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So good to see you again !

Connie ?

Connie's trick of the month

Connie's futile hates and light loves

Connie's favorite games !

Connie's favorite movies and readings

(OK, you guys, if you are in here,
it is NOT a disgrace, huh !...)

Connie's mail box

Connie answers her fans...

The girls...

  • starting with a few pictures of my girl friends 'round here

... and other girls' sites

  • I will never thanks the gods enough for having re-united me with my lost older sister Miss Coco Peru this winter !
  • Grrl* (a.k.a. Bonnie Burton) is a girl! Great section on dates, and thousands of pheaky pills... Check them out ! (but do come back)
    Make sure you have a look at her "Click & Drag !"* links. And be careful where you put your (high) heels : this is a 200% Glamour Drag site !!!
  • RuPaul* official site is BACK !!!
  • Tamara* (including some Drag make-up tricks)
  • Hedda Lettuce* : Think pink, but with a twist... Wicked sketches, and delicious advices from her Gran'Ma Bedda...
  • Trudy* : a lady like there are few... The story of her life is a bliss, her parties are talked about for months after...
Miss Tamara Tonigh ! Hedda Lettuce Miss Coco Peru RuPaul

Shopping* !!!

All your Drag shopping in now on the links page...
* by clicking any external links,
you may be leaving my site.
Don't forget to come back !!!


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