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Beef Info

If you've been to goose's site you may have noticed that the story about Beef Is not entirely true. First of, Beef does not play "Evil Punk Songs" only nice and holy punk songs. These songs include such greats as. "Pissed", "*e***'s trip to M**t**a", and "Michael row the boat ashore". Beef consists of fifteen members who can all sing and dance. All are graduates of the Juliard academy and proficient in double reeded instruments. The ages of the member of the group range from seven all the way to ninety-four. The band also likes to serve up helpings of Old Style Rag-Time on the weekends. The group lives in a two room apartment on the upper west side of NYC. That is all.

Download Beef's First Hit Single, "Pissed"

Here is the picture of all of the hippies that Ira killed with his Super-Hydrogen Beef Bomb.

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