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The SNDA welcomes and encourages your participation, input, and ideas.  The SNDA holds meetings the second Thursday every month.  All our meetings will be held in the SAC unless otherwise noted.  Membership in the SNDA is open to dental students interested in promoting the mission and goals of the organization.  Dues are $40 per year.

 tinyut.gif (1286 bytes)     CURRENT MEMBERS

Carr, Denean
Cox, Kellie
Winton, Jasina
Ducksworth, Joseph
Freeman, Daniel
Grayson, Portia
Griffin, Umekei
Jones, Kim-onnie
Weaver, Yolonda
Miller, Rodric
Muhammad, Tauheedah
Newsom, Cory L.
Oliver, Vacora
Taylor, Darton
Moore, Tanisha

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