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FAQ's/Interesting Stats

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Do you know the Olsen twins? Yes, Kaylie and Janessa have both met Mary-Kate, Ashley, Lizzie, and Trent. Kaylie and Janessa were on the 1995 SWTS cruise.

Where do Mary-Kate and Ashley like to shop? They prefer Express, Gap, Abercrombie (when available), and the current styles from DKNY and New York City.

What is the full scoop on the break-up of Jarnie and David Olsen? The divorce was in February, 1996. Dave married his co-worker, Mckenzie, and he now resides in Malibu, CA. The twins divide their time between their dad's beach house, and their mom's house in rural San Fernando Valley.

Do the Olsen's have internet access? No.

Who/What are some reliable sources for info on the Olsen twins? We prefer ourselves, the website, and a few others.

Do they have any pets? Yes. A horse, some gerbils, birds, and dogs.

Is their cousin in one of their movies? We have reason to believe that one of the cousins appeared in "You're Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley's: Christmas Party."

What was their favorite acting experience? Both girls admit "Birthday Party" and "Hawaiian Beach Party" were their all-time favorites.

Who does their hair? When on "Full House" (1986-1994), it was a woman named Frankie. Various people are involved in their current cuts.

What kind of hair supplies do they use? Paul Mitchell.

Do they live in mansions? Technically 'yes' (compared to the rest of the world), they DO live in mansions. Compared to others in Hollywood, no they do not. They have a pool at both their mom and dad's houses.

Where does Ashley's middle name come from? "Fuller" was derived from her mother, Jarnette (Jarnie). "Fuller" was Jarnie's maiden name. We have reason to believe that Jarnie may have taken "Fuller" back as her last name after the divorce.

Sources say that some former "Full House" co-workers were jealous of the twins' success. Explain?! This is true. Stars like Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie) and John Stamos (Uncle Jesse) were a little envious of the twins' success. They had trouble understanding where all of the media hype (aimed at the twins) was coming from. Hmmm, could it be from the adoring fans of the little tykes? We know so! :)

Who took care of Trent and Lizzie when Dave and Jarnie were married and they had to take the twins on shoots and what-not? The Olsen's were wise enough to hire a nanny, and they lucked out with the beautiful, friendly, and motherly Jill Zimmerman. Jill has been with them since just before "I Am the Cute One" was released. She is like a mother to the four kids. She accompanies the twins on the road, and is the 24-hour guidance to Trent and Lizzie.

Who has full custody of the four kids? We are not quite sure about Trent and Lizzie (we would guess their mom), but with the twins it is about 50/50. Dave takes them on many of the travels. He was the only Olsen parent in attendance at the 1995 SWTS cruise, and was in full charge during the Billboard Dad shoot. Jarnie usually takes the New York and Florida travels. When the twins aren't working, they probably go with whoever Trent and Lizzie are currently with.

Is it true that Jarnie and David almost pulled the twins off "Full House"? Yes, because they felt the work load was too time consuming and stressful for babies. Luckily for us, they realized both Mary-Kate and Ashley genuinely enjoyed being on the set and working with the cast and crew.

Why did the parents get a divorce? The main reason the media releases is that David fell in love with his co-worker. We have notions that money was an issue. For instance, Goldie Hawn and her boyfriend who is also an actor (the name doesn't ring a bell right now), act like a married couple (with a few kids running around the house). They won't get married, however, because they each have a LOT of money and wouldn't want to have to give it up if they were to divorce. It's a little complicated, but since the twins were and are the main source of income in the Olsen family, the management and use of this money could have raised some other problems between Jarnie and Dave.

What is the difference in the twins' singing voices? Mary-Kate sings harmony and Ashley will generally sing melody when they are recording songs and records.

Are the twins shy? Yes. Extremely shy. Mary-Kate more than Ashley. According to an insider, "You should never ask them a 'yes' or 'no' question, because that's just the answer you will get."

Do they have any step-siblings? Yes, sources confirm their is at least one step-brother and step-sister. We aren't sure of the names/ages. Trust us, though: Storm (age 21) and Reed (age 16) Taylor are NOT related to Mckenzie Taylor Olsen, and are NOT her children.

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