You Have Reached the (Old) Home of the Latter-Day Transvestites
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Give yourself over to absolute pleasure!

This version of Frank's Castle has returned to Transexual Transylvania. Frank is now located at

Welcome to the virtual castle of the Latter Day Transvestites. Tucked away in a secret corner to avoid the Mormon Gestapo who is hunting us like starving wolverines, we conduct our mission of spreading depravity, immorality, and whipped cream. Since the twentieth anniversary of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, we have been the only source of Rocky Horror hijinks in the state of Utah. Started officially in 1995 and dubbed "The Little Cast of Horrors", we have been through personnel changes, personal disasters, and near prosecution by the local vice squad. In 1997 we changed the name to the Latter Day Transvestites to reflect our heritage and our personal fashion preferences. Come join us as we take a step to the right... into our version of reality.

I think perhaps you should...come inside

Our castle has many rooms. Most of them are condemned. Some, however, are still open. If you are trying to find where we'll be playing next, there's the show page. Want to see pictures of past shows, we have that also. Maybe you're a virgin who needs some advice. In that case you can go to the fan page. It could be that you're just dying to find out all about your favorite Latter Day Transvestite; in that case, the cast page is for you. We're still updating the page on a regular basis, so keep coming back!

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