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The National Dental Association (NDA) is the largest and oldest organization of minority oral health professionals in the world. Representing over 7000 African American dentists in the United States and abroad, the NDA has become a powerful voice for the health care rights of the underserved. The NDA was formed in 1913 as a forum for practicing African American dentists who were denied membership in other oral health organizations. Until the forcible integration of this country's public accommodations and schools in the 50's and 60's - along with the repeal of the "separate but equal" statutes- African Americans were excluded from true membership in most professional associations. This was still true in many parts of the country well into the 1950's. The NDA filled this void and became a national voice for African American dentists and citizens.  Since its inception, NDA members have been dedicated to providing affordable dental care, education, and guidance to the disenfranchised. Embracing the philosophy that health care is a right- not just a privilege- of every American, the mission of the National Dental Association has always been to elevate the health status of those in our society who are most often neglected and underserved. These include racial and ethnic minorities, children, the indigent, the elderly and the disabled.

Today, the NDA is comprised of forty-eight State and Local Chapters throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Its membership is continually expanding and includes members from several countries in Africa, Latin America and Canada. It is also the parent organization of the Student National Dental Association (SNDA), the National Dental Hygienists Association (NDHA), the National Dental Assistants Association (NDAA), and the Auxiliary to the National Dental Association (ANDA). Through its scholarship and other support programs, it ensures continuing service into the future by actively promoting the oral health care field as a viable profession for African Americans and other minority students. The NDA also produces two publications. Flossline and the Journal of the National Dental Association. Flossline is a quarterly newsletter which includes information on upcoming events and other association activities. The Journal of the National Dental Association is a quarterly technical journal which provides members the opportunity to submit technical articles on research or other advances in the oral health field.

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