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NERD FEST 98 aka/ The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Pageant

Every October a rag tag fugitive fleet of stand-up comedians and an assortment of nerds get together to pay tribute to the dork in all of us in The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Pageant. This will be the 7th anniversary of the S.F.F.P., and it's found a new home at Largo, 423 N. Fairfax Ave. in West Hollywood CA. (323)852-1073. SHOWS ON MONDAY OCT. 26TH AND SATURDAY OCT. 31st (that's right All Hallows Eve.) So tell your friends and make your reservations now!

The show is hosted by The Unicorn Girl who is an awkward looking, greasy haired teenager who's world revolves around her belief that unicorns once existed on earth and her love of anything to do with Science Fiction/Fantasy/and Wicca. The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Pageant is her tribute to the Horned god on Samhain (pronounced Zaw-win and aka Halloween), the highest holly holiday on the Wicca calendar.

The cast includes some of L.A.'s ass kickin'ist stand-up comedians all doing characters. Basically everyone does a character that they think might be friends with The Unicorn Girl. Some are friends from the Sci-Fi club at her high school, some from the comic book store she frequents, others from her Wicca group, or D&D club. Rob Cohen (creator of MTV's Super Adventure Team) plays "Lazarus, Loniest Man in the Universe". He's looking for a mate, "Single Human Male, 33 earth years old, seeks bipod female for possible relationship. Must be at least 6 of 9 with no recent assimilating experience, and no longer in contact with THE HIVE, to share fun, inter dimensional travel and mind melds. Prefer someone with experience in P' on F'arr, and someone knowledge of both the Neutral Zone and all basic binary codes. No Holograms!" Dana Gould (Working, creator S.A.T. and the voice of the video game Gex) with Paul F. Tompkins (HBO comedy 1/2 hour, S.A.T. and Mr. Show) and Ken Daly (another producer for The S.A.T.) play the 3 Shatners in their tribute to Shatners hilarious rendition of Rocket Man that originally aired on a 70's variety show. Brian Posehn (Mr. Show) and Patton Oswalt pretty much play themselves as two nerds debating the finer details of their favorite films and comic book characters "I take two things very seriously-- Dungeons and Dragons." Other members of the cast include Moon Zappa, Karen Kilgariff (Mr. Show), Laura Milligan (Mr. Show). Also Mark Banker and Kevin Seccia will be acting out scenes from the upcoming Star Wars Prequel, and you'll get a little taste of Mary Lynn Rajskub, Danny Ceballos, Jennifer Maclean and MORE MORE MORE! Every year the show gets bigger, better and funnier. You will actually laugh out loud, I know that's hard to believe but stick with me here. The audience really enjoys the show, even if they don't know the first thing about Sci-Fi, the show is a blast.

As you all know the mighty Unicorn lived happily on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years. Then the Lord sent a great flood. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights due to a severe El Nino effect. Noah tried to get the Unicorn onto the arc but she danced and pranced in the meadow, completely unaware that this would be her last day. She chatted with Grandpapa Oak and the Wood Nymph and the floods took her by surprise. The existence of Unicorns is documented through history in paintings and legends. The most beautiful of the Unicorns being the all white Pagena-Unicorn. Other Unicorns were beautiful too, the Monoflabius Unicorn with it's leopard coat, and the Flantorkel Unicorn with it's pink horn and black hooves. These Unicors played in the grassy meadows of Earth until the great flood. Please help me get this truth out to the public by passing along the location of my website to all of your friends. Live long and may the mighty Unicorn return to this planet to bring peace as predicted by the great prophed Nephroscopies in 1832 in his famous book Santa Dominicus De Tuba.

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