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Updated 17/2/00

God I've been away too long

Between work, foreign travel and playing q3 I have had very little time in the last number of months to up date my page so I apologise for that. So over the next few weeks I hope to make up for that. So lets rockand roll.:)

Jedi's Fortnightly Challenges

So my plan for the number of weeks is to host a number of challenges on my webpage. Should be a good laugh and hopefully we can get alot of the irish quake public involved.

So heres the first little gem. Its been done a hundred times before but not here in Ireland so what the hell.

The challenge I put to all you irish quakers is to record a 10 min demo of yourself against 4 Hardcore bots On Q3dm17 . The person with the most amount of kills in the 10mins is the winner. The wining demo will then be posted onto the Challenge-ie web site for the rest of the world to see. So good luck to everyone.

Please submit only one demo to losing date 1st of march.


Updated 16/12/99

New Quake3 Levels!!! Well heres a treat for all you Q3 fans. The full version of Quake3 is only just hitting the European market and already new level maps are been developed. Tom "ParadoX" Mustaine, one of the best level designers in the industry, from Ritual Entertainment has released the first public non-id Quake 3 maps. He's got a 4-6 player tom_dm1 and a 1v1 tom_tourney. I downloaded them very late last night and played them for about 10mins and all I have to say is WOW. Heres a summary of the levels;

MUSTAINE MADNESS! (Tom_DM1) is a standard DM map, built for 4-6 players. There is a Quad and a Megahealth on the map.

MUSTAINE TOURNEY! (Tom_Tourney) is the same map as Mustaine Madness, but minus the powerups. This map is meant to be played for 1v1-tourney matches.

I have to say that the tourney map has definite possibilities. So what you waiting for go ahead and Download . Lets hope we see plenty more from this guy.:)


Updated 15/12/99.

Q3 Nightmare Victory Demo's Well here the proof that even us Average players can defeat ID's new Nightmare Bots. Check them out. I'm quite proud. (sniff, sniff)
First Demo ........This is my favorite. Easy.
Second Demo ........This is just to prove that it wasn't a fluke. Just scraped this game. Fun to watch.


Updated 10/12/99.

I've been gone too Long Well lads and lassys, Sorry about the lack of updates over the last week or so, but I have not been a well Puppy. I've been out of work for the last 4 or 5 days in bed dying. Anyway, I'm back now and will bring you back up to date with whats been happening.

Q3 has arrived.

Well by now you all probably all know that the Q3 Full game has been released World wide. The response to the game has been massive. Over in the states in the first week of trading the game beat all record sales. The game is still been anticipated here in Ireland by myself and most of the gamming community. Thats the one bad thing about being from this Island of ours. All games take that bit longer to arrive. Anyway, lucky for me, a Pal of mine has got his hands on a copy of the game, so this weekend we're planning on sifting through the game with a fine tooth comb. I'll let you know monday how it went :).

Irelands First Quake3 League.

Most of you guys and gals have heard by now that Ireland is due to start its first Quake3 Season soon after the New years celebrations. The League will go by the name Irish Quake3 Clan League (IQ3CL). Theres alot of work going into the organisation of this event at the moment. With Myself organising the Schedules, rules and all the boring stuff, Mindphuck putting a website together also Clowd and IGN are helping us out with servers. The response from the public has been very encouraging also with almost 10 teams named with both quake1 and quake2 clans geting involved. Whats nice to see too is that several new clans are emerging. eg. Cheeky Monkeys (CM), Protest Species (PS) to name but a few. All in all it looks like the season is building up nicely.
Another great thing about the new Quake3 league is that for the first time our Quake1 and Quake2 communitys are combining together. It will be great to see the big names of Quake1 struting there stuff against the Quake2 guru's. Looking forward to that:).

Q3 Character Shots.

Shugashack has updated there site with some excellent images of the Quake3 Characters taken from the final Quake3 release. Seriously worth checking out here.


Maybe some of you won't be interested in this bit of news but I thought it was interesting. Yesterday the company LINUX. I'm sure you all have heard of Linux operating systems. Well yesterday the company went Public onto the US stock Market. Similar to what happened over here in Ireland with Telecom Eireann. The shares were valued at $30 each. I myself invested in $10000 dollars worth after an anonymous tip. At close of trading yesterday the shares were $239. Nearly 750% profit in one bloody day. I am now retired and am updating this page from the Bahamas.:). Muhahahaha. If you want to check the company out the Ticker symbol is : LNUX. Check this out. Also a little inside info informs me that they are due to make a big anouncement on January 19th. Thats all I can say :). Study this company there going to be massive. :) You have been warned.


Some More Rendering Images

Updated 25/11/99. Hossman キ The only body he'll be guarding is your dead one.
Lucy キ Lucy will dominate you with her big guns.
Phobos キ You'll face Phobos early on but that doesn't mean he doesn't have the skills to wipe the floor with you.


Official Quake3 Demo Comming Soon

Updated 24/11/99. Well it look like the official Q3 Demo is almost amoung us. It is expected to be released in the next few days meaning the Full game will be out before christmas. Seems like a pretty good strategy by ID. Heres a small word from ID on the subject:

I知 working on updating the full demo today. We値l bash on it a bit and get it out there over the next few days. Once it痴 out there I値l be updating the cdkey authorize server to the final version. Unfortunately this is not compatible with the demo test, so you値l need to upgrade to either the full version of Q3A (woo hoo!) or download the new demo. Two more Tier screenshots Released. Updated 24/11/99. ID released 2 more tier screenshots today, tier4 and tier5. You can check all the tiers so far below. Starting with Tier1 on the left. Enjoy!! :) tier1 tier2 tier3 tier4 tier5


The latest Rendering Images.

Updated 23/11/99. Well if you were wondering whether Q3 had anything more to offer. Well look no further. Check out these new models.

Razor キ Razor played a lesser known role in the Stroggos war. Now he's ready to start a well known one with you.
Tank Jr. キ Tank is looking to prove that he's the big boy in town and he's going to use you as an example.
Klesk キ Klesk believes the chitinid aliens are a superior to humans and his railgun skills will show you why.
Cadaver キ Straight out of your worst nightmare, Cadaver seems to have more lives than a cat.
Doom キ He's back and he can aim vertically now!
Hunter キ This race has all the beauty and even more killer instinct than anybody else in the universe.
Keel キ His armor enhancements make an M1 Abrahms look like a tin can.
Sorlag キ Sorlag is in the business of ripping you to shreds.
Patriot キ Patriot's vampiric origins give him reason to draw first blood in the arena.
Uriel キ The Angel of Death is coming for you tonight...Sleep well.
Some of the best pics I seen Updated 23/11/99. Woowwwwww!!!

Rendering Images

Updated 19/11/99. Found these excellent character Rendering images on
Stomped this morning on my travell. Some of the images are old but some are new and well worth a look.

Character Renderings

Sarge キ Sarge is not your father's drill instructor. He was ready to rock and roll before you even knew what that meant and he won't hesitate to make you pay for your mistakes.
Slash キ Slash is deadly grace with her glowing skates gliding across the battle floor. She makes Tonya Harding look like Mother Theresa. If you're smart, you'll do what everybody else does...steer clear of this femme fatale.
Visor キ Visor's toughness makes the T1000 look like ancient technology. Just because he's got the latest cybernetic enhancements however, does not mean he can't get medieval on your sorry self.
Orbb キ Orbb not only sees all with his giant eyeball, but he has every arena battle on tap to pull out the best fragging moves.
Ranger キ He may be old school but he is still going to sho you how it's done right.
Majorキ It's not pretty what war does to a soldier but you better not tell this Stroggos veteran that, or she'll rip out that nice tongue of yours and use it for target practice.
Anarki キ The last sound you'll hear before you meet your maker is Anarki pulling the trigger, because on that hover board he's silent death.
Daemia キ Daemia is the evil redhead stepchild and battle hardened soldier all rolled into one.
Gruntキ Grunt won the Strogg war single-handedly but something just isn't right about him now. Be afraid, very afraid.
Stripeキ Stripe is a soldier that is more street hardened than battle hardened, but dont' take him lightly, because that makes him unpredictable.
Angelキ With the bright light reflecting off her, you'll think you're headed to heaven but this Angel is about to send you straight the other way.
Mynxキ Based on her looks, you're probably guessing where Mynx gets her pleasure, but in reality she gets it from your suffering in an explosion of gibs.
Biker キ Biker may be too big to do a backflip like some of your opponents but as his tattoos indicate, he's suffered through pain and he knows how to make others feel the same.

Quake3 Demo Demo Crack

Updated Early 18/11/99. If any of you are planing on recording and playing demos you will need this file. This converts your demoq3 directory to baseq3 and allows you to play back those all important demos. SO all you have to do is unzip this into your quake3 directory and run the .exe and hey presto. Well here you go. Quake3demo Crack. More Quake3 Model Images Updated 18/11/99. Stomped have updated there web site with some more rendered images of the new characters in Q3. Included are Grunt , Daemia and Stripe . Take a look. All those Q3 Commands You Wanted Updated 18/11/99. Well if you have been looking for those Q3 Console Commands, look no further. Found these page when brousing this morning. I think you might like them. They include FPS tweaking commands also.


Give this a try.

Updated 17/11/99. When messing around last night having a look at the new models and stuff I looked at them using cg_thirdperson 1. You seriously need to have a look. Set your graphics back to default. Type the following at the console.

/devmap q3dm7 - "allows you to map to level with cheats enabled."
/cg_thirdperson 1 - "allows you yo look at model in 3d"
/cg_thirdpersonrange 60 - "allows you to move away from model, bigger the number the further away you go."
/cg_thirdpersonangle 240 - "this allows you to move around the model, change number between 0-360 to move around"

Now when in this view, you can change models by typing:

/Model sarge/red
/model sarge/blue
/model visor
/model visor/red

etc, enjoy:) Nice Little Bits of Info. Updated Early 17/11/99. Well the game is now out and at last I have stopped playing for a couple of hours. I'm bloody wrecked. I was off work, sick for the last 2 days and I know what your thinking, I took it off just because the Quake3 Demo was released. Well you couldn't be more wrong :)(Sly Grin). Anyway later on tonight or early tomorrow you can read my full report about the game but for now to keep you guy happy heres some nice little bits of info I picked up on my travels FPS Problems Updated 17/11/99. Well I've seen many complaints in the last number of days about the new Demo utilizing the CPU alot more than in 1.08, thus in turn causing Lowerend Pc to suffer from Low FPS. I can second that. I have seen quake3demo running on a PII 300Mhz with a Voodoo2 and its almost unplayable. Later on tonight, were going to try and resolve this by getting the latest Gl drivers, but even so there has been a serious drop in FPS from 1.08Test, Hmm. So on my travels I came accross an update from John Carmack. In it he included several small changes that can be made to inprove your FPS. Hope these help you a little.

A set of go-fast-and-look-ugly options:

r_mode 2
r_colorbits 16
r_vertexlighting 1
r_subdivisions 999
r_lodbias 2
cg_gibs 0
cg_draw3dicons 0
cg_brassTime 0
cg_marks 0
cg_shadows 0
cg_simpleitems 1
cg_drawAttacker 0

Remember if you don't like the settings after changing to the above just Reset to defaults. :) Teamplay With Bots. Updated 17/11/99. Earth Worm Jim, in my opinion one of the best writers on the irish Quake seen at the moment has updated his site, ChallengeIE, its well worth a gander, some excellent updates. He did a great update about Team play with Bots. I haven't really tried these out yet but it looks interesting. Heres what EWJ has to say.

Start up a game with Grunt and Ranger on your team and practice with these commands.

/say_team I am the leader -You are now in control of your bots.
/say_team grunt follow me - Grunt now follows you wherever you go.
/say_team ranger camp the rl - Ranger will now go to the rocket launcher and defend it.
/say_team grunt dismiss -Grunt will now stop following you and roam freely.
/say_team grunt patrol from ra to rg - Grunt will now patrol from the red armor to the rocket launcher.
/say_team ranger report - Ranger will tell you that he is camping the rocket launcher.
/say_team ranger follow grunt -Ranger will now patrol with Grunt.

Actions can be given to multiple bots by including (and | , ) between the bots you want to command. For example:

/say_team grunt and ranger camp here
/say_team grunt, ranger camp here
/say_team grunt and ranger follow me

General Group Commands

/say_team everyone follow me
/say_team everybody follow me
/say_team everyone camp here

** Note: You can not give the message /say_team everyone follow grunt because Grunt will try and follow himself.

The basic bot commands:

grunt (report | what are you doing?)
grunt (follow | accompany | cover | go with) ranger
grunt (follow | accompany) ranger for (number) (seconds | minutes)
grunt (go to | go get) (item | weapon)
grunt (patrol) from (item | weapon) to (item | weapon) for (number) (seconds | minutes)
grunt (patrol) from (item | weapon) to (item | weapon)
grunt (camp near) (item | weapon)
grunt (camp | defend | guard) (here | there | weapon | item)
grunt (camp | defend | guard) (here | there | weapon | item) for (number) (seconds | minutes)
grunt (help | meet) ranger
grunt (help | meet) ranger (at | near) the (item | weapon)
grunt lead the way -> then give grunt an action, he値l wait for you to follow him.
grunt (kill | hunt down | get | go get) visor
grunt wait for me (near | at) (item | weapon)
grunt wait for me (near | at) the (item | weapon)
grunt (dismissed | dismiss | stop action |
grunt who is (the leader | team leader)
grunt is not (the leader | team leader)
I (quit | stop) being (the leader | team leader)

Squads and Sub teams

You can form squads within your team. Commanding the entire squad by addressing them with the squad name you indicate.

An example of squad forming.

/say_team grunt and ranger are in squad beta - Grunt and Ranger are now in the squad called beta
/say_team beta follow me - Grunt and Ranger will follow you.
/say_team grunt leave your squad -Grunt leaves squad beta
grunt (and | ,) Ranger are in (team | squad) alpha
grunt (and | ,) Ranger (join | create) (team | squad) alpha
grunt leave your (team | squad)
ranger join (team | squad) alpha
grunt ungroup


Giving your bots commands in CTF is very important. One thing to remember is letting a bot become the leader and listening to them is sometimes the best strategy.

All the above commands work in CTF Plus
grunt (get | capture) the (red | blue | enemy) flag
grunt (get | capture) (red | blue |enemy) flag
grunt (defend | guard | camp) the base <-friendly flag

If a bot is the team leader and you forgot what you have been ordered to do then just type one of the following and the leader will tell you.

For these you do not need to address the leader directly.

/say_team what is my command
/say_team what should I do
/say_team what am I supposed to do
/say_team what is my job

Some examples for CTF:

/say_team I am the leader
/say_team grunt defend the base
/say_team ranger capture the enemy flag

Synonyms are available for most items:

Red armor = ra
Yellow armor = ya
Shotgun = sg
Machinegun = mg
Grenade launcher = gl
Rocket launcher = rl
Plasma Gun = plasma
Lighting Gun = lg
Railgun = rail | rg
Bfg10k = bfg
Quad damage = quad
Regeneration = regen
Invisibility = invis
Battle Suit = bs
Haste = haste
------------------------------------------------------- Quake3 Demo Released Updated Early 15/11/99. Well, the waiting is over but was it worth it. Last night the Quake3 Final demo was released to a hord of awaiting downloaders, my self included. You can download directly from or Bluesnews. So for the rest of the day I will be testing it out. Hope to have an update with my views later on in the day. Yeppy. Also some good news for you quake1 fans finding it difficult to convert to Quake3. The software for the Shaft or lightning gun has been rewriten and now apparently uses the same code that was used for the in Quake1. "So no more Wet Noodle for a shaft" as quoted by Earth Worm Jim. :) ------------------------------------------------------- Image Model Updated Late on the 12/11/99. Seen this picture today. It shows another of the Quake3 character. This one is called Image or ImageOmatic. Its looks pretty cool, check it out.

Extra Quake3 Levels

Updated 12/11/99. As promised earlier this week. I have uploaded 4 new Quake3 levels for you to dabble with, sorry make that 6 levels, god I'm too good to you all. Out of the 10-12 levels that will be posted to this site over the coming number of days, these 6 Levels are probably the most simple in detail but a hell of a lot of fun to play. Remember however, these are not official levels from the game, so don't base your opinion of the game on these levels. So what you waiting for, start downloading and enjoy. :). ------------------------------------------------------- New Quake3 Levels Updated 11/11/99. Thanks to some very smart game programers and also a good friend of mine, Chaos . I have been able to get my hands one about 10-12 new Levels for Quake3. And in simple terms, "The Levels Bloody Rock". There are about 5 totally new levels created from the new Quake3 textures, that look extermely good. There is a bonus however!!. The remaining 5-6 levels will be familiar to you Quake1 players. Thats right a number of levels have been converted to run on the new Quake3 engine. The levels include DM3, DM4, DM6, E1M7 ,etc. Thought I should include these levels to help make the transition from quake1 to quake3 that little bit easier for you Quake1 freaks. It helped me anyway :). The levels will be avalible on the site by the weekend. Stay tuned. Demo Page Updated 11/11/99. Over the next number of months I will be continously updating my Demo Page. I hope to split the page up into some 2 or 3 segments. The first section will be made up of my own personal trick demos and game demos, and the other two sections with will be made up of some top class demos from around the globe. The page has been updated with 3 new Demo's of myself doing Crazy Jumps on Q3test2. There very small, funny and worth a look. Hope you like them. Some Images of the New Orbb and Visor Models. Updated 11/11/99. Heres some nice pic's of the new Visor and Orbb models. Check them out. I have to say the Orbb model is one of the coolest characters I ever seen, but I think you'll agree he's not going to be all that easy to Rail since he's that little bit smaller than all the other characters. Oh well, Guess thats me screwed :).


Quake3 Demo Release Soon Updated 10/11/99. Quake3 is starting to seriously shape up, now that the date for the Demo release is almost on us. Its seems every gaming website in europe has some new information about the up coming release. Here a quick review of the events happening around the Quake3 scene at the moment. Found these while reading
Shugashack this morning. A sneek preview of another one of the Quake3 Models. This guy will be better known as Klesk and apparently is a demon with the Railgun (Yeppy, some competion at last on q3test2, hehe ). Heres a picture of the model. Also found this class Shot . ------------------------------------------------------- Intro Updated 09/11/99. Well most of the ground work on my new site has been completed, so all that remains is for me to do is introduce myself. My name is Thomas Howlin, but I am better known here Ireland as Jedi . For the last 2-3 years Quake1 and Quake3 has slowly but surely eaten into a big part of my life. So you may ask. Who do I have to thank for this? I don't know. Maybe you can answer that one Earth Worm Jim!! Anyway Whats done is done. So on with the show. Over the coming months my plan is to keep you upto date with the goings on in the World of Quake3. Everything from Competition results, Demos, New screen shots, levels, etc. So keep in touch with this site or you may loose that winning edge :) . Preview Of New Quake3 Models Updated 09/11/99. During my usual morning surf of my favorite sites. Work related sites of course :). I came across some excellent pictures of the new Quake3 characters from Stomped

Shot 1 Shot 2

Check them out.