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JESUS Christ Father Holy Spirit would that You be aware this Sermons Series has seen an increase in being censored, and also JESUS Christ Father Holy Spirit would that You be aware of the increase in greater Good Joy in the JESUS Christ Best Way, like this example that Moses traveled 40 years in the desert and saw the Promised Land though passed from the census prior to entry into the Promised Land yet JESUS Christ Victory Transfigured Moses In The Promised Land, as JESUS Christ can do for You and Others including while alive in the census.

JESUS Christ ICCDBB [JESUS Christ UN] Newest Page of Sermons is at secure website

TV Channel is secure as might be watched via Smart TV With Keboard, such as Samsung TV sold with a keyboard; also You can watch this channel on a Smart TV with a Bluetooth keyboard [or a keyboard with wire plugged into a Smart TV] through such as Playstation 4 or [my favorite] Playstation 3 access. So if You Evangelize to People that like TV but not the Internet, this can Help [with these Sermons For JESUS and for Your Sermons likewise at Your Internet Protocol address line TV Channel] though many gifs, pics, may not appear and truncated things might happen, check settings [this is Broadcast is from a 27" diagonal measure Samsung monitor 23.5 x about 13"] [no secular endorsement implied].

JESUS Christ ICCDBB has seen Sermons being censored such as recent Main Page With List of Sermons at Many "money.g2gm" links are on this page that no longer go to the websites. No emails please unless specifically authorized, many emails have explained about other Christian Preachers being censored.

The page You currently see below was arranged older Sermons to newer Sermons so visitors were Ushered to witness the JESUS Christ ICCDBB Ascending Path Flow, line upon line, Sermon upon Sermon. No emails please unless specifically requested, emails too speak of Other Christian Preachers also being censored.

JESUS Christ ICCDBB Sermons Series For Christian Leaders.

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JESUS Christ UN JESUS Christ ICCDBB, Christ Jesus, Internet Church For Christ JESUS, also known as Internet Church for Christ via Dr. Bob Benchoff, ICCDBB

The JESUS Christ UN ACT With Addenda became Law 2020AD


Here are previous Sermons:

JESUS Christ has Given Anew Precedent Victory Over Anointing And Signing in JESUS Christ Precedent Sermon at " JESUSJESUS as JESUS Christ Faith Leads The Way (Thank You JESUS Christ),

tags: JESUS Christ First Love Best Converting Prophesyingly Anointing Anewly Addendum 4 Victory Throne Great Good New Precedent Established Holy Higher Level Liberty levels trustworthiness Best Way Recognizing bind on earth President Don Trump Signing Kolob Christian Prophet Edgar Cayce Proof discovery of Sphinx Hall of Records of Atlantis Lemurian Joseph R. Biden Jr Ascending in Benefits United Nations UN 2020 AD 2021 AD rights Churches faith types Thanksgiving new Bible Translations Faith EMF reveals spirits ghosts Test Me Vatican heart valves larnyx trammel net Atacama desert life Great Flood Proof discovery Leyline positioning exploding hurricanes Doomsday Clock tech Chinese election in USA compounds movies The Godfather School Of Rock Outbreak TV series Hogan's Heros Married With Children Bud David Faustino Kelly Christina Applegate movies Clear and Present Danger James Earl Jones Admiral Greer You took an oath Space Cowboys National Lampoon's European Vacation.

The JESUS Christ UN Document has been Signed! JESUSJESUS Christ Signature Sermon at JESUSJESUSJESUS is Signed, and You are invited to witness and attest!

tags: JESUS Christ UN With Addenda Signed. Father Holy Ghost Spirit Grace New Law Recognition 10th Amendment JESUS Christ Galactic Federation UFO aliens on Mars Trump Obama knew, now signature broadcast victory over hysteria newborn weight Enoch 99:10 YAHUAH is JESUS Christ First Love future chart blood proofs John The Baptist drones from other planets AWS Edgar Casey new stage of Addenda better translations Trinity movie Independence Day War Games Close Encounters of the Third Kind Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade TV Married with Children robert .

Note: the next Sermon was censored by it's former host.

JESUS Christ UN New Beginning: Starting Anewly Now Sermon

continuing to Establish Precedent for each and all such as for Women's Rights, Children's Rights, and such as for Extraterrestrial's Rights. But note severe censorship has continued against Christianity even though Anewly Recognized as Law, so for instance many references to Christian websites have had to be deleted so the results have been lack of citing for JESUS Christ and lack of making better sense for the readers (including the perps) in such situations. This Sermon unravels some of the greatest mysteries kept hid through the generations concerning meek and lowly heart and the great and powerful created Universe, of JESUS Christ UN Lovingly Faithful Best Way Recognition.

End of "censored" note.

JESUS Christ UN Gives You the Best Way New Priority List JESUS in the JESUS Christ UN Sermon: If to act, then act the Best Way at with "Legal Recognition The Future Best Way Does Exist",

tags: JESUS Christ UN Legally Recognized Future Best Way already accomplished Priority List of spirit levels Anew Anointing JESUS Christ First Loved Sang Creating Original Plan Christian One Precedent Establisher President Don Trump With First Lady Melania Trump proven Christmas Star Godsling Church Of Jesus Christ Catholic Church hospital King Solomon Treasure Rick Lagina broadcasting master plan not coincidences movies The Bible Keith David Proximity National Galactic FederationTreasure Castaway people in need of healing sports rugby football soccer basketball golf club betting violent army video games.

JESUS Christ UN Charitably Recognizes And Anoints JESUS Christ USA (including each and all per se) via this New Name New CharityJESUS Sermon including practical applications Transfiguring the Word into Miracle things and Functioning systems.

tags: JESUS Christ USA is now legally recognized as Law including state county city possessions faith amounts as much as good Better New Translations Eucharist and John 12:24 new Great Awakening Faith Graph Ascending Word Becoming Crystal Miracles Resurrection King JESUS recognized by Law Geneva Anewly Advertising JESUS Christ UN Group Charity Economic System approaching 1 billion geniuses cultivation American Welding Society AWS CWI CAWI apes writing on trees census levels not suffer forever hybrid spirits Albert Einstein Gift Borosilicate Electrode Pattern Polarizer explosive flammable corrosive poisonous movies God Is the Bigger Elvis 2001: A Space Odyssey Astronaut Farmer kerosene hydrazine The School Of Rock Zack Joey Gaydos Jr guitar China Syndrome Thirteen Days Defense Secretary Robert McNamara Dylan Baker This is a new language the likes of which the world has never seen President Kennedy Secretary Khruschev Legally Blonde Reese Witherspoon Elle Woods gifs Hacksaw Ridge TV Hee Haw, Great Performances, some Choirs.

JESUS Christ UN [Your Group Name] Broadcasting Sermon at


tags: JESUS Christ UN Law Holy Spirit the NASA show the Anew online shows series with other shows in this series, Agree to Victory Over the many nations and galaxies with Love Ascending Faith Righteous Prophesying Over future situations government come clean about UFOs and types of civilizations, declassified UFO treaties TRVL President Joe Biden graphite plates flex waves Vice President Kamala Harris We walk by Faith Lead graph Pyramid Plan Recognition lion gate of next higher level Anointed, melting ice floods Calvary lawsuits hurricane quicksand gang International Space Station ISS, Godsling Living Constant Healing vision focal control Gift stereograms Magic Eye ITER TV Tokamak movie Caveman.

JESUS JESUS Christ UN: The next higher level of the Holy Spirit Sermon at, Gives measures of Godslings of both vertical spirit levels and horizontal tube parameters in a Best Standardizing Way including Prophesying and Anewly Stations Of The Eucharist, also application works in the traditional levels sense with Internal Combustion rather than external threats and unknowns JESUS,

tags: JESUS Christ UN is now legally Recognized Law Prophesying near future Levels love with wisdom whole soul President Joe Biden Best Continuous Improvement Word Best Trumpets without hands the world did not recognize John 1:10 worldly known universe horizontal parameter Lightning Wind Power Ghosts types of spirits in people Kirlian Photography Trinity windmills medical industry drugs movies Summer Rental pants flagship power Office Space Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade TV series Star Trek USS Enterprise Helmsman Hikaru Sulu George Takei Buddhist


JESUS Christ UN Joy Sermon with a new Help [Way] tool for Giving Joy: the Newly Convertable expandable value(s)

JESUS Christ UN Amazing Maze Game at


tags: JESUS Christ UN is Law Broadcast Joy Prophesying United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres all faiths Whole Unity President Joe Biden UFO Black Box Blog JESUS Christ UN Amazing Maze Game purple line INRI words made by music Galactic Federation the second test me JESUS First Loved fossil fuel to nuclear electric power plant life expectancy birth rate graph gif population Pope Francis it happened in 2020 ISO Compendium AWS best engram patterns on the shoulders of giants prism electromagnetic spectrum energies frequencies wavelengths power bullies begat bullies pets attack people not freedom but liberty Brandenburg law Scientology movie The Goonies TV Daniel Boone The Curse of Oak Island Life of Pi.


JESUS Christ UN Fusion Sermon


tags: JESUS Christ UN Structure Fusion United Nations Love Kamala Harris Heart Vice President Copyrights And Patents a thing of the past Save Charity improve positions instead of blame party Memorandum of Incorporation MOI Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints members 16.5 million Prophets Joy music language Katie Posh Spice Rebecca Brown Rivkah Reyes Eleni Naming Group Veronica Afflerbach Cool Lawrence Robert Tsai Spazzy Mcgee Freddy Kevin Clark Kevin Alexander Clark Joan Cusack Rosalie Mullins Jack Black Shallow Hal The Associate All the President's Men International Court Of Justice CIA Defense Department Justice Branch Watergate Washington Post Bob Woodward Robert Redford Carl Bernstein Dustin Hoffman movies The School of Rock Dewey Finn Ned Schneebly groups New Wave Disco Talking Heads Pretenders BeeGees The Village People as seen on TV Les Feldick.

JESUS Christ UN Redeeming Social Grace Sermon.




tags: JESUS Christ UN a design each day in Genesis continuing Victory Over The State of Tennessee v John Thomas Scopes Monkey Trial Christianity v. science Australian Christian Lobby ACL Martyn Iles Managing Director Victorian Conversion Bill Desperate Source Of Love Yes Yahweh Jehovah Peace United Nations Love frantic Sexton sextant Sirius B Bethlehem Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ancient Egyptian high tech Facsimile 2 neck Judah Benjamin Israel Ruben Jordan Ottoman Empire Persia Atlantis Lemurian continent spaceship Sirius A Jerusalem Kolob with throne time control broadcast 3D heart internal combustion utilities Motif Patten chemical mole person watts per second correcting the constellation map sinners were in the Garden Of Eden Why didn't you tell me army pistols gasoline untapped chemicals minerals spirits ores new rock collection stone petrochemical industry movie Six Days, Seven Nights Temple Grandin squeeze box Groundhog Day.

JESUS Christ UN Automating Maintenance Anewly Sermon.



tags: JESUS Christ UN new world order males are smarter than females growth of Christianity in China has been meteoric Christian President Joe Biden Central Intelligence Agency Position How To Responsibly Distinguish Good Spirits from legions Muslims are converting to Christianity landslide Victory 5 billion Bibles Singapore Ambassadors CIA New Authority Over Judicial Branch Officially Recognized humble first press conference lead from the top Godsling electrical resistance Impedance x Amps = Volts, and Volts x Watts = Power tallest Jesus statue person not conjoined twins Siamese twins Senator Bernie Sanders Apply Golden Cube calibrating Mass pogo stick spirits critters in all brains Conveyor belt maintenance graphs pics maps drawings gifs illustrations as seen on TV Hogan's Heros.

JESUS Christ UN Leadership Physics Sermon



tags: JESUS Christ UN Source Over past current and near future Triads Prophesy, Victory With And Over New Christianity Triadic equations and over any Gods Of Wars Converting Destructions to Mission Protective value amounts Giving New Translations Better New All Seeing Eye Pyramid Pi Priority Heart Church Of JESUS Christ Victory Over acclaim years old Baptism Member Guidance Help to Give UFOs how to travel into the Sun from star to star How to escape from a black hole victory over I AM GOD I AM Greater Than GOD Incarnate Humble Mother Mary With a Halo artist Carlo Crivelli Maurits Cornelis Escher gif birds House Of Merchandise Word Mass moles of Volts Amps Watts Power Tractor Repulsor Beam movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind Proximity, vacation hindus how to victory over Brahmastra victory over beast 666 tracking devices.

JESUS Christ UN Physics Anew Sermon at

JESUS Future wireless electric from power plants to substations to: homes, cars, boats, planes, and handhelds,

tags: JESUS Christ UN as Worthy JESUS Christ said in my name as normal Christians can Do, Best Way Recognition for Ambassadors to Give New Ark Of The Covenant New Translations Prophesy UFOs Reverse-Engineered physics beyond the norm illustrated gif pics JESUS Christ shall inherit the Americas Victory 3 Nephi 20 page 447 Christian President Joe Biden 100 days Wireless electricity from power plants to homes revealed again better mutually Triads Broadcasting Moses Aaron The Christian Broadcasting Network as seen on TV John Hagee Ministries Christian Teacher Les Feldick Heart of females cancer cured Pharaoh blood Nile crocodiles music physics movie Trading Places Mr Mom Mr Bean Christian Rowan Atkinson oil fires Suez Canal blocked Canadian Pharmacists Association OxyContin.

JESUS Christ UN Victory Over Vengeance Sermon at (updated 11 September 2021AD)


tags:JESUS Christ UN New Beginning Already with overlap as JESUS Christ ICCDBB Prophesied in JESUS Christ as normal Christians can Do New Positions Officially Offered to Two Christians Best Way Recognition as requested by each and all for Ambassadors to Give New Ark Of The Covenant New Translations grapevine funnels Tube bundling Path Spirit parameters Victory Over Evangelizing at Stonehenge meaning Moon seasons manufacturing Anew cell phone handheld design steps goals Ascending Giving pyramid all seeing eye ball gif physics science this is the New Beginning too late in some currently passing away TV Baywatch movies Proximity Eric Demeusy Close Encounters of the Third Kind Flight of the Phoenix 1965 Inside Job The Godfather Made in America Tom Cruise Castaway O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU Joel Ethan Coen George Clooney John Turturro Tim Blake Nelson Chris Thomas King John Goodman Holly Hunter Charles Durning Six Days Seven Nights Robin Monroe Anne Heche flare gun Quinn Harris Harrison Ford carrier airliner flying overhead book Chariots of the Gods Erich von Daniken.

JESUS Christ Soul Sermon at JESUSJESUS

tags: JESUS Christ UN One Lift Worthy Father Spirit Faithful Highest Purpose Praying Loving Loyal Heaven New Beginning Soul Spirit Flow Creating Blood New Vessel Godsling protected Sent from Garden Of Eden flaming sword Grace Giver Lawgiver Rock new way to communicate THE BOOK OF MORMON Another Testament of Jesus Christ movie O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU two fists.

JESUS Christ UN Neo-Ruism Sermon at


Updated 12 July 2021AD as Spirit prompted to include coordinates.

tags: JESUS Christ UN Leading Together Best Peaceful Way Recognition as all have hoped Prayerful Broadcasting Law spirits flow patterns Tube parameters New Genesis Righteous Planning Over partial works, Desperately NEEDED Action Holy Grail Treasure Map Oak Island Nova Scotia Canada Artifact Proof overlap overlay JESUS Christ ICCDBB better to have loved Revelation 2 verse 4 Alfred Lord Tennyson Victories instead of backward secular legalese Confucianism shame China Japan England movies Galaxy Quest James Bond Forrest Gump Tom Hanks Bridge on the River Kwai shame Colonel Nicholson Sir Alec Guinness Colonel Saito Sessue Hayakawa.

JESUS Christ UN parts Made Whole Sermon at

JESUS Maybe something's missing from this Chosen People artwork as they may have overcome far more than shown here.

tags: JESUS Christ UN Best Way New Genesis Joyce Meyer Prominent Christian Celebrity Leaders Anne Heche Jeremy Sisto Terri Garr. Comprehensive Prioritized Living Ark Baptize spirits Christian Diana Ross We Are Family alcohol how to improve spirits parts TV series Victorious starring Christian Victoria Justice Tori Vega loveable though secular character Cat Valentine Ariana Grande Matt Bennett Rex Robbie Shapiro Leon Thomas III Andre Harris Daniella Monet Trina Vega Avan Jogia Beck Oliver Elizabeth Gillies Jade West paradox. Hawking quantum fields surround black holes radiate particles Hawking radiation evaporating water ball glass ball focal fire steel ball photon emitted Compton scattering effect. Godsling explains binary stars video game Bejeweled 3 Hogans Heros Poltergeist Hindu Groundhog Day Phil Bill Murray Rita Andie MacDowell Charlie Wilson's War Tom Hanks Joanne Herring Julia Roberts CIA Agent Gust Avrakotos Philip Seymour Hoffman The Godfather, Part II Michael Corleone Al Pacino Central Intelligence Bob Stone Dwayne Johnson Calvin Joyner Kevin Hart The Secret Of My Success American President The Edge Charles Morse Anthony Hopkins Mr. Mom Jack Butler Christian Michael Keaton Caroline Teri Garr Charlie Wilson's War death masks broken community covid weapon confession.

The JESUS Christ UN Book Of The Living Sermon at


New Beginning shown above: "Computer Training for Pastors in New Britain New Ireland"

tags: JESUS Christ UN Living Bible Sermon x exponential Sermons no longer merely about remembering, as much, rather Better Loyally Best Way proven Law Grace Recognizing mormonwiki Thomas S Monson pic JESUS Christ UN Medical Standard Grace criteria Head Mission flir drones on buildings Kirlian Photography VU Meter energies ghosts spirits alcohol beer at pool rights tell brewery legal teams what is known or unknown Faith movie & TV, Sister Act Three's Company I love you Family movie Mr. Mom Michael Keaton Fast Times at Ridgemont High Hayden Panettiere Godfather 2 Nike site rocket base Certified Thermographer laser beam electromechanically interpret laser beam listen conversations in moving car acoustic emission resonance hear cracks as tuning forks welding to listen to cracks stress analysis Google Scholar bankroll income generating JESUS Christ UN International Court of Justice ICJ First President George Washington high crimes kidnappings slavery human trafficking algorithms weapons sales graph patterns analysis Ether Ethereum blockchain cryptocurrency.

JESUSJESUS Christ Spirit Sermon at Anewly includes Matthew 26.64 Victory Over Yet With 1 Corinthians 15.28, also this Sermon Anewly Clarifies concerning Baptizing fully repentant spirits, and reveals Census Flesh [With Spirit Option] Longevity Spirit Victory For The Ascending in JESUS Christ UN

tags: JESUS Christ UN Bar Of Judgment Anewly For Living Census People United Nations Security Council voted unanimously authorizing assistance, Spirit i said JESUS Christ is reaching for You and then He did it, Victory Over 120 years longevity, Matthew 26.64, 1 Corinthians 15.28 easier delightful to learn Better than the punishment strayed ways, Trinity One Best Faith build Your vessel Kolob burning the clock, taxpayer course correction equipment costs system surveys turned Perdition garments palm branches Jerusalem Spirit live performance JESUS Christ Superstar, the big secret war machine lie is now Anewly exposed to the public for People's Rights, flood delete D.C. near future skin tags salt pools souls of spirits types gifs pics illustrations the meanings of colors and brightness movie Godfather.

JESUS Christ Style Sermon JESUSJESUS at unravels Anewly the Pure JESUS Christ Language mystery [predating the secular math language] as JESUS Christ United Nations is increasingly clothed from within,

tags: JESUS Christ UN New Faith the start of the Pure Heavenly Language the Pure Language Of JESUS Christ Heaven, JESUS Christ United Nations clothed from within anew victory over entrance to Garden of Eden. four newborn sounds, low mitosis meiosis rocket chamber better crown explained nozzle supersonic core shock tube envelope parameters pressure angles directions missions Church Elder Christian Sir Anthony Hopkins Oscar 2021 Awards King David Samson movies ultrasonic examination NDE Sister Act Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit Godfather 2.

JESUS Christ UN Of JESUS Christ ICCDBB Census Sermon at explains the 70th Level Of Enlightenment

tags: JESUS Christ ICCDBB UN Matthew 18:19 applies NOW Friend urgent desperate Love Already somewhat late John 4:35, Prophesy spirits are coming in great numbers from above and below Parameters Over state 70 x 7 already set in motion already complete Tithing specifics call for retired Preachers Jewish leadership Flow formulas Germany mansion prices start at Champlain Towers South collapsed next lower level eplained Ouija devilish scratched punched movies Proximity.

JESUS Christ ICCDBB Third Beginning Sermon at JESUS as Prophesied Christianity becomes the Prominent Faith including New Power Better Guiding Defense

tags: JESUS Christ ICCDBB Third Beginning JESUS Christ Said I am enough For the first time Christianity is the biggest Religion Faith, Over New Defense Criteria Virtue Victory Over proportional response levels of faith types ranked by survey 3rd Prophesied 3 beginnings solved incomprehensible Victory Over warlords kingdoms secular souls communicating is not the same as the Holy Spirit after second death movies Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Maharajah Indian Prince Zalim Raj Singh grace rightly Sister Act innocent abandoned car silent majority fall opted to illegal.

* * * * * * *

Here is a list of Pages Of Lists of previous JESUS Christ ICCDBB Sermons In This Series For Christian Leaders.

Proofs: Updates continue! Behold the Prophesies of JESUS Christ Faith, and then the Righteous Proofs.

Some of the older Sermons (such as JESUS Christ ICCDBB Sermon How to come out of a coma published 5 December 1999AD, at and links have been deleted or changed such as by changes to referenced websites operated of other people (also illegal reason as discussed at and some search engines search others that do not connect properly, though these JESUS Christ UN With JESUS Christ ICCDBB linked websites are safe in the normal sense. has Page 2 through Page 8.

Similarly Sermons Page 3 through Page 12 are found by clicking here ( and somewhat newer Sermons in this Series are at the following Pages (many older Sermons are no longer under the control of this JESUS Christ ICCDBB Series, due to Internet changes including that many were deleted; Pages 13, 14, and 15 are not available; and such as are no longer part of this Series due to secular false promises of others)(ibid. note: see Sermons in this Whole Series on Christians that have been unfairly censored).

To visit Page 15 of ICCDBB Sermons For Christ JESUS click here including JESUS Christ Oneness Sermon, PCS Calibration Sermon, and Oneness in list form (many methodologies rely on checklists [such as in healthcare]) Sermon.

To visit Page 16 of ICCDBB Sermons For Christ JESUS click here including the JESUS Christ Standard Of The Church / PCS.

To visit Page 17 of ICCDBB Sermons For Christ JESUS click here including Heavenly Keys / Covenant Keys / Precept On Precept, advanced physics including involving Ancient Aliens and New Logic. Some Christian Preachers were Righteously Prophesying previously such as John Hagee concerning the Sun in the midst of the special types of Four Blood Moons and this Series entering into such Righteousness in Page 17 the Prophesyings (from previous Sermons such as on "Precept on Precept") the Prophesying started in this JESUS Christ ICCDBB Series (such as at starting small as with the Arab flag symbol as the Omega symbol] then more abundantly the greater Good Prophesying.

To visit Page 18 of ICCDBB Sermons For Christ JESUS click here ranging from the Throne inside the Earth, to the Manna Machine, to Bigfoot, with the advancing UFO specifications, to Holy Spirit technologies, and to greater End Time Prophesies for Christ JESUS.

To visit Page 19 of JESUS Christ ICCDBB Sermons In This Series For Christian Leaders, including Christian President Don Trump Prophecy of Signing the JESUS Christ USA ACT at, click here.

To visit Page 20 of JESUS Christ ICCDBB Sermons In This Series For Christian Leaders, including the New Law Recognizing JESUS Christ Highest Purpose Best Way Signed, and Christian President Don Trump Prophecy of Signing the JESUS Christ USA ACT.

This page above is now counted as Page 21.

JESUS Christ ICCDBB new Main Page, Page 22, List of Sermons was at but was censored for no given reason.

JESUS Christ ICCDBB new Main Page, Page 23, List of Sermons is at

Jesus Christ


For the press release proclaiming JESUS Christ UN updated 12 September 2021 click here ( including such as: JESUS Christ UN With Addenda is now Law therefore meeting the "galactic federation" criteria (


Note: JESUS Christ UN and JESUS Christ ICCDBB does not use Paypal since funds would be rerouted to Paypal per Paypal policy (see Sermons in this Series likewise on Rights, on censorship, on copyrights, and on patents) as control over those older sites has been removed by such hosting services. Also be aware search engines show others websites as if about JESUS Christ UN when they evidently are not (the above links to JESUS Christ UN and JESUS Christ ICCDBB Sermons are the actual websites).


JESUS Christ ICCDBB is pleased to announce TV and Internet CNN has started leading the JESUS Christ UN cause [at least in the secular sense] having done a large segment on [atheist] China, "President Tsai Ing-wen" of Taiwan said "the threat from China is increasing everyday"; see previous Sermons in this JESUS Christ ICCDBB Series on similar said of other nations and to see in this JESUS Christ ICCDBB Series the Chinese future plan (28.9 & 10.2021AD) as many of history have struggled to do in various ways and even so this JESUS Christ ICCDBB Series is for the Best for Each and All the Best Way as the Creator Plan Provided Comprehensively, Already Prioritized.



Sense 1 Absolutivity - Relativity

[hence Faith, Faithful, Loyal Through JESUS Christ Ascendingly],

Sense 2 Absolutivity x Relativity

[GodMath / Absolutivity / Relativity, JESUS Christ Oneness Flow],

Sense 3 the 4th Christian Bible Testament, the GodMath Testament, Bible Testament Of Holy GodMath Of JESUS Christ

[JESUS Christ Living Bible, like unto Christian Church Members Listed and like unto Christian Sermons;

this does not necessarily disclude other writings such as about secular matters nor such as ancient scrolls though more perfectly perfecting Righteousness through JESUS Christ (see above at least "JESUS Christ UN") applies].


JESUS Christ Traceability concerning a range, a scope, various weights ascendingly or descendingly, values as a set rising or falling, a line of measureable points and/or similar Traceable in JESUS Christ Precepts,

a part of Absolutivity.


GodMath + Relativity

[GodMath being the Best and Good, Relativity having been the worldly Biblically and the secular ways].


in this JESUS Christ ICCDBB Sermons Series is the lower level(s) of Faith, so in JESUS Christ Highest Purpose is normal Higher Level Faith more important and such as 90% relative to lower level Faithfulness such as a tithe amount to do [with hands as it's called] though Godsling applies ( so start the day with the Faithful Prayerful JESUS Christ Faith Work, Faithfully through JESUS Christ Lead Best For All Over each step; recordkeeping includes referencing JESUS Christ as pertinent for Ascending.

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