The best chronographs are in LCD digital quartz watches, which are inexpensive and can be replaced. Analog chronographs, in mechanical and in quartz watches, are much more expensive to buy and much more difficult to repair. If you must have one, the best one to consider is the original Omega Speedmaster "Moon Watch." This is the ONLY Speedmaster I would consider. This is a photo of an Omega chronograph, circa 1950, probably an early version that would become the Speedmaster. This watch differs from the Speedmaster in that the latter has a flat hairspring (whereas this one has a Breguet overcoil), a micrometric regulator (which this one does not have), and no timing screws on the balance wheel (which you see here). I would like to thank Mrs. Mary Watson for allowing me to present this Omega chronograph, in memory of her late father, from his collection. Mr. Bill Watson enjoyed watch collecting and repair as a hobby.             

         Here is a nice photo of an Omega Chronostop, a simpler version of a Speedmaster. I found this photo on the internet and edited it for this page. Notice the micro-regulator.

         Here is a Seiko chronograph (circa 1973), which should be avoided:

         Below is a Citizen quartz analog chronograph. This watch has four independent motors (see the four coils) that are controlled by a computer in the circuit board. Anyone interested in trying to repair this one?

         Here is a Casio digital watch with a chronograph. It has a stainless steel case and is water resistant to 200 metres. It has a five-year lithium battery. I believe this watch should get top honours for value for money! (I did not say, however, that I liked its appearance.)

Need a chronograph? Try this one: