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Red Axe Camapaign (Not Yet Begun)

Red Axe Xelf Changes

Ogden Area Campaign (Finished)

Our Group of Intrepid Adventurers:

Morgan - Fineaus S. Pringle III- A Wealthy Gentleman and his "Large" traveling companion Clarence

Keith - John O. Grover - The Grounds Keeper turned Inventor with a tragic past and a quest to find his lost Elaine

John's tragic story as told by himself

Dave - Phillip Q. Musgrave - The Artillery Officer who became a Scientist

Last Session
'Til Now

Campaign Resources

This section was last updated on 9 June 1999
Character Creation

Combat Explained

Time Line

New Creations in our game

New Rules in our game

New Scenarios

Morgan's Space:1889 Art

Characters from this game and others

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