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Beef The Movie?

Possible Film Titles

Yes, you heard it here first, a possible Beef Movie!!! How exciting! This could be one of the largest breakthroughs for humankind. After 1 million years of existence Beef will be coming to a theater near you!! Nothing in the world could be better. The film plans to document all aspects of the Beef Genre and all the loyal and hardcore fans of Beef. We plan to have Jean Claude Van Damme direct the film. All three of these men are loyal and hardcore Beef fans. If you have any ideas for a title please e-mail myself or Goose.

This is our recently hired Foley Artist, Nicholas Johnson

Here is our esteemed directer, Jean Claude Van Damme

In the movie, Beef will appear as a ragtime band out for blood. This is a shot of the Beef crew in their costumes for the movie. The movie will be rated NC-17 for excessive violence and nudity.

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