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A Little About Me


First of all my given name is Cindy and I love the Lord with all of my heart!! I am married to a man named Glen, who also loves the Lord with all of his heart. But it was not always so.

When I first met my current husband, I was still married to my 2nd husband. (The first husband I married because I got pregnant--I lost the baby and at least 2 more--then I met my 2nd husband) My 2nd husband was verbally and physically abusive and did not think that forcing me to have sex when I didn't want to, was rape. He ended up causing me to have a radical hysterectomy, they had to take everything (I had an 8 pound tumor, and due to his aggressiveness in bed, it started bursting). So, I was 24 years old and had no hope of ever having children! I knew that I could not continue on the way I was, but, I knew of no other options for me. It wasn't that I couldn't support myself or had no skills, because I did. I was afraid of him and of what he would do if I left him. BUT I knew I HAD to get out of this marriage for my safety as well as my sanity!!!

One night, May 29th, 1989, my friend invited me out to a bar, I was a heavy drinker and had been for years. So I agreed, though I was very scared about being caught by my husband!! We went to this little bar that I had never heard about, and it was a ways away from where we lived. As we were getting settled in with our pitcher of beer, I glanced across the dance floor and WHAM!!!!! I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!!! There sat the man of my dreams!!

To make that night a short story, I will be honest and tell you I had a one-night stand with him and I never thought I'd see him again, and to me it was worth it because I would be able to have that night's memory to hold on to through my dreary days. He ended up calling me the next day and we met and we shared with each other. I told him my situation and he was supportive of me and said that I deserved better. In the next week, I confronted my husband with my affair and told him that our marriage was over, he ended up pulling a knife on me and holding it to my throat. I escaped and ran upstairs to my friends apartment and she took me away. She called Glen and He came and got me. The next day I went back to my apartment and told my husband that I was serious, I wanted a divorce and that I wasn't going to live in fear any longer. He proceeded to take a punch at me, and if I hadn't ducked my face would be a mess today, his fist ended up going through the wall. But he called his brother and his brother came and helped him move out. When Glen found out about what my husband tried to do, he came and stayed with me in my apartment to protect me.

The first 2 years of our relationship were spent partying, doing drugs and basically just living in the flesh. But during those first 2 years, in December 1989, my parents, who had become born-again Christians about a year earlier, (We all called them Bible Thumpers) invited me to a Christian concert, Don Francisco. I had accepted the Lord, I thought, but it wasn't until I went to this concert that I really, really knew, that the Lord was my Savior. I didn't have a "radical" conversion. My salvation came to me with much weeping of a sorrowful heart at the sinner I was and that the Lord had bled on a cross for what I had done in my life.

Within 2 years my whole family (except Glen) had accepted the Lord as their personal Savior. Glen continued on in his drinking, (I was continually praying that he would hit a brick wall and come to the cross.) I thought my prayers were in vain, until one summer day in 1990, he fell asleep at the wheel of his van, drunk, and hit an oncoming car. (When I prayed for a Brick Wall, I had no idea it would be literal!)The Van steering wheel was ripped out of Glen's hand and drove over to a cliff and stopped before it could plunge over the edge. The van was still in drive, and the motor was still running. No one was hurt, Praise God! He was arrested, of course, for a DUI and ended up going to court, in January of 1991, facing 2 years in prison and a $2500.00 fine. The outcome was that Glen spent 48 hours in jail and paid a $900.00 fine.

Well, the Lord was working mightily in Glen's heart. He quit drinking and put his money into a race car (drag racing). We married in March 1991 and bought a home. We decided in the last part of August, to go up to my parents property for the weekend. I can't tell you WHAT a BATTLE it was trying to get there, we fought the whole way!! We almost turned around 3 times. But the Lord had something in store for Glen and His will would be done. We arrived there and we met a new lady named and her kids, who had come up with my brother. They were new Christians just saved a couple of weeks. The woman was leaving her unsaved husband who was involved with drinking and drugs. We had some major prayer times, of which Glen wanted no part!!

We woke up on the morning of September 2, 1991 to see a new arrival in camp. It was the husband of the lady!! He had travelled all night to get there, got lost, and had a serious meeting with the Lord, on his knees, in fear. But the Lord led him to our campsite and he spent the night sleeping on a log, right inside the GATES!!! His heart was ready to receive the Lord. Glen, made eye contact with this man, the minute that we got up, and Glen knew that this man was in bad shape. He got into my brother's truck with him. Within minutes they came out and we could all tell by the look of pure joy and peace on his face, that he had finally met and surrendered to Christ. Glen finally realized that this was the real thing--that this was not a joke, it was true and that he wanted it too. Later that day, after much witnessing to Glen, the whole group gathered around the fire and we held hands as Glen accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior!!!!!! The Lord was so much at work this day that our parents, struggling to come up to the property, surrendered to the fact that they weren't going to get there. My brother and His family, had truck problems all the way up. AND, out of the blue, our Pastor and his wife, who were "just out for a drive" (a 2 hour journey) showed up at the property and the Pastor was able to share with Glen about what it is to be a Christian!! (Glen recalls not coming down from the clouds for 6 weeks!!!)

Well, I wish I could tell you that since the day we were saved, life has been rosy!! NOT!!! We have had to be strong in the Lord with many things! And the Lord has ALWAYS seen us through. Jesus never promised walking the Christian walk would be easy, but HE promised that it WOULD be worth it!!

The Lord has worked so many wonderful things out in Glen and I's life. We have had up and down times that have threatened to sink us into deep despair, destroy our marriage and shatter our faith. But God has seen us through all of these things. In March of 1996, we had the opportunity to go to Israel with our Church. There is no way to describe to you what we felt as we walked through the very places that Jesus walked through--there was a lot of "touristy" places, but as we walked the footsteps Jesus walked at the Triumphal Entry, as we prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, as we went into the prison where Jesus was held and finally, as we went into the tomb were He rose, there is nothing on this earth that will describe it to you.

Glen and I were working in a Christian business. The boss called me into his office one day in June of 1996 and sat me down and told me about a young gal that we all knew who had been praying about who to adopt her baby out to, she had been told that Glen and I were unable to have kids and had asked that he ask us if we would like to adopt her unborn baby. WELL you can imagine what that did to us!!! Finally, we could be parents!!!! We met with her and I went with her to her doctor appointments, we asked people to start praying about names. We didn't know the sex, every time we went in to have an ultrasound done, the baby would pull it's leg up and it was unable to be seen on the test. She was due in late July, early August. Anyone who is preparing for a child knows that 2 months is a short time to prepare!! But, the Lord gathered many people about us and we were ready for our baby to come. The fear that a person goes through with adopting, that the mother will change her mind, that the money will not be there--we did not know how much this would end up costing--we figured around $10,000-15,000.00. Finally, on August 1, at 6:00 in the morning, the birth mom called us and told us that her contractions were 2 minutes apart and that she would meet us at the hospital. Not many adoptive parents are given the opportunity to be so involved with the adoption process. But Glen and I had grown very close to the birth mother and she had asked us to be with her for the delivery. We watched our baby being born at 7:06 PM on August 1, 1996 and it was a GIRL!!!!!!!! I will tell you that the hospital staff were very ruthless to Glen and I--they continually badgered the birth mother to not give the baby up for adoption, it took our Lawyer calling the Doctor and threatening him with a lawsuit to stop the harrassment. The hospital staff treated us as interlopers and treated the birth mother as a common trollop.

But the Lord's hand moved in everything, and as the birth mother refused to allow us to leave her side, the Doctor and nurses had to realize that this was no ordinary situation, that Someone beyond their understanding, was in control, and that it wasn't them!!!! We spent the night in her hospital room, the staff had to be forced to give us blankets and pillows, and one of the nurses even ripped our daughter out of my hands at one point. The birth mother was furious and told them that this was NOT her baby, that she had this baby for me and Glen. We took our daughter, DeLaney, home the next day. The birth mother refused financial assistance, and we finally asked her to allow us to pay her outstanding debts so that she could recover without worrying about having to get back to work and she agreed. Another miracle in this beautiful situation was that the entire adoption process, lawyer fees and all other things involved, ended up costing LESS then $5,000.

DeLaney is growing, and the Lord God has blessed us with a child that is our spitting image!!!! We are all 3 blonde haired and green-eyed!! She has been a miracle that neither one of us thought we would ever have. I quit working to raise her, financially we have struggled considerably, but GOD has never let us down. He has always provided for us the moment we need it. Glen and I were asked once, right after she was born, what we thought DeLaney's mission on earth would be. We said that her mission was to be a "peace-bringer" And we could not have known how true that statement was. She has brought our family together in a way that only a true-family can be. At the time she was born, Glen and I were struggling with Glen's parents because of Glen leaving Mormonism to become a Born-again Christian. DeLaney's birth brought his parents to our sides and I can honestly say that the relationship we have with them has grown into a bond that can not ever be broken. His brother Mike and his wife Tracie have been by our sides since the day we brought her home. My parents moved in with us for 5 weeks to help, before they left to become full time Christian missionaries. DeLaney has brought much peace into this family, and she continues to do so.

So, when you are down and do not feel that there is anywhere for you to go--LOOK UP!!! Look up and see the Majesty of Our God and the Glorious Miracles that He performs everyday--be they small or Large. Give Thanks Unto Him For He is Worthy to Be praised.


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