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Faith Is A Friend

Faith is a masterpiece, a brilliant design.
A virtue sent down from a God so divine.
With Faith there are miracles waiting to be
Experienced by you, accomplished by me.

Faith is a jewel, worth far more than gold
From which mountains are moved and stories are told.
Stories of men who are tried, brave and true.
Faith is a gem sent to me, and to you.

Faith is a present that all may receive.
A gift that is opened by those who believe.
A package so full that its contents will flow
And we'll all be replenished wherever we go.

Faith is a friend of the most gentle kind.
Hapiness and peace, with Faith we will find.
Faith is bountiful, loveing, with room in his heart.
Faith is a friend with whom we must never part.

(Author Unknown, from "Very Valuable Values for Young Women", Vol. 2, pg.9)