdam

Cetral Railway Station of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Airport

Sunset from flight,which was very beautiful
on the way from Amsterdam to Larnaka

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