Rado Diastar

         Below are some photos, that I found on the internet and edited for this page, of a most unusual watch. Rado watches are unique in their styling and the materials used to make the cases. The top part is made of tungsten carbide, an extremely hard material that is used in industry to make gravers and other cutting tools. The crystal is synthetic saphire, also extremely hard. The watch is therefore virtually scratchproof. This model is to commemorate Rado's first Diastar, from 1962. The dial has eleven high grade diamonds. The watch has a high quality Swiss Ebauche (ETA) mechanism with 25 jewels. It has a micro-regulator above the balance wheel, making it possible to achieve excellent accuracy. It also has ball bearings in the automatic rotor, making it more durable. I added an identical Rado to my collection in July, 2001. After regulation, it now keeps time with an error of only one or two seconds per day! I was never able to achieve this kind of accuracy with my Rolex. Only my Tissot, which I also show in this website, can achieve comparable accuracy. I recommend the mechanical watches by Rado very highly. The only detail I do not like about this watch is that the back is difficult to open and close (a screw-on back is better than a snap-on back).           

         Here is another modern Rado mechanism without a micro-regulator. You should look for a watch that has one. The automatic rotor does not have visible ball bearings either.

Select This Link to see the Rado World Timer.

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