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Mizell - Mizelle -Mizzell- Meazle - Moselle - Mixell

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I've posted this for my Children,and my uncles, brothers, and as a guide to others, but not to replace their own research. ( God once ask who had their correct Genealogy ? to raise their hand , a hand went up , and God replied not you devil.

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The Huguenots were the Protestants of France during the 16th and 17th centuries. As such, they came into religious and political conflict with the Roman Catholics. Their fortunes waxed and waned until the reign of King Louis XIV. This monarch persecuted them mercilessly. On August 18, 1685, Louis revoked the Edict of Nantes—a covenant that had guaranteed the Huguenots certain religious and political rights. Finding life intolerable under his persecution and denial of religious freedom, hundreds of thousands fled to other countries, including the English colonies of America. "Whatever may have been the temper which the Huguenots displayed when they were driven from France by persecution, they certainly carried with them something more valuable than rage. They carried with them virtue, piety, industry and valour, which proved the source of wealth, spirit, freedom, and character in all those countries—Holland, Prussia, England, and America—in which the noble exiles took refuge" . Aunt Jane Mizell (b. 1826) used to te tell her nieces and nephews stories that prove that the French ancestors of the Mizells were zealous Huguenots ( personal letter from A.C. Mizell to E.V. Smith). She said that her grandmother told how their ancestors had had false bottoms in their chairs so they could hide their Bibles and songbooks when the premises were searched by inquisitors. One descendant wrote that the French ancestors spelled their name Moselle, the same as the river in whose valley they lived. A.C. Mizell wrote, "I note they say that the Mizells spelled their name Mozelle when they came over but I don't think so. I know that Pa said our people came from Alsace-Lorraine on the Moselle River, and that our name way back yonder was Moselle, but long before we left France". His chance statement that "according to tradition our ancestors were woolen mill workers" suggests that they belonged to the militant Huguenot family who spelled their name Mazel. At any rate, Abraham Mazel was a wool carder by trade, a Huguenot preacher, and a leader of the opposition after the revocation . "The tribe of Mazel abounded in the Cevennes and they had already given many martyrs to the cause. Some emigrated to America, some were sent to the galleys; Oliver Mazel, the preacher, was hanged in Montpelier in 1690, Jacques Mazel was a refugee in London in 1701, and in all the Cevennes, there were Mazels leading as well as following" In America, the name was at first pronounced as one syllable and as if spelled "measle" . Actually, the names of two members of the first recorded North Carolina generation were often spelled "Meazel" and spelled "Mezell" at times. The modern spelling "Mizell" appeared at least as early as 1716. Family tradition has it that all known descendants were pronouncing the name as a two-syllable word with a long "i" and the accent on the second syllable by 1850 . Sources: for the above, Linda Mizell(E.V. Smith) , Folks Huxford.

The Mizell German and French Coat of Arms are at the bottom of page (please let the the page load fully before you go down to the Coat of Arms).

Joshua Meazle Born cir: 1615 Passenger and immigration list 1984 supplement by Philby:Mesell,Jos N.A. Virginia 1643 6220 P152.

Luke Meazle Born / / 1614 Died / / 1673 Wife Deborah Lawrence

In 1635 Luke Meazle, aged 21 years, came to America, , served in the household of Sir. Thomas Gray,as a cooper and settled in Jamestown ( Jamescity), Va. ( Ref. Early Va. Emigrants, pg. 228, by Greer) ( William & Mary Quarterly) He moved across the James river to Surry County, Va., where he bought land in 1674. ( Surry County. Va. records.) he was given 150 acres of land for paying the expenses of three people from France to America ( Ref. Land office, Richmond, Va. ) This was aiding in colonizing America. Luke Meazle was in list of Tythables in 1668. ( Ref. Surry county, Va., Record Book 1, pg. 131)Meazle died prior to 1673 in Southwark Parrish, Surry Co., Va., leaving one son, Luke Meazle 2nd, and his widow Deborah, who married John Smith. On Nov. 21st, 1673.Smith returned the estate of Luke Meazle 1st. ( apparently Deborah was dead) Having left the estate to be diavided between her son Luke, 2nd, and John Smith. ( Ref. Surry County Deeds, Wills & Orders 1671 -1684, pg. 38.) is the way it was written:Annacct. of ye estate of Luke Meazle, late of this county deceased presented to ye all cort of Surry, ye 21, Nov. 1673 by John Smith and Luke Meazle, was appraised at 12,643 pounds, expenses 1,428 pounds, leaving John Smith and Luke 5,607 pounds each. In addition to the above 5,607 pounds Luke received from his fathers estate, tobacco and cattle. (Ref. Surry County, Va., Deeds, Wills, and Orders, 1671 -1684) Info from Folks Huxford

Luke Meazle 1 1614-1671

Luke Meazle II Born / / 1653 Died / / 1694 Wife Elizabeth Marriot Born 1658Dauther of Mathias Marriott and Alice Warren. buried Edenton, N.C. St. Pauls Esiscopal Church.

Lawrence Meazle Born / / Cir. 1651 Died / /Cir.1696 , died in Albemarle Co. N.C. Served in Surry Co's Foot Militia in 1687, married Bethinia, (Possibly named after his mother)

Elizabeth Meazle Born / /1666 Died / / Husband James Byenam born cir.1666 in Surry Co. Va. Died cir. 1720 Father John Byenham, Mother Rosamond Blow

Sarah Meazel Born / / Died / /

Àt a meeting of his Majesties Justices of the Peace for the County of Surry, Dec. 19, 1687, present, Major Sam Swann, Mr. Robert Furrin, Mr. Francis Mason, Mr. Robert Randall, . 19, 1687, present,Major Sam Swann, Mr. Robert Furrin, Mr. Francis Mason, Mr. Robert Randall.` Quote: in obedience to an order of council dated August 24, ye 1687, requring that Colonells and Justices of every county do take acct. of all the Ablest Freeholders and Inhabitants, that are fit to be listed per foot and return same to his Excellency and with all convenient speed. This Court having considered the Capacities and abilities of the Freeholders and Inhabitants the following persons for horse and foot as are here set down. (Note a number of names and among them was Luke Meazle. He furnished 13 horses.)

Lawrence Meazle 1651-1696

Elinor Mizell Born / /cir.1672 Died / / cir1705 in Chowan Co. N.C.

Luke Mizell 11 1653-1694

Luke Mizell III Born / / 1683 Died / / 1756 Wife Sarah Smithwick Charlton, moved to Albemarle Co. N.C. in 1702, Sarah was Born in 1682 in Bertie Co. N.C. Mother was Susannah Smithwick, Father was William Carlton, Cravel County Cro. 28. 401 Book of Wills

William Mizell I Born / / 1682 Died / / 1762 Wife Sarah Griffin Married 1719 in Chowan County N.C. Father Martain Griffin. From History of Brooks County Ga. by Folks Huxford

John Mizell Born / / 1684 Died / /

Sarah Mizell Born / /cir 1683 Died / /cir 1695 Born Southwark Parish, Surry Co. Va.

Elizabeth Mizell Born / /cir. 1685 Died / / ```

Luke Mizell III moved to North Carolina, prior to 1703 as he sold land in surry Co. Va., the 2nd of Nov. 1703. The earliest date of Luke Mizell, 3rd, being in N. Car. was in 1702, when he was a testator to a deed: Smithwick Warburton to Edward Smithwick, Oct. 10, 1702 assigns a patent.Susannah Charlton, Luke Mizell III, became a man of influence and means, owing eight plantations in Bertie, Martain and Turrell Counties, and slaves to cultibate them. He was appointted interpretor, surveyor, and Commissioner by the Assembly in 1711. (Ref. Clarks N.C. Records, Vol. 11, pg. 458).Luke Mizell III donated land on which to build Javesville, N.C. Whereas it hath abeen represented to this General a Assembly that the lands of Luke Mizell and William MacKey on athe South side of Roanoke River is a healthy, pleasant place and very conveniently signified thwir consent to have 50 acres of said land laid for a town which will be greatly promote the trade and navigation of said river. The said 50 acres of land to be called Jamesville.Mizell, one of the constituted Commissioners and Trustees for designing building and carrying on the said town, and be it further enacted that said Luke Mizell and William McKey retain for themselves three lots each were on they have a storehouse and other buildings already erected, anything to the contrary not withstanding.( Ref. Colonial Records by Wm. L. Saunders, Vol. 24, pg. 777, Clarke Colonial Records.) Luke Mizell lived near the Va. line in Gates County about 1730.

Elizabeth Mizell (Byenam) 1666-

William Bynum Sr. Born / /cir.1690 Deid / / William was born in Isle of Wight Co. Va. Married Mary Fort about 1705 in Isle of Wight Co. Va. Mary's father was John Fort Mary's mother was Elizabeth Jordan

John Bynum Born / / Died / /

James Bynum Born / / Died / /

Luke Mizell III 1683-1756

William Mizell born / / 1725 Died / / 1793 Married Mary . Source: Wiregrass Ga., William Mizell will March 21,1793

Luke Mizell IV Born / /1720 Died / / Albemarle Co. N.C.Wife Sarah Smithwick, Father Samuel Smithwick , M.D. ,Mother Mary Swain. Moved to South Carolina.

Charlton Mizell Born / 1727 Died / / 1793 in N. C. Wife Elizabeth Everett of N.C. Enlisted in the Revolutionary War as a Private. Moved toTyrell Co. N.C. in1764, Effinghan Co. Ga., Then to Camden Co. Ga. Everett was the daughter of Joshua and Sarah Everett, named in Joshuas will dated 1765 and found in Tyrell Co. wills. Charlaton Mizell was given land grants in Effingham Co. Georgia, 300 acres in 1785 and 200 acres in 1785. He Moved to Camden Co. about 1790 and is found on the Tax Digest of 1794.

John Mizell Born / /1732 Died / /1803 Born N.C. 1st. Wife Sarah Hughes , dau. of George Hughes, 2nd. Wife Hannah Ward Married in Bertie N.C. In 1769, 3rd. Wife Winifred Miller, Married Nov. 9, 1789, Meation in William Mizell will 1793

Mary Mizell Born / /1723 Died / /1738 Husband Edward Collins, Luke Mizell deeded land to Mary Mizell his dauther and Edward Collins, her husband ( Thunderbolt Plantation, Mary is buried at the Plantation)

James Edward Mizell Born / /1730 Died / / N.C. Enlisted as a private, in the Revolutionary War , Married Sarah King, Had seven children 1790 census.


Sarah Mizell Born / / Died / /'

Aaron Mizell Born / / 1752 Died / /

William Mizell Born 1/ 6/ 1757 Died / / Served in Rev. War, as a sergent, Willaiam Mizell was at Fort Adams ( The Chickasaw Bluffs , near Memphis Tenn. ) in1796, William had lived with the Chickasaws 16 years by this time, he also was at Pensacola in 1781 but fled there and sought refuge among the Chickasaws. He served as an interpreter and trader . At Fort Adams WITH WILLIAM was also Kenneth Ferguson .See page 2385 Abstacts of 1835 Rev. War Pension Files. ( William Mizell named in Jereiah's will in Bertie Co N.C., proven in 1816.

Nancy Mizell Born / / Died / /

Jeremiah Mizell Born / / Died / / Was left all of his father's land in his will of 1793

Clary Mizell Born / / Died / /

Susannah Mizell Born / / Died / /

Mary Mizell Born / / Died / /

Source for above: Ray's index & Digest To Hathaway's N.C. Historical & Gen Register Page 108 Pub 1971, William Mizell's will 1793

Luke Mizell IV 1720

William Mizell Born / / 1740 Died / /

Charlton Mizell Born / /1743 Died / /

Hannah Mizell Born / / Died / /

David Mizell Born / / 1750 Died / / Married Sarah Carter, lived in Effinham & Bullock County,Ga., Moved later to Washington Parish La.

Sarah Mizell Born / /1750 Died / / Married Benjamin Richardson who was born in 1740 in North Carolina, Married 30 Sept 1767 in tyrrell Co. N.C. Bondman William Mizell, Moved to Screven Co. Ga, later moved to La. Spelled sometimes (Mizzell)

John Mizell 1732-1803

Anthony Mizell Born / / Died / /

Bathsheba Mizell Born / / Died / /

Hannah Mizell Born / / 1770 Died / /1823

Henry Mizell Born / / 1786 Died / / Married Winefred WatfordBenton Co. Tenn. 1850 Census, Abstracts of Bertie Co. Wills By Gammon 1774-1797.

Lawrence Mizell Born / / Died / /1847

Leah Mizell Born / / Died ? /

Joshua Mizell Born / /1777 Died / / Married Catharine , 1850 Bertie Co. N.C. Census (Mizelle)

Amilisent Mizell Born / / Died / /

Cader(Kader Meazles) Mizell Born 11/07/1763 Died / / was born in Bertie Co. N.C. and was the son of John Measles, moved from Bertie Co. N.C. to Knox Co. Tenn about 1818 , then moved to Roane Co. Tenn moved about 1825 to White Co. Tenn, lived in the part of White Co. that became Van Buren Co. Tenn. Pension request: Entered service under Col. Moore, Maj. Thomas Pen, Cap. Solomon Chery, Lt. Hardy Watford, Esn. Thomas Rhodes. Enlisted service ca. Jan. 1780, Discharged Oct. 1787. During service was at town called Hillborough, S.C. Ordered to march to Bells Mills on deep river. From there to the Yadkin River, where he was discharged. While at the Yadkin he was ordered to march to where a parcel of tories were, but only got to 1/2 mile away before they were attacked by Viriginia Troops, who defeated them, killing about 16. Cader stated he joined to avoid being drafted. He was born in Bertie Co. November 7, 1763, according to his father's bible, then in the hands of a son in Kentucky. He lived in Bertie at the time of enlistment. Info: from Patric Peirsey, Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files, vol 2 p2318 Married Mary McCormick 1821

Henry Mizell 1786-

Jane Mizell Born / /1822 Died / / Benton Co. Tenn. 1850 Census

John Mizell Born / /1847 Died / / Benton Co. Tenn. 1850 Census

Elizabeth Mizell Born / /1844 Died / / Benton Co. Tenn. 1850 Census

Hannah Mizell in her will, in Bertie (1823) mention her brothers Cader, Henry, Lawrence, Joshua Mizell 2-529

Aaron Mizell 1752-

Thomas Meezell Born / / Died / / Named in Aaron Mizell's will 1809

Isaac Meezell Born / / Died / / Named in Aaron Mizell's will 1809

Joseph Meezell Born / / Died / / Named in Aaron Mizell's will 1809

Moses Meezell Born / / Died / / Named in Aaron Mizell's will 1809

John Meezell Born / / Died / / Named in Aaron Mizell's will 1809

Margeret Meezell Born / / Died / / Married a Phelps Named in Aaron Mizell's will 1809

Milley Meezell Born / / Died / / Married a Cowan Named in Aaron Mizell's will 1809

Judith Meezell Born / / Died / / Married a Currey Named in Aaron Mizell's will 1809

William Meezell Born / / Died / / Named in Jeremiah Mizell will of 1816 , Named in Aaron Mizell's will 1809

Bertie County Will Aaron Meezell 1809

William Mizell Jeremiah Mizell Born / / Died / / Named in Jeremiah Mizell

Moses Mizell----1845

Moses L. Mizell Born / /cir1807 Died / / Baptist Preacher, Married Mary

Aaron S. Mizell Born / / Died / /

Joseph A. Mizell Born / / Died / /

Emiline Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Elisha Hoggard 21 May 1860, Source: PG 31 Courthose Records Bertie Co. N.C.

Joshur Mizelle 1777

Henry Mizell Born / /1828 Died / /

James Mizelle Born / /1833 Died / /

Josaph B. Mizelle Born / /1839 Died / /

Alexmdir M. Mizelle Born / /1842 Died / /

Jackson Mizelle Born / /1846 Died / /

Amilla Mizelle Born / /1849 Died / /

1850 Bertie Co. Census( Mary Ward Born 1827 was listed with them)

Cader,(Kadar)( Measles) Mizell 1763

Hezekiah Mizell Born / /cir. 1785 Died / /1852 Married Nancy (Brittan)Holley, Berie Co. N.C. Nancy's mother was Elizabeth Brittan,The research done by Walter H. Mizell in 1985 states that Hezekiah stayed in N.C. ,There is a Hezekiah Mizell in the 1820 Tenn Census , Died in Tenn.

Daniel Mizell Born / /1778 Died / /1839 Married Nancy Evans on March 17, 1821 Rone, Tenn , (CC Roane Co. Marriages)

John Richard Mizell Born / /1793 Died 09/13/1863 Married 1st. Privenden Pruden 2nd. Elizabeth Miller,John died near Salem Kentucky, Elizabeth was born in 1817 died at New Burnside Illinois in 1881.

James Mizell Born / / Died / /

Sally Mizell Born / / Died / / Married a Ward, live in Tenn in1839

Polly Mizell Born / / Died / / Married a Ward Lived in N.C.

Luke Mizell Born / /1800 Died / / Migrated to Marshall Co. Ala. Married Celia she was born 1803 , in 1850 Marshall Co. Alabama census

George Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Mary Spway Lived near Jackson Missisippi

Hezekiah Mizell

West Mizell Born / / Died / /

Judith Mizell Born / / Died / /Cir1810 Married a Brittan

Frances Mizell Born / / Died / /Cir1811 Married a Brittan

Nancy Mizell Born / / Died / /

Ann Mizell Born / / Died / /

Daniel Mizell 1778-1839

Sally Mizell Born / / Died / / Never Married

Betsy Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Wash Rucker

Nancy Mizell Born / / Died / / Married a Mr. Stulce

Eveline Mizell Born / / Died / / Married William Snoddy

Samuel Mizell Born 04/02/1826 Died / /1877

Walt Mizell Born / / Died / /

Samuel Mizell 1826-1877

James West Brewer Mizell Born / /1859 Died / /1930 Married Eliza Jane Starks on Janurary 30,1878 in Crawford Co. Mo.

James West Brewer Mizell 1859-1930

Mary Etta Mizell Born / /1880 Died / /1961

Above info from: Billie Ruth Logan, Mary Etta's Granddauther

John Richard Mizell 1793-1863

1st wife Miss Pruden

Robert Mizell Born / / Died / / Lived in Georgia

John Richard Mizell Born / /1834 Died / / 1895 Died at corn planting time, was a carpenter and cabinet maker. Married Sarah Carline Peden from Kentucky on Feb. 7,1855 , Sarah was born Oct. 4, 1834. He was basically a farmer, lived near Paducah, in Livingston County, Kentucky, during the Civil War ,he avoided service by hiding out in the No-Man's Land of Kentucky.Died of Typhoid Fever

Mary Mizell Born / / Died / /`

Susannah Mizell Born 02/02/1826 Died / / Born near Hopkinsville, Ky , Married James Ferguson in Roanne Tenn., Buried Mccomb Cemetery near Whitesboro, Texas

Sarah Mizell Born / / Died / /

Elizabeth Mizell Born / / Died / /

2nd. wife: Elizabeth Miller

William R. Mizell M.D. Born 07/11/1840 Died / /1905 Known as Uncle Doc Lived at New Burnside, Illinois, Married Emma M. Thompson at Pope County, Illinois on Sept.6,1866.Enlisted Company E 120 th Ill. Infantry

Samuel P.Mizell Born 03/24/1845 Died / /1931 Married the widow of Richard F (Sarah) in Ripley Co. Mo. 31 Dec. 1882

Richard F.Mizell Born 07/04 /1847 Died 9/5 /1881 Married Mrs. Sarah Gettings on 2-1-1872 Married Near Supply Ark. Died Of Measles

Thomas Arthur Mizell Born 08 /29 /1854 Died / / Married Cordelia Deaton on 16 March 1879 , lived at News Burnside, Illinois

Nancy Jane Mizell Born / / Died / / Nancy married a Mr. Watson, No Children were born to this union, Nancy Jane died in Pope County, Illinois

Lucinda Mizell Born / / Died / / Lucinda died a girl of 17 years Born near Salem Kentucky

Newton Mizell Born / / Died / /1875 , Died in Ripley Co. Missouri

John Richard Mizell 1834-1895

John Elzy Mizell Born 07/10/1860 Died 10/17/1930 Born in Lexington, Ky. Married Callie M. Caldwell on 12/28/1882

Joseph Henry Mizell Born 08/25/1858 Died / / Married Henrietta Lyory on Aug 25,1878

Samuel Smithwick Mizell Born / /1871 Died / /1932 Buried in McRae, Ark ,Married Mary Magdalene Caldwell

Martha Janet Mizell Born 06/02/1862 Died / / Married Joseph R. Adwell on Aug 4, 1878

William Riley Mizell 10/05/1866 Died / /

Clauding(Claude)Tery Mizell 08/26/1868 Died / /

Elizabeth Paradine Mizell Born 05/26/1864 Died / / Married Silas Gilland, Lived in Ky.

Laura Bell Mizell Born 03/28 /1878 Died / / married a Bellamy

Mary Susan Mizell Born 01/25/1857 Died / /

Benjaman Robert Mizell Born 12 /01 /1855 Died / /

(Source the family Bible of John and Paradine Mizell)

Samuel Smithwick Mizell 1871-1932

James (Jack) Mizell Born 10/24/1905 Died 07/08/1973 Married Anna Ovida Dorr

Frieda Gale Mizell Born 03/28/1904 Died 11/15/1997, Married a Durham, lived in McRae Ark.

Samuel Howard Mizell Born 04/25/1897 Died 04/10/1923

Eulah Lee Mizell Born 09/10/1892 Died 02/1/1966

William R. Mizell 1840-1905

Alcolphus(Adolphos) Mizell Born 07/12/1871 Died / / Shellyvill,Ill. Married Cora K Conn

Thomas Arthur Mizell 1854-1928

Albert Mizell Born / / Died / /1883, Buried Prairie view cemetery, Kansas

Earl (Baby) Mizell Born / / Died / / Died when ten days old.

William Riley Mizell Born / /1881 Died / / Was a Twin

Thomas Arrhur Mizell Born / /1881 Died 01/20/1928 Was a Twin, Buried Clayton Cemetery, Kansas

Harvey Ausker Mizell Born / / Died / /

Abe Howard Mizell Born / / Died / /

Elroy Mizell Born / / Died / /1887 , Buried Prairie View Cemetery, Kansas

Claude Raymond Mizell Born / /cir.1897 Died / /

Maude Valeria Mizell Born / /cir.1899 Died / /

Carrie May Mizell Born / /cir.1901 Died / /

Jessie Pearl Mizell Born / /cir.1903 Died / / Buried Pershing Memorial Cem Limon Co. Kanas, Married William Edger Ruby

Velma Delia Mizell Born / / Died / /

Richard F. Mizell 1870-1881

Samuel B. Mizell Born / / Died / /

Penelope Mizell Born / / Died / /

William Thomas Mizell Born / / Died / / Lived at Bristow, OK.

Armanda Mizell Born / / Died / /

Milas Monroe Mizell Born / / Died / /

Belle Mizell Born / / Died / / Married a Price

Samuel P. Mizell

Robert Mizell Born / / Died / /

Arthur Mizell Born / / Died / /

George Mizell

Joe Mizell Born / / Died / /

John E. Mizell 11 Born / / Died / /

WM Mizell Born / / Died / /

Claud ?Mizell Born / / Died / /

Samuel Mizell Born / / Died / /

Laura Mizell Born / / Died / /

Eliza Mizell Born / / Died / /

West Mizell

Joshua Mizell Born / /1818 Died / /Cir. 1896 Born N.C.A fisherman by trade Died Coleraine N.C. Left no Children

John Elza Mizell 1860-1930

Walter Elza Mizell Born 12/06/1883 Died / / cir.1959 Married Ellen Curley of Simpson Ill. On Oct. 30, 1905. He was a farmer and a railroad man.

Edgar Sherman Mizell Born 01/11/1886 Died 06/14/1956 Married Pearl Cecil Hewlett on October 30,1905. It was actually a double wedding ceremony with his brother, Walter E. Mizell. It was even claimed by Cecil E. Mizell, that all four spent their wedding night in the same room at John Elza Mizell's place.

Earl Leonard Mizell Born 01/30/1888 Died 12/06/1963,Buried Corning Cemetery, Ark, Married Artie B. Scrivner on Aug. 18,1912.

William Harrisson Mizell Born 03/01/1890 Died 12/29/1973 Married Della L. Scrivner. He was a farmer, and railroad man, when he lost both his hands in a railroad accident. He thereafter studied law,and practiced law in Corning, Pulaski County Arkansas until his death.

Grace E. Mizell Born 02/29/1892 Died 11/09/1918

Cyrus Ray Mizell Born 06/30/1895 Died 03/14/1939

Sarah A. Mizell Born 03/21/1898 Died / / Married William A. Gregory on 12/09/1917

Calvin A. Mizell Born 03/16/1901 Died 07/16/1901

Jesse E. Mizell Born 03/01/1904 Died 12/27/1916

Walter Elza Mizell 1883-

Lora Mae Mizell Born 09/01/1906 Died / /

Mary Alice Mizell Born 07/18/1908 Died / /

Orlan Amos (Tom) Mizell Born 05/02/1910 Died / /

Walter Orval Mizell Born 04/21/1912 Died / /

John Clyde Mizell Born 12/15/1913 Died / / Married Ione Thompson, Lives in Rockford Ill.

James Wayne Mizell Born 02/27/1916 Died / /

Herschel Earl Mizell Born 09/21/1918 Died / /1989 Lived in Lubbock, Texas, Died inFayette, Ky.

Ellen Monterrey (Monty) Mizell Born 11/08/1920 Died / /

Robert Lynn Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Annell Golbers of Springfield, Ill.

Willis Rillis Mizell Born 10/25/1929 Died / /

Earl Leonard Mizell 1888-1963

Lowell Marion Mizell Born 04/21/1912 Died / / Born at POYNER , Mo.

Walter Sherman Mizell Born 01/08/1915 Died / / Born at Corning, Ark.

Winton Roderick Mizell Born 10/04/1916 Died / / Born at Corning, Ark

Alfrieda Bell Mizell Born 09/21/1920 Died / / Born at McRae ,Ark

Earl Leonard Mizell Jr. Born 10/02/1918 Died / / Born at McRae, Ark

John Lewis Mizell Born / /1923 Died / / Born at Arkadelphia, Ark

L.H. Mizell Born 08/01/1927 Died 05/09/1945 Born at Corning, Ark

Died by accidental drowning in Ouachita River, Arkadelphia, Ark.

James Howard Mizell Born 01/18/1933 Died / / Born at Corning, Ark.

Edgar Sherman Mizell 1886-1956

Beulah Ruth Mizell Born 01/07/1907 Died / /

Ruby Hewlett Mizell Born 04/19/1908 Died / / Married J.S. Vernon , presently living in Oklahoma City.

Conard Caldwell Mizell Born 12/30/1909 Died / /

Edgar Earl Mizell Born 08/18/1915 Died / /

John Elza Mizell Born 07/24/1924 Died / / Born at Branson, Missouri

Patricia Pearl Mizell Born 03/03/1928 Died / / Married William H. Burns. Presently living in Oklahoma City.

William Harrison Mizell 1890-1973

James Dillon Mizell Born 11/18/1912 Died / /

William Leonard Mizell Born 09/25/1914 Died / /

Scrivner Mizell Born 04/18/1919 Died / /

Thelma Jean Mizell Born 10/23/192? Died / /

Herschel Earl Mizell 1918-1989

David Earl Mizell Born 05/05/1950 Died / / Lived in St' Ann Missouri, near St. Louis

Ellen Alice Mizell Born 07/06/1954 Died / /

Ann Matilda Mizell Born 01/29/1960 Died / /

James Dillon Mizell 1912-1976

Diann Mizell Born 10/03/1939 Died / /

Suzanna Mizell Born 04/29/1978 Died / / Born in San Francisco

Nancy Lee Mizell Born 09/12/1944 Died / / Married Ted Sanders and lives in Ark.

William Leonard Mizell 1914-

Virginia Sherwood (Sherry) Mizell Born 01/19/1939 Died / / Married Jim Stephens

William Leonard Mizell Jr. Born 12/25/1943 Died / /

Scrivner Mizell 1919-1966

Mona Mizell Born / /1950 Died / / Attended Univerity Of Ark. Law School

Scriver Damon (Mizell Jr.) Name change: Born / /1942 Died / / Married Delores Joyce Mastro, is a Minister in Florida.

Scriver Damon 1942-

Dina Charmagne Damon Born 11/19/1969 Died / /

Scrivner Mizell Damon Born 02/05/1973 Died / /

info: from Scrivner Damon

Thelma Jean (Mizell) Passmore 1923-1976

Leonard Passmore Born / / Died / / Married Dureen Freda Gillies, Lives in Texas

Walter Passmore Born / / Died / / Lives in Texas, Is an Attorney

Jeannie Passmore Born / / Died / / Married Terrill Juy Wendt, lives in Va.

Lora M. (Mizell) Sickling 1906-1978

Lucille Sickling Born / / Died / / Married Leon Davis on 05/08/1954

Loren Sickling Born 09/14/1932 Died 06/ /1978 married Kate

Oral Sickling Born 09/14/1932 Died / / Married Letha

Melba Sickling Born 01/02/1936 Died / / Married Rochne Ragsdale

Orlan S. (Tom) Mizell 1910-

Rosalie Mizell Born / / Died / / Married a Johnson

Jack Mizell Born / / Died / / Lives in Ill

Jim Mizell Born / / Died / / Lives in Ill

David Mizell Born / / Died / / Lives in Ill

Walter Orval Mizell 1912-

( 1st wife Mildred Palmer)

Phyllis Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Dale McGowan, lives in Ill

Sue Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Don Jelley

(2nd wife Myrtl Breeden)

Prisilla Mizell Born / / Died / /

John Clyde Mizell 1913-

Clark Mizell Born / / Died / / Lives in Texas

Brent Mizell Born / / Died / / Lives in S.C.

Bruce Mizell Born / / Died / / Lives in S.C.
Eulah Lee (Mizell) Hall 1892-1966

Twin Stillborns Born / / Died / /

(Son) Hall Born / / Died / /

lived six months

Jessie Oline Hall Born 09/25/1909 Died 11/25/1986

Samuel Howard Mizell 1897-1923

June Garnett Mizell Born / /1919 Died / /1958 , Died of Polio

Sarilda Mae Mizell Born / /1920 Died 11/25/1996

William ( Bob) Robert Mizell Born / /1922 Died / /

Samuel Howard Mizell Born / / Died / /1923

Luke Mizell 1800- (1850-1860 Marshall Co. Census)

Daniel Mizell Born / /1840 Died / / Born Alabama(dates differ on the two census)

Watson Mizell Born / /1832 Died / / Born Tenn.dates differ on the two census)

Susannah Mizell Ferguson 1826-

Pleasant Marion Ferguson Born 08/25/1856 Died 06/30/1930

David Mizell 1750-

Frances Fannie Mizell / /1780 Died 10 /13 /1837 born in Effingham Co. Ga. Died in Washington Parish, Louisiana. Married Hardy Richardson Hardy was Born in 1760 in Bulloch Co. Ga. He died in 1809 in Bulloch Co. Ga. His father was Benjamin Richardson.

David Mizell Jr. Born / /1784 Died / / Married 1st Sarah Albritton on 27 Dec 1808 in Bulloch Co. Ga. 2nd wife Married Jenny Williams on 30 Nov. 1815 in St. Tammany Parish, La. (After his first wife died in 1815) See book of Albrittons 1609-1979 by fran Wylie Lemas from San Angelo Tx. for info on above

John Mizell Born / / 1790 Died / / Born in Ga. Listed in 1820-1830-1840- 1850- Census of Washington Parish,La.Married Polly Griffin, John helped guard the Bogalusa Creek and used a horn to notify the area residents when they were about to be threatened by an indian uprising. Story Source (Timothy Mizell), The Family were farmers and raised cattle on Meazles Creek near Sheridan, John Sr. is buried on their property

Anny Mizell Born / /1795 Died / / In 1850 St. Tammany Parish, La. Census Born S.C., some spelled name Measels

David Mizell Jr. 1784

First Wife Sarah Albritton

Ava Rilla Mizell Born 12/24 /1814 Died 06/28/1871 Married Enoch Talley

John Daniel Mizell Born / / 1811 Died / / Married Martha (Patsey) . John was born in La.

Elvira Mizell Born 10/02/cir1813 Died 11/ /1848 Listed as (Measel) in probate file of Richard Albritton in St. Helena Parish La. 1816, Married Charles Bickham 09/24/1834.

Some spelled the above names Measels

2nd Wife Jenny Williams

David Mizell Born / /1819 Died / / Married Elizabeth Bickham at Caddo Parish La. on 23 Sept. 1843.

Ava Rilla (Mizell) Talley 1814-1871

William Enoch Tally Born / / Died / /

David Talley Born / / Died / /

John Talley Born / / Died / /

Martha Ann Talley Born / / Died / /

Abraham Talley Born / / Died / /

Sarah Elizabeth Talley Born / / Died / /

Emily Isabelle Talley Born / / Died / /

Morris Hamilton Talley Born / / Died / /

James Columbus Talley Born / / Died / /

John Daniel Mizell 1811

William Mizell Born / /1847 Died / / Born La. in 1860 Livingston Parish , La. Census

Robert Mizell Born / /1848 Died / / Born La. in 1860 Livingston Parish , La. Census

John Daniel Mizell Jr. Born / /1851 Died / / Born La. in 1860 Livingston Parish , La. Census

Matthew Mizell Born / /1856 Died / / Born La. in 1860 Livingston Parish , La. Census

Thomas Mizell Born / /1860 Died / / Born La. in 1860 Livingston Parish , La. Census

John Mizell 1790-

Carter Mizell Born / / Died / /

John (Jack) Mizell Born / /cir 1823 Died / /1870 Married Mary Reeves ,Mary is buried at the Mizell Cemetery in Isabel, La. John has a Civil War Marker there but he is supposely buried in an old abandoned graveyard at a gravel pit a few miles down the road. In 1850 La. Census , Mary was born in Missisippi

John (Jack) Mizell Cir 1823-1870

Warren Mizell Born 09/25/1846 Died 10/08/1916 Married Amanda Johnson, Lived near Isbel, La.

Martha Mizell Born / /1842 Died / / Married Zaborn Magee

William P. Mizell Born / /1846 Died / /

Sarah Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Bent Parker

Lucy Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Calvin Talley

Godfrey( Gruff) Mizell Born 08/27/1856 Died 01/29/1935 Married Fairzina Ezell Born 04/18/1855 Died 12/08/1939

Jefferson Davis Mizell Born 11/17/1861 Died 11/11/1943 Married Rhonda Galloway Rhonda was Born 04/04/1866 Died 11/11/1943 , Dauther of John Edward Galloway, and Martha Hayes

Alexander Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Emma Magee

David Mizell 1819

William Tom Mizell Born / /1848 Died / / 1850 Albany,La. Census

Warren Mizell 1846-1916

William Mizell Born / / Died / /

Mary Jane Mizell Born / / Died / /

Martha Elizabeth Mizell Born / / Died / /

Clotilde Emiline Mizell Born / / Died / /

Stephen Kinza Mizell Born 07/19/1874 Died03/05/1942 Married Franis J. Born 06/16/1885 Died05/13/1952,Buried Mizell Cemetery, Washington Parish La.

Martin Luther Mizell Born 12/23/1876 Died 02/08/1953,Buried Mizell Cemetery Washington Parish La.

Victoria Mizell Born / / Died / /

John David Mizell Born / / Died / /

Emmanuel Felton Mizell Born / / Died / /

Callie Mizell Born / / Died / /

Unknown infant Born / / Died / / Died

Godfrey Mizell 1856-1935

Isom E. Mizell Born / /1880 Died / /1952 married Anita "Nita" Jenkins, Born 04/01/1899, Died 08/06/1927, dau of Jesse Jenkins and Elizabeth Dirr. , Isom married for a second time and had children but I have no information on that family, Info is from Nita Hebert , she also stated the link between Godfrey ,and Isom was yet to be proven

Isom Mizell 1880-1952

Juanita Elizabeth "Lizzie" Mizell Born 01/02/1925 Died 09/16/1997. Lizzie married Bert Bickham

Jefferson Davis Mizell

Willie Mizell Born / / Died 10/22/1947 Married Lela Voth

Willie Mizell

Billy Wayne Mizell Born / / Died / /

Dave Mizell Born / / Died / /

Dewey Mizell Born / / Died / /

Nelda Mizell Born / / Died / / Nelda married Ralph Frederick Miller, Jr

source:Sheri Miller-Pipes,grand-daughter of Lela Voth

Juanita Elizabeth "Lizzie" Mizell Bickham 1925-1997

Constance Adell "Connie"Bickham, Born 12/03/1948 Died / / md: Nicholas Pranthieux. (No issue)

Garland Ronald "Ronnie"Bickham Born 07/01/1953. Died / /

William Mizell (Meazell)1740-

Levi Mizell Born / /1770 Died / / Married Mary Mercer in Duplin Co. N.C. Died Weakley Co. Tenn. In 1800 Duplin Co N.C. Censu.In 1850 Weakley Co. Tenn. Census, Spelled Mizel,In 1850 Tenn. Census

Mark Mizell Born / /1775 Died / / Died in Wilkinson , GA. In 1800 Duplin Co, N.C. Census

William Mizell / /1769 Died / / In 1800 Duplin Co. Census, Was Witness to the will of William Waterman in Duplin County N.C. 31 Dec 1819, Mentioned by Col. William Dickson in his will of 1820

Levi Mizell 1770-

Prudence Mizell Born / /1806 Died / /1876 Married Daniel Tucker, Buried Blooming Grove Cemetery

Levi Mizell Born / /1813 Died / /cir1860 Tenn. Married Nancy Howard,In 1850 Weakley Co. Tenn. Census , In 1850 Tenn. Census

John Luke Mizell Born / /1810 Died / / J . Mizell in 1850 census of Weakley Co. Tenn , He was born in N.C.Married Minerva born / /1815 in N.C. Moved To Weakley Co. Tenn.

Malinda Mescer MizellBorn / /ci1807Died / /1863 Married Jessie Parrish Jr.

Prudence Mizell Tucker 1806-1876

Alexander Marshall Tucker Born 01/20/1827 Died 07/17/1884 1850 Fed Tenn. CensusMarried Elizabeth Mayo , Buried Bloom Grove Cemetery, Tenn

Martha Tucker Born / /1829 Died / /1858 Martha was born in Tenn, Married Francis Marion Guy.

Elizabeth Tucker Born / /1828 Died / / In 1850 Fed. Tenn. Census

James Tucker Born / /1837 Died / / In 1850 Fed. Tenn. Census

William Tucker Born / /1833 Died / / In 1850 Fed. Tenn. Census

Mary Tucker Born / /1826 Died / / In 1850 Fed Tenn Census

Levi Mizell 1813- cir 1860

Nancy Ann Mizell Born / /1840 Died / / Born Tenn. In 1850 Weakley Co. Census. In 1850 Tenn. Census.

Araminta (Emily) Mizell Born / /1848 Died / / Weakley, Tenn. In 1850 Tenn. Census

Elizabeth Mizell Born / /1836 Died / / In 1850 Tenn. Census

Jane MIzell Born / /1837 Died / / Born Tenn. In 1850 Tenn. Census

John L. Mizell Born / /1842 Died / / Born Tenn. In 1850 Tenn. Census

James H. Mizell Born / /1845 Died / / Married P.E. Brann, James enlisted in 20th Tenn. Company K C.S.A. at Cottage Grove Tenn. Cavalry. In 1850 Tenn. Census

Richard Paul Mizell Born / /1850 Died / / Married Mary Melissia Jane Gray, In Weakley, Tenn.

Levi Mizell Born / /1850 Died / / Born Tenn. In 1850 Tenn. Census

Margie Mizell Born / /1855 Died / / Married Sim Bowlin, Sim was born 03/08/1847 Died 10/06/1919

Unity T. Mizell Born / /1847 Died / / Married Sam Bowlin ,

J. Cooley age 23 lived with them.

Above From LDS Records

John Mizell 1810- In 1850 Weakley Co.Tenn Census

Rufus Mizell Born / /1828 Died / / Born in N.C.In 1850 Weakley Co.Tenn Census

Martha Mizell Born / /1830 Died / / Born in N.C.In 1850 Weakley Co.Tenn Census

Susan E. Mizell Born / /1832 Died / / Lived all her life with sister Harriett Porter, Never Married, in 1880 Sharp Co. Ark Census , Born Tenn,In 1850 Weakley Co.Tenn Census

William Mizell Born / /1834 Died / / Born in N.C.In 1850 Weakley Co.Tenn Census

James L. Mizell Born 04/16/1838 Died / / Born in Tenn. Married Mary Christopher, Lived in Scotlan, Ark. was educated in Tenn, was a farmer, Enlisted in Co. H under McWhorter.In 1850 Weakley Co.Tenn Census

Harriett Mizell Born 09 /05/1840 Died 07/06/1918 She was born in Tenn, Married Peter Owen Porter, 08/25/1862 in Weakley Co. Tenn, moved to Sharp Co. Ark abt 1870,In 1850 Weakley Co.Tenn Census

Eliza Mizell Born / /1847 Died / / Born Tenn ,In 1850 Weakley Co.Tenn Census

Abner Mizell Born / /1849 Died / / Born Tenn, In 1850 Weakley Co.Tenn Census

Harriett (Mizell) Porter 1840-1918

(Peter Poter married Mary L. Biffle first the first two Children are by her)

Martha Casandra Porter Born / /1857 Died / /

William H. Porter Born / /1859 Died / /

Robert G. Porter Born / /1863 Died / /

Almos Jackson Porter Born / /1865 Died / /

Felix M. Porter Born / /1868 Died / /

Dudley C. Porter Born / /1870 Died / /

Benjamin F. Porter Born / /1872 Died / /

James G. Porter Born / /1878 Died / /

Bama E. Porter Born / /1885 Died / /

James L. Mizell 1838-

(In 1911 Ark Census of Confederat Veterans)

Alice Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Wm Hall, In 1911 Ark Census of Confederat Veterans

Jesse Mizell Born / / Died / / In 1911 Ark Census of Confederat Veterans

Bessie Mizell / / Died / / In 1911 Ark Census of Confederat Veterans

Memie Mizell Born / / Died / / In 1911 Ark Census of Confederat Veterans

Richard Paul Mizell 1850-

Nancy Inez Mizell Born03/07/1878 Died / / Tenn. Married a Parson and was married one other time.

Jessie Gertrude Mizell Born 03/22/1889 Died / / Rector Co. Ark. Married James Monroe Woosley

Margia E. Mizell Born 10/02/1886 Died / /

Infant Boy Mizell Born / /1888 Died / /1888

Kare Bates Mizell Born 02/03/1880 Died / /

Cornella Mizell Born 04/04/1884 Died / /

Harry Walter Mizell Born 09/11/1892 Died / / Rector Co. Ark. Married Elza Sue Bradley.

Emmett R. Mizell Born12/19/1875 Died / / Married Mimmie

Elvis Paul Mizell Born05/14/1882 Died / /

John Roy Mizell Born04/04/1895 Died / / Rector Co. Ark.

Joseph Levi Marion Mizell Born 11/13/1901 Died / /

Above From LDS Records

Harry Walter Mizell 1892-

Harry Duane Mizell Born 01/16/1922 Died / / England Lonoke Ark.

Lodie Gay Mizell Born 09/13/1929 Died / / England Lonoke Ark.

Anna Inez Mizell Born 11/22/1929 Died / / England Lonoke Ark.

Above From LDS Records

Harry Duane Mizell 1922-

Kathryn Sue Mizell Born / / Died / /

Above From LDS Records

William Thomas Mizell? (need help on this one) Born / / Died / / Married Tabitha,About the close of the Civil War, Tabitha a widow came from Tenn. to Dunklin Co. Mo.

William Thomas Mizell ? (Wife Tabitha Gaskins)

Emily Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Samuel Hutchens

Jennie Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Samuel Redman

Hannan Mizell Born / / Died / / Married 1st James Redman 2nd. Mareda Harris

Ann Mizell Born / / Died / / Married a sanders

Mary Mizell Born / / Died / /

William Thomas Mizell Born / /1850 Died / /cir 1875 Born in Tenn died in Mo. Married Tobitha Hoobler

Note: Dunkin Democrat Newspaper: Tabitha died in 1894 was the mother of john,and Thomas Jane Johnson, Susan Baker willis.

Note George Mizell Married Nancy Gaskins on 01-22-1828 in Bertie Co. N.C. with Aaron Mizell As bondsman

Emily Mizell Hutchens

George Clarence Hutchens Born / / Died / / Married Zella Baker

Joe Hutchens Born / / Died / / Married Sara Turner

Will Hutchens Born / / Died / / Married Rosie Harkey

William Thomas Mizell

Thomas Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Edna J.Henson , Thomas died before 1896, because Edna married a Noah Darell in 1896, in Kennett Mo.

John S. Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Nancy Valentine on May 03, 1885 in Dunkin Co. Mo. , Killed by Mule.

Susan Emily Mizell Born / /1861 Died / / Married 1st John Hale 2nd John Baker 3rd Daniel Willis

Nancy Jane Mizell Born 07/08 /1862 Died 11/06/1944 Buried Dunklin Co. Mo. Cementery , Married Samuel M. Johnson

Thomas Mizell (Wife Edna Henson)

Tobitha Mizell Born 05 / /1879 Died / /1976, Married William Kirby Listed as Darell on the 1900 Dunklin Co. Census

Will Mizell Born 05/ /1881 Died / /1948, Married 1st. Molly 2nd Elizabeth, Will died of T.B. Listed as Darell on the 1900 Dunklin Co. Census

Martin Mizell Born 10 / /1882 Died / / Listed as Darell on the 1900 Dunklin Co. Census

Note: Edna J. Mizell Married Noah Darell on 07/24/1896 Kennett, Mo.

Jennie (Mizell) Redman

E.D. Redman Born / / Died / /

Henry Redman Born / / Died / /

Callie Redman Born / / Died / /

Two Girls who died in infancy

Hannah (Mizell) Redman

George Redman Born / / Died / /

James Redman Born / / Died / /

Susan Mizell Hale 1861-

John Hale Born / / Died / /

Emma Jane Hale Born / / Died / /

Susan Mizell Baker 1861-

Thomas Harrison Baker Born / /1893 Died / /1974

Edith Baker Born / / Died / /

John S Mizell

Mahala Mizell Born / /1907 Died / /1920, Married Grover Champ, Mahala was born in Dunklin Co. Mo.

William Louis Mizell Born / /1888 Died / /1921

Emerson Mizell Born / /1894 Died / /1918

Nancy Mizell Johnson 1862-1944

George W. Johnson Born / / Died / /

Katy Johnson Born / / Died / /

Pearl Johnson Born / / Died / / Married a Bennett

Mary Johnson Born / / Died / / Married a Brown

Joe Johnson Born 04/11/1883 Died 05/05/1928 Born in New Albany, Ill, Married Ada

James Mizell 1730

Jesse Mizell Born / /1765 Died / /1827 Married Mary (Polly) Stallings

Quoted from Wiregrass Georgia

Jesse Mizell was Born about 1765 in North Carolina, a son of James ( Jesse)Edward Mizell ; He fought in the Revolutionary War, and served under Gen. Jasper at Savannah and under Gen. Francis Marion in South Carolina. He settled in Georgia after the war. His wife was Mary (Polly )Stallings, born 1775 in North Carolina. Jesse Mizell lived in Bulloch County for some years, but moved about 1806 to Montgomery County. He was commissioned Justice of Peace in the 59th District of Montgomery County Sept. 13, 1808 and was commissioned Jan. 16, 1810, as Captain of the Militia in the same district ( territory now in Emanuel County ). He sold out there and moved to the lower part of Montgomery County, and settled on the North Side of the Altamaha River, just below the confluence of the Oconee and Ocmulgee Rivers. There he was Justice of Peace 59th District of Montgomery County,1812-1816. In 1819, he sold out and moved across the Altamaha River into the new County of Appling and was living there when on August 22, 1821, he bought from Allen Parrish of Camden County, Lot of Land No. 2 in the 1st. land district of original Wayne but at the time Camden County, and described as "lying on the waters of Spanish Creek." This property was in 1854 cut out of Camden into the new County of Charlton. Mr. Mizell immediately moved to his new location and lived there until his death. ( Deed from Parrish recorded in Deed Book "L", page 191, Camden County). On Oct. 16, 1824, Mr. Mizell bought from William Johns the portion of adjoining Lot No. 12, from Hadleys Branch down to Spanish Creek ( Deed from Book "L" page 191, Camden County). The Mizell Plantation on the aforesaid land lots, was located on the east side of the old "King's Road" which was originally built in Colonial days from old Fort Barrington on the Altamaha River southward to the St. Mary's River; and was the old Indian line until 1818. After the death of Jesse Mizell in 1827 this property became the possession of his son Owen K. Mizell. Mr. Mizell was Justice Of Peace of the 32nd. District, Camden County, 1826- 1827, dying in office. While living in Appling he was named by the legislature as one of the persons to conduct the first election in Appling for Justices of the Inferior Court early in 1820. Jesse Mizell was buried on his old home-place in a family burying-ground. None of the graves were ever marked with permanent markers. The location of the graves were discernable until the last two or three years when the present owner, Sheriff J.O. Sikes of Charlton County, cleared off some woodland, embracing the old Mizell Plantation, and set out pecan trees. Mr. W.L. McDuffie aged grandson of Owen K. Mizell, can point out the approximate location of the old burying- ground which is just off U.S. Highway No. 1 . Mr. Mizell was one of the charter members of old Sardis Baptist Church in present Charlton County. This church which later adhered to the Primitive Baptist faith, is no longer functioning. Its records prior to about 1886 were burned; however, the minutes of the Piedmont Baptist Association show Jesse Mizell was a delegate from Sardis in 1822,1823,1824,1825; the church was unrepresented in 1826-1827. Mr. Mizell was an ordained deacon and frequently conducted devotionals and led in public prayer. His son, Owen K. Mizell, in later years became a deacon of Sardis Church and was ordained to the Gospel Ministry and served as its pastor many years prior to his death in 1893. Another son, James H. Mizell, moved to the west side of the Okefenokee Swamp and subsequently became an ordained deacon of Wayfare Primitive Baptist Church, and was licensed to preach by the Wayfare Church May 1st. 1852, later moving to Hillsborough County, Fla. Perry S. Mizell was a member of Sardis also.

Noah Mizell Born / /1800 Died / / Married Lovina Nobles 2/5/1846 Lovina was born in 1790, Both were born in N.C. 1850 Camde Co. Census

James Harvey Mizell Born / /1804 Died / /1887 Married Rebecca Tomlinson, Dau. of William. James was born in N.C. moved with his parents to Charlton Co. Ga., he was in the 1850 Clinch Co. Ga. census, served in the Indian war, West Fla. Militia 1837

Mary Margaret Mizell Born / /1809 Died / /1886 Married Burrell Jones, lived in Clinch Co. Ga.

Owen King Mizell Born / /1811 Died 05/30 / 1893

Married 1st. Nancy Wright Born / /1815 Died / /1841 2nd. Nancy Griffin Dau. of James Griffin, Ware County.

Perry Stalling Mizell Born 6/12/1814 Died 5/16/1890 Married Charlotte Albritton, Dau. of Thomas on 08/27/1835. Charlotte was Born 1/18/1818 Died 8/20/1884 Buried; Saris Church Cemetery.Perry was born in S.C. Died of Paralysis, he was in the 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census. in 1860 Charlton Co. Ga. Federal Census,

Sarah Mizell Born / /1816 Died / /1849 Married James Jones Jr.

Mary Margaret (Mizell) Jones 1809-1886

Joseph Jones Born / /1833 Died / /1862 Buried In Chahanooga, Tenn.

Benjamin P. Jones Born 06/25/1837 Died / /

Gideon Jones Born 07/13/1838 Died / /

Sarah Mizell (Jones) 1813-1849

Mary Jane Jones Born 12/24/1831 Died / /

Civility Jones Born 03/13/1833 Died / /

Nancy Jones Born 06/16/1834 Died / /

Isabelle Jones Born 04/06/1836 Died / /

Gideon Jones Born 07/13/1838 Died / /

James P Jones Born 03/25/1840 Died / /

Jesse Jones Born 04/23/1842 Died / /

Nathaniel Jones Born 03/19/1844 Died / /

Harriet Jones Born 05/18/1845 Died / /

Edward B. Jones Born 03/23/1847 Died / /

Owen Harvey Jones Born 10/27/1849 Died / /

Sarah Mizell (Richardson) 1750

The First Three Children are by Benjamin Richardson's 1st Wife

Hardy Richardson Born / /1760 Died / / Married Frances Mizell dauther of David Mizell Info from Roy B. Rhodes

William Mizell Richardson Born / /1772 Died / /1817 Married Jane, William was born in Tyrell Co. N.C., Died Bulloch Co. Ga. Info from Roy B. Rhodes

Amos Richardson Born / /cir1771 Died cir 1781 Died Bullock Co. Ga. Info from Roy B. Rhodes

Penelope Richardson Born / /1775 Died / /1841 Married William Williams Penelop died in Washington Parish, La. Info from Roy B. Rhodes

Frances Fannie Richardson Born / /1774 Died / / Married Archibald Patterson Info from Roy B. Rhodes

John Richardson Born 03/ /1767 Died 03/ /1850 Married Nancy Albritten dauther of Richard Albritten., John was born in Tyrell Co. N.C. Died in Jasper Co. Texas Info from Roy B. Rhodes

Benjamin Richardson Jr. Born / /1776 Died / / Married Nancy Hendricks dauther of Daniel. Benjamin died in Jasper Co. Texas.Note: Andrew Crockett, the nephew of Davy Crockett, was the 2nd. husband of Clasrissa Richardson, her first husband was Robert Richardson son of Benjamin Jr., both having died alone with another son , Ketcham, c1848 Info from Roy B. Rhodes

Jane Richardson Born / /cir1780 Died / / Info from Roy B. Rhodes

Nancy Richardson Born / /cir1782 Died / /cir1799 Bulloch Co. Ga. Info from Roy B. Rhodes

James Richardson Born / /cir1784 Died / / Info from Roy B. Rhodes

Perry S. Mizell 1814-1880

Julia Ann Mizell Born / /1837 Died / / In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census,in 1860 Charlton Co. Ga. Federal Census, Married John C. Walker of Nassau, Fla.

Elizabeth Mizell Born / /1838 Died / / Married John M. Wilson

Francis Marion Mizell Born / /1842 Died 02/10/1862 Died single while serving in C.S.A. of Measles In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census, in 1860 Charlton Co. Ga. Federal Census, Buried Sardis Church Cemetery.Enlisted July 29, 1861 in Co. C 26th. Volunteer Georgia Regiment. Died While home on Furlough of Measles

Nancy Mizell Born / /1850 Died / / Married John W. Roddenberry in 1860 Charlton Co. Ga. Federal Census,

Matthew Mizell Born / /1855 Died / / Married moved to Ft. Myers, Fla.

Rev. Jasper Pleasant Mizell Born / /1857 Died / / Married 1st. Mary Robinson, 2nd. Matilda Brown in 1860 Charlton Co. Ga. Federal Census,

Martha J. Mizell Born / /1859 Died / / in 1860 Charlton Co. Ga. Federal Census,

Penelopy Mizell Born / /1840 Died / / In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census, Married William James W. Leigh.

Noah Newton Mizell Born 02/03 /1844 Died10 /20 /1910 Married 1st. Vanie Dinkins, 2nd. Susan Johnson 3rd. Jane J. Grooms Born / /1842 In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census, Buried Bethel Cemetery, Served in the C.S.A.

James Thomas Mizell Born 06/18/1853 Died 06/21/1923 Married Martha Grooms on 3/27/1878 Martha was Born / /1857. Lived in Charlton County, Ga. in 1860 Charlton Co. Ga. Federal Census,

Owen King Mizell Born / /1847 Died / /1850 In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census,in 1860 Charlton Co. Ga. Federal Census, Died single while serving in CSA Army.

Elizabeth (Mizell)Wilson 1838

O.F. Wilson Born / / Died / /

J.M. Wilson Born / / Died / /

Agnes Wilson Born / / Died / /

Ross Wilson Born / / Died / /

James Harvey Mizell 1804

Nancy Mizell Born / /1827 Died / / Married Henry L. Wester ,In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

Cadacy Mizell Born / /1842 Died / / Married James Roberts In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

Caroline Mizell Born / /1849 Died / / Married Buxton In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

William Ivy Mizell Born 04/09/1835 Died 03/26/1863 Married Rebecca Roberts. William was killed in the Civil War 03/26/1863 .Born in Ga.In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

Sarah Mizell Born / /1845 Died / / . Married William E. Smith. Born In Ga.In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

Jasper Mizell 1857-

1st Wife Mary Robinson

Francis Marion Mizell Born / /1878 Died / /

Julia Ann Mizell Born / / Died / /

Robert Jackson Mizell Born / / Died / /

Sarah (Sallie) Penlope Mizell Born 05/23/1883 Died 07/26/1968 Buried Sardis Cem. Charlton, Ga.

James Jeffery Mizell Born / / Died / /

Elizabeth (Bessie) Jane Mizell Born / / Died / / Married a Smith

2nd. Wife Matlda Brown

Louziana Mizell Born / / Died / /

Matilda Mizell Born / / Died / /

Alexandria Mizell Born / / Died / /

Jeremian Mizell Born / / Died / /

Whyonia Pleasant Mizell / / Died / /

Mary Ellen Mizell Born / / Died / /

Martha Isabella Mizell Born / / Died / /

Noah Newton Mizell 1844 -1910

1st. Wife: Vanie Dinkins

Fred Mizell Born / / Died / / Lived in Fla.

Carl King Mizell / / Died / / Lived in Fla.

2nd Wife: Susan Johnson

Lottie Mizell Born / / Died / /

Mattie Mizell Born / / Died / /

Ray Mizell Born / / Died / /

3rd Wife : Jane J. Grooms

Minnie Mizell Born 09/23/1878 Died 04/20/1907 Married a Harper

Robert Mizell Born / / Died / /

Charley M . Mizell Born / / Died / /

William Francis Mizell Born 05/01/1874 Died 07/05/1929 Lived in Fla.

Agnes P. Mizell Born / / Died / /

Elizabeth Mizell Born 04/25/1871 Died 12 /25/1913 Married Willie J. Green

Josheph Shepherd Mizell Born / /1867 Died / / Married Tora Haddock.

William Francis Mizell 1874-1929

Algerine McDonald Mizell Born 05/18/1898 Died / /

Royal Glenn Mizell Born 07/16/1901 Died / /

Lucy May Mizell Born 04/12/1904 Died 09/28/1925

Walker Lewis Mizell Born 07/12/1908 Died / / Born in Ga.

James Thomas Mizell 1853-1923

Elva T. Mizell Born / /1890 Died / /1949, Died in Ga. Married Kate Knox, Kate was born in Brantley Co. Ga. Elva Lived in Princeton, Fla.

Martha Mizell Born / /1875 Died / /

James E. Mizell Born / /1875 Died / /

Jesse P. Mizell Born 04/04/1883 Died / /

Jackson Matthew Mizell Born 12/19/1885 Died / / Jackson was born in Ga.

Cora Mizell Born 03/ /1888 Died / / Died in Ga.

Zona Mizell Born / /1892 Died / /

Zada Mizell Born / /1894 Died / /

Mattie Mizell Born / /1896 Died / /

Viney Bell Mizell Born / /1898 Died / / Viney was born in Ga.

William Ivy Mizell 1835-1863

Isham Mizell Born 04/09/1860 Died / / Born, Homerville, Clinch County, Ga. Married Lillia Thompson White.

Rowan Mizell Born 06/22/1861 Died / / Born, Homerville, Clinch County, Ga. Married Candacy Pafford.

Isham Mizell 1860

William Ivy Mizell Born 02/10/1887 Died 03/26/1887

John Wesley Mizell Born 10/15/1889 Died 03/08/1969 Lived in Byran, Ga.

Owen Mizell Born 04/20/1891 Died 01/04/1913 Lived in Byran, Ga.

Sarah Mizell Born 05/10/1896 Died 02/21/1953 Lived in Homerville, Clinch County, Ga. Married Richard Jewell

Minnie Lee Mizell Born 02/20/1888 Died 03/24/1994 Lived in Byran, Ga. Married John Westey Fussell

Isham Mizell Jr. Born 07/14/1899 Died 07/14/1899 Lived in Homerville, Clinch County, Ga. Married Syrene Ettie White.

Roan Joel Mizell Born 03/20/1894 Died 03/24/1994 Lived in Homerville, Clinch County, Ga. Married Bertha Lee Downing

Charlottie Lottie Mizell Born 09/25/1900 Died 10/09/1964 Lived in Homerville, Clinch County, Ga.

James Clyde Mizell Born 05/20/1902 Died / /1973 Lived in Homerville, Clinch County, Ga. Married Julia Mable Todd

Aaron Mizell Born 02/19/1903 Died 08/ /1985 Lived in Homerville, Clinch County, Ga. Married Cappie White

Christine Mizell Born / / Died / / Married John William Cochran

George B. Carr Mizell Born / / Died / /

Grady Glenmare Mizell Born 09/05/1905 Died 09/04/1988

Lillia Mizell Born 12/14/1897 Died / /

Rebbecca Jane Mizell Born 09/22/1892 Died 11/01/1942 Homerville, Clinch County, Ga. Married Lewis L. Davis SOURCE: Bill Mosley

Minnie Lee MIZELL (Fussell)1888-1994

Thomas Oliver FUSSELL Born 03/19/1908 Died 07/22/1981 Born in Coffee, GA.

Van Lockey FUSSELL Born 12/12/1009 Died 02/28/1910 Born in Coffee, GA.

Henry Wesley3 FUSSELL Born 11/28/191028 Born in Kirkland, Coffee, GA.

Lillie Virue3 FUSSELL Born 05/21/1914 Died 04/08/1983 Born in Coffee, GA.

Vera Lucille3 FUSSELL Born 06/09/1920 Died 04/23/1926 Born in Axson, Atkinson, GA; in Waycross, Ware, GA; buried in Utah Church Cem. Axson, Atkinson, GA.

Roan Joel MIZELL 1894-1984

Roland Chester MIZELL Born 02/17/1927 Died 03/05/1960 He married Estelle YARBOROUGH

James Clyde MIZELL 1902-1973

Christine Eris MIZELL Born 11/20/1923 Born in Pahokee, Palm Beach, FL. She married Earl Dwight PITTS

Billy Ray MOSLEY Born 05/04/1932 Born in Canal Point, Palm Beach, FL. He married Eva Mae RUTHERFORD

Notes for James Clyde MIZELL

Social Security Number 267-54-4743

Billy Ray Mosley was born in Canal Point, Palm Beach County, Florida at 4:00 AM on 4 May 1932. He was the firstborn and only child of William Rufus Moseley and Vera Belle Todd Moseley. When he was 21 months old, his mother died and left him with his father who considered himself unable to provide his son with the best of home and atmosphere possible. Julia Todd Mizell, one of Vera's older sisters, only had one child (Christine), chose to request the opportunity to raise Billy Ray. His father consented with the stipulation that they never try to legally adopt him. Jim and Julia Mizell gave Billy Ray a wonderful home and all the love and material things necessary. They lived in Pahokee, Florida, a neighboring community of Canal Point. Billy Ray grew up in Pahokee, married the former Eva Mae Rutherford. After leaving his hometown where everyone always referred to him by his full name, Billy Ray Mosley, he felt that this was a boy's name and in the future always introduced himself as BILL. Bill Mosley spent most of his adult life in the management and marketing of agricultural chemicals. He was transfered and moved his family several times during his career. Leaving his hometown, Pahokee, Florida in 1965, he moved to Boynton Beach, Florida and then to Tampa, Florida in 1968. In 1972 the family moved to Fresno, California where he managed a sales staff of 70 salesmen. He was transfered to Overland Park, Kansas in 1975, then to Naples, Florida in 1976. He resigned from his employment in 1980, entering the real estate business full time. In 1982, he voluntarily moved back to Fresno, California, and in 1984, he accepted another management position in farm chemicals at Turlock, California. In 1990, he again entered the real estate field on a full time basis. Bill Mosley had lived with diabetes since about 1980 and as a result he took disability retirement in 1994. In 1996, he had triple by-pass heart surgery then had cataract surgery on both eyes in 1997 and 1998. Eva Mosley had been employed as a home inspector and field representative for mortgage lenders for several years, retiring in 2000. The couple bought a home in Fresno California and as of this writing (2001) they are living in Fresno, California near their daughter Vera and her family. Although he is clinically blind and connot read most source material, Bill Mosley can barely see his 19 inch computer monitor and is still compiling information for this family history.

SOURCE: Bill Mosley, compiler

Aaron Mizell 1904-1985

Dorthy Jean Mizell Born / / Died / /

Harold Even Mizell Born / / Died / /

Joseph Wendell Mizell Born / / Died / /

Luwanna Mizell Born / / Died / /

Marilyn Colleen Mizell Born / / Died / /

Lucinda Mizell Born / / Died / /

Merrill Legrand Mizell Born / / Died / /

Orman Earl Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Margaret Hettie Musgrove

Shelba Dean Mizell Born / / Died / /

William Ashton Mizell Born / / Died / /

Owen King Mizell 1812-1893

Polly Ann Mizell Born 11/17/1846 Died / / Lived in Folkson, Charlton County, Ga. Married James Marion McDuffie. In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census, In 1860 Chalton Co. Ga. Federal Census

Mary Margert Mizell Born / /1841 Died / /1905 Married Edward T. Griffin . In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census. Married Edward Thomas Griffin, Edward was Born / /1833

Sarah C. Mizell Born / /1845 Died / / Married James A. Lowther, In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census In 1860 Chalton Co. Ga. Federal Census

Nancy Mizell Born / /1849 Died / / In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census. Married Alfred J. Cason In 1860 Chalton Co. Ga. Federal Census

Griffin King Mizell Born / /1843 Died / / In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census In 1860 Chalton Co. Ga. Federal Census Married Secession Gowen

Ellen Mizell Born / /1857 Died / / Married Tom Russell

Julia Mizell Born / /1860 Died / / Married Walter B. Baker

Apparently, some of the Mizell's, were nominally loyal to England. An entry in the House Journal dated July 31, 1782, proves that they did not belong to the vicious class of Tory who warred against their Georgia neighbors. This entry was "A Bill for Restoring Certain Persons herein after mentioned to the Rights of Citizenship within the State". The bill proposed to divide 88 persons, who had surrendered themselves to a Col. Johnson, into two classes. In class one were to be placed 33 persons who should be restored to the Rights of Citizenship on condition that they find 3 recruits amongst them, and in class two were to be placed 55 persons who were to be put on the Amercement Bill. In the group to whom citizenship was to be restored were William, David, James, Luke, and John Meazel and Charlton Meazle. Further evidence that the Mizells had not been "bad" Tories is found in the fact that Luke Meazels qualified for membership in the House and was seated January 8, 1874, while David Meazel was appointed a Justice for the County of Effingham the same year . Lest any descendant judge them too harshly, it should be remembered that Georgia "was the last of the original 13 colonies to lower the English flag—was the youngest member of the sisterhood—was in need of the mother country's protection against threatened troubles with the Indians—possessed an excellent chief magistrate in Governor Wright. In proportion to the population, there were more Tories in Georgia than in any other state" . Furthermore, the Mizells lived in rural territory rather than in trade and shipping centers like Savannah and Augusta. In 1774, their neighbors in the Parish of St. George drew up a dissent to the resolutions adopted in Savannah on August 10 which they thought reflected improperly on "our" King . It should also be remembered that William and possibly other members of the family had received land grants from King George shortly before the outbreak of the war. Finally, it should be remembered that the British were in almost complete control of Georgia by the beginning of 1779 and that the British commander promised that the people who would take the oath of allegiance to the King would not be molested but that those who refused would be driven from the colony and their property confiscated .

Polly Ann (Mizell)McDuffie 1846-

W.L. McDuffie Born / / Died / /

Annie McDuffie Born / / Died / /

Julia McDuffie Born / / Died / /

Robert McDuffie Born / / Died / /

William Mizell 1 1682-1762

William Mizell II born / / 1730 died / / 1815 born Chowan County, N. C He was twice Married first wife was Sarah 2nd was Susannah Thompson of Tyree CO. N.C. Moved to Screven Co. Georgia about 1773, having been granted a grant signed by King George III of England. Moved to Russell CO. AL. about 1810.

James Mizell Born / / 1738 Died / / 1835 Married Eleanore Moved from North Carolina to Bulloch County about 1783 and granted land there the same year (and other lands later), and sold out and moved to Jackson CO. Miss.,moved about 1810, where he died in 1835.

Luke Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Socky Jones Lived and died in Effingham and Bulloch County, GA. Socky's Father was Francis Jones, Mother was Elizabeth Huckabee. Socky 1st Marrage was to Robert Dixon they were married in Effingham Co. Ga. 1/1/1771.

William Mizell 11 1730-1815

Luke Mizell / /1757 Died / / 1827 Married Patiance Died Screven Co. Ga.

Sarah Mizell Born / / 1760 Died 1807 Husband David Hendricks mother Susannah Mary Handricks.

Susannah Mizell Born / / 1763 Died / / 1825 Husband John Fletcher 12 children were to Susannah and John was born 1/14/1765 in Marion Dist. S.C.,Died 1860 in Gadsden, Fla. Lived Telfair Co. Ga.

Griffin Mizell Born / /1767 Died 11/23/1846 wife Susannah Carter. Died 8/31/1848 daughter of Matthew and Cassandra (Barber) Carter. Griffin was born in North Carolina, was born in North Carolina, was married in Bullock Co. Ga. Moved about 1810 from (Sereven Co.)Bullock Co. Ga., to Jones Co. Ga., where they lived for about a year. They then moved to Telfair Co. near the County seat of Jacksonvelle, Georgia, and lived there on the plantation until 1846. In the first part of the year 1846 he sold out and moved to Lawndes County, territory, now Brooks County, Ga. and Died there, Griffin was buried in an old family burial ground on the Plantation. His wife survived him only short time, dying Aug. 31, 1848. Griffin Mizell was commissioned justice of peace in the 339 District, Telfair County, Ga. March 18, 1814, serving a few years. He and his wife were devout members of the Methodist church.

William Mizell III Born / 1781 Died 3/7/1857 Wife Mary Love daughter of Amos Love. . William moved from Bulloch Houston County, then to Alabama, about 1834. They settled where Opelika is in Russell County. They later moved to Date county with son Amos, and family in 1846. William died there March 7, 1857. His wife Mary died April 20, 1867.

Winnie Mizell Born / /1777 Died / /


Family tradition (1) records that the Reverend William was born near Savannah, February 4, 1781. Obviously his birthplace was the family farm in what was then Effingham or Burke County. William married Mary Love on October 28, 1802. Although the continued use of biblical names suggests that the Mizells held to the spiritual and moral values that prompted their Huguenot ancestors to emigrate from France, this is the first generation for whom denominational affiliations are recorded. A grandson, Daniel Bullard Mizell, wrote that William was an Episcopalian and Mary a Baptist at the time of their marriage, but that they afterwards joined the Methodist Church . It is not surprising that William was at first an Episcopalian. The Church of England was "The Church" of colonial North Carolina to which his ancestors had immigrated and it was also important in the early religious life of Georgia. There was a new Episcopal Church, known as St. George's Church, in the Parish of St. George near the present town of Waynesborough when the Mizells arrived. Perhaps they affiliated with this church. St. George's Church, later known as Old Church, became a Methodist Church. Methodism gained a foothold in and around Savannah about 1807, shortly after William's marriage. Considering the Mizell's Huguenot heritage, it is not surprising that William and Griffin should have been attracted by the less formal religion of the new denomination. For the same reason, it is easy to understand why William would have found evangelism among the Indians to his liking. After about a generation on the Ogeechee, the Mizells began to migrate again to new lands. James, a brother of William II, moved to Jackson County, Mississippi, about 1810. David, probably a cousin, moved from Camden County, Georgia, to a place called Alligator near the present Lake City, Florida, and established a prominent branch of the family in that state. David, Jr., was the first white settler in what is now Winter Park. His son, Judge John R. Mizell, was one of the founders of Rollins College. Griffin, son of William II, moved to Jones County about 1810, later to Telfair County where he lived until 1846, and finally to Lowndes, now Brooks County . The Reverend William and family also moved to Jones County, probably in 1809. Treaties with the Indians, the prospect for profitable cotton culture in the new "Western" cotton lands, and the pioneer spirit may have all contributed to the Mizells' decision to move. Family tradition's record that William was a Methodist minister and a missionary to the Indians suggests that his westward migration was motivated as much by his missionary spirit as by a hunger for new land. Chronologically, each westward move found him in new territory soon after it was opened to whites by a treaty with the Indians. The traditional record states that he was born near Savannah and moved to Bulloch County (tradition failed to take into account the fact that the part of his father's original grant that lay south of the Ogeechee was in territory that became Bulloch), thence to Jones County, thence to Houston County, Georgia; thence to Russell County, Alabama. Jones County was formed in 1807 from a part of Baldwin that was formed in 1803 from lands acquired by treaty with the Creek Indians. William settled here about 1809 and continued to reside in the county until the middle 1820s. Houston County was created in 1821 out of lands acquired from the Creeks under the first treaty of Indian springs. As created, Houston included land that lay south of Jones County. William and family must have moved into the new territory soon after it was acquired since a daughter, Martha, was born there in 1829. A son, Amos Love, married Mary Bryan in the same county in 1834. (The place name "Mizell" in eastern Taylor County, Georgia, on modern maps may intrigue the imagination of the Rev. William's descendants. Taylor was formed in part from Macon County, which in turn was formed in part from Houston. White, in his "Historical Collections of Georgia", lists William Measles among the first settlers of Macon County.) The The Reverend William's last move was to Dale County when he accompanied his son, Amos Love, and other children there in 1846. He died in Dale County on March 7, 1857, and was buried at Old Pleasant Hill Church. Daniel Bullard Mizell later wrote that he only remembered his grandfather at the time of his death when he called his grandchildren to his bedside to give them his farewell blessing. He said that he didn't remember what he said to his grandchildren but to his son he said, Amos, I'll be looking over the battlements of heaven for you." conclusion of the treaty with the Creek Indians which opened east-central Alabama to the whites was the signal for another westward move by the Reverend William and his family. Amos Love Mizell and his brother, the Reverend Luke, were recorded in the "History of Opelika" as being the first settlers in the vicinity of what is now Opelika in the then county of Russell . This history does not mention the Reverend William but there is a good reason to believe that the records referring to the Reverend Luke should have referred to his father, the Reverend William. A grandson, Daniel Bullard Mizell, wrote that William and Mary Mizell and all their children except Luke and William moved to Alabama and settled at or near where Opelika is situated in the year 1838 ( the date actually was three or four years earlier). A granddaughter, Mary Lov e Edwards Fleming, gave a good account of the Reverend William's relations with the Indians in Russell County . "My Mizell and Edwards grandparents and their families were living in Russell County at the time of the Indian war in 1836. One of my uncles, William Williams, nearly always had several Indians working for him. These Indians liked him and his family and when they knew that there was going to be war with the whites, they warned my uncle and told him that he and his people had better leave the country. Grandfather Mizell was a local Methodist minister and Missionary to the Indians. The Indians had great respect and reverence for him; they had the utmost confidence in what he told them, and often went to him for advice and counsel. They told him that they did not want him or his family ever to be hurt by their people. So, on the eve of war, they warned him to leave the country, and my Grandfather Mizell with Uncle William Williams and other white settlers took their families in wagons to their relatives in Georgia. Some of their property they took with them, but much of it was left at their homes. When they returned after all danger was passed, much of their property had been destroyed and some of their houses burned. But the Indians had harmed nothing at Grandfather Mizell's place. They said that Grandfather was a good man, and that they were afraid the Great Spirit would be angry with them if they destroyed anything belonging to him". emember what he said to the grandchildren but to his son he said, "Amos, I'll be looking over the battlements of heaven for you". Mary Love Mizell survived her husband by ten years. She died April 20, 1867, and was buried by his side at Pleasant Hill. When Camp Rucker was established during World War II, Old Pleasant Hill Church and Cemetery were moved to a new location about three miles from Ozark. The Reverend William's and Mary's headstones are located in the new cemetery.

Luke Mizell 1757-1827

Nancy Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Joseph Peavy, Lived in Wilkinson , Ga. Co

Jincy Mizell Born / / Died / / Married a Douglass

Nancy Mizell (Peavy)

Luke Mizell Peavy Born / /Cir 1805 Died / / Luke was born in Ga. Married Elizabeth ? Born Cir. 1820 Luke worked as a Wheelwright

Guilford Peavy Born / /Cir.1800 Died 06/ /1882

Isaac Peavy Born / / Died / /

James Mizell I 1738-1835

David (Measles) Mizell Born / / 1800 Died / / Married Fatama Wood 02/12/1824 , had Eight kids 1840 Missisippi Census. David was born in Ga. , Fatma was born in Missisippi, spelled Mizelle in the 1850 census. Helveston Family Bible 1844 ,1836 Jackson Co. Missisippi Tax Rolls,

Josia Mizell Born / / Died / / 9/12/1846 six children 1840 Mississippi census,. On 1836 Jackson Co. Missisippi Tax Rolls

William Mizell Born / / 1802 Died / / Married Nancy Born 1802 Eight children 1840 Mississippi census . William was born in Ga. , Spelled Mizelle in 1850 census..On 1836 Jackson Co. Missisippi Tax Rolls

James Jr. Mizell Born / / 1810 Died / / 1880 Married Elizabeth Holland 1 child 1840 Mississippi census . Age determine by the 1850 Missisippi Census

Griffin Mizell Born / /1817 Died / / Married Martha Sawell, Martha was Born / 1830 in Missisippi. In 1860 Jackson Co. Fed. Census

In 1850 Missisippi Census, info above checked with letters from Folks Huxford to W.G. Mizelle 1946

Sussannah (Fletcher) Mizell 1763-1834

Nancy Fletcher Born 09/28/1786 Died / / Married Leonidas Lott

Sussannah Fletcher Born 04/16/1788 Died / / Born Bulloch Co.,Ga. Married William Studstill, William was born 1780 in S.C, Died 1844 in Ga.

Sarah Fletcher Born 5/29/1789 Died 08/03/1790

Griffin Fletcher Born 12/29/1790 Died / /

Ziba Fletcher Born 08/29/1792 Died / / Married Blanche Reese on 10/22/1818 Jones Co. Ga.

Zachariah Fletcher Born 05/18/1795 Died / / Married Mary Loften

John Fletcher Jr. Born 5/25/1796 Died / / Married Sarah Dell 09/18/1823

Rebecca Fletcher Born 06/28/1798 / / Died Married Larkin Ball 1/1/1815

Winifried Fletcher Born 08/09/1800 Died / / Married Urely Williams

William Fletcher Born 05/02/1803 Died / /

Benajah Fletcher Born 06/16/1806 Died / /

Zabud Fletcher Born 05/20/1807 Died / / Married Sarah Ann Munroe

Sarah Mizell ( Hendricks) 1760-1807

Susannah Mary Hendricks Born / / Died / /

William Hendricks Born / / Died / /

James Hendricks Born / / Died / /

Mary Hendricks Born / / Died / /

Griffin Hendricks Born / / Died / /

Griffin Mizell 1767-1846

Jane Mizell Born / 1798 Died / / Married William Riley Pearce

Elizabeth Mizell Born / / 1800 Died / /

Ann Mizell Born / / 1803 Died / / Married Griffin Hall went to Fla.

William Mizelle Born 03/02 /1806 Died 11/25/1868, Died at home in Telfair Co. Ga. Buried McKinnon Cemetery, Telfair Co. Ga Married Eliza Florsa Graham, dauther of Alexander Graham and Mary Smith 12/1/1836 in Telfair Co. Ga., Eliza was born 10/06/1816 in Telfair Co. Ga , Died 08/27/1896 in Telfair Co. Ga , Buried McKinnon Cemetery, Telfair Co. Ga.

Jaob Carter Mizell Born 12/08/1808 Died 10/30/1888 Married Sarah Matilda Hodges 2/1/1841. Joab and family lived near Quitman, Ga., until about 1858 when they moved to Dukes, Union County, Florida. He joined the Confederacy via the Florida Volunteers under General Kirby Smith during the Civil War. He was wounded at Manassas ( Bull Run ) and invalided home to recover. Joab and Sarah are buried at Ft. Call Cemetery in the family plot. Sarah died when the youngest child was born.

Matthew Mizell Born 4/10/1813 Died / / 1883 Married Martha Newsom 11/28/1848

Matthew Mizell, was born in Telfair County near old Jacksonville, April 10, 1813. He remained with his parents And looked after them in their old age, and did not marry until after his parents death. It was in the spring of 1846 that the Mizell's moved to present Brooks County, then Lowndes, and settled three miles south of Quitman, now on the present highway leading to Madision, Fla. Those who moved at the time were, Matthew Mizell, and his parents, and his sister Elizabeth, a bother, Joab Carter Mizell had previously moved here, and settled on the property, and a few years after the others, he sold the property, and moved to Florida. But Matthew continued to live near Quitman until his death. Matthew Mizell was married November 28, 1848, to Miss Martha Newsom, daughter of Asa Newsom of Lowndes County, She was born June 28, 1818 in Warren County, Ga. It was on a trip to the old County Seat in Troupville, that Matthew met and fell in love with his future wife, Her parents lived near Troupville. After their engagement Matthew proceeded to build a new home to bring his bride to when they married, as long as his parents lived he remained single to look after them. Mrs Ann Eliza Phillips is now the only living one of the children, and is in her 91 st. year. Matthew Mizell served in two wars- the Indian and the Civil War. He was in the militia which was drafted in the service in 1864, and saw service in the battles around Atlanta, Ga. The family were all faithfull and devout members of the Methodist Church with the exception of Mrs Mizell who was a member of the Baptist Church and served as trustee and steward for many years. Matthew Mizell died at his home near Quitman, November 23, 1883, after his death, Mr. and Mrs Phillips moved from Lowndes County, and made their home with the widowed mother ( Mrs Mizell ). She and her husband lie buried in the cemetry at Old Hickory Head. Mrs. Phillips the only surviving child of Matthew Mizell and children live on the old Mizell homeplace near Quitman where she has lived sence 1889. Mr. Phillips her husband was born November 30, 1858 in Lowndes County, and died Feb. 23, 1948. He was a son of Frank and Mary ( Lucas ) Phillips of Lowndes County . To Mr. and Mrs. Phillips were born five children. Miss Mamie Mizell, Susie who died in girlhood in November 1893, Mrs. Maude L. Fry, widow of E.Y. Fry of Valdosta, Preston Brooks Phillips Jr. Who died single May 20, 1912 is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Quitman, and Samuel Mathews Phillips, who works for the U.S. Post Office in Quitman.

Casandra Mizell Born / / 1815 Died 11/16/1844 Married 1st. John Mckinnon 10/8/1835 2nd Married Edmund Goff son of William Goff, Casandra Died of typhoid

Susannah Mizell Born / / 1819 Died / / Married Thomas F. Jones

William Mizelle 1806-1868

Griffin Mizelle Born 11/29/1846 Died 04/19/1919 Born in Telfair Co. Ga , Died in Ga. Buried in Bay Springs Cemetery, Rhine, Ga. Griffin Married Callie McLeod, 10/18/1876 in Wilcox Co. Ga., Callie was born 08/15/1858 in Wilcox Co. Ga. Died 12/18/1914 In Rhine Ga. Buried in Rhine , Ga.

Mariah Mizelle Born 11/12/1837 Died 05/02/1919 Mariah was born in Telfair Co. Ga. , died in Rhine Dodge Co. Ga, She married John K. Williamson, Son of Jimmy Williamson, 1855 in Telfair Co. Ga.

Elizabeth Graham Mizelle Born / /1840 Died / /1918 Elizabeth was born in Telfair Co. Ga., Died in Sharon , Ga, Buried in Parker Cemetery. She married John Parker He died in / /1918, in Ga. Buried in Parker Cemetery

John C. Mizelle Born / / Died / /1909 Died in Pineview Ga. Buried in Pineview, Ga. Married Susie McLeod

Cassandra Mizelle Born / /1841 Died / /1870 Cassandra was born in Telfair Co. Ga. , Died in Telfair Co. Ga. , Buried in Mckinnon Cemetery.

Molly Mizelle Born / /1843 Died / /1899 Died in Telfair Co. Ga. ,Buried In McKinnon Cemetery. Molly Married Wiley J. Williams In 1874, in Telfair Co. Ga.

Susannah Mizelle Born / /1845 Died / /1922 Susannah died in McRae, Ga. , Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, She Married Andrew McRae in 1865 in Telfair Co. Ga.

William Mizelle Born 08/06/1852 Died 02/09/1936 , William was born in Telfair Co. Ga., Died at home in Rhine , Ga. Buried in Rhine Cemetery, Rhine Ga. 1st. Married Mary Jane Cotter in 1877 in Telfair Co. Ga., she died in 1893 in Telfair Co. Ga. 2nd Marriage to Florence Wilcox

Flora Mizelle Born //1854 Died / /1922Died in Fla. buried in Larkey Cemetery, Jacksonville, Fla.1st married Andrew Larkey in 1877 in Telfair Co. Ga.

Jodie Mizelle Born / /1856 Died / /1941 Died in Ga. buried Rhine City Cemetery.

Columbia Mizelle Born 03/13/1859 Died 05/23/1914 Died in Ga. , buried in Rhine City Cemetery. She married Albert McEachlin 05/15/1882 in Telfair Co. Ga.

Eliza Mizelle Born / / Died / /

info: for above from Sherry Tracy

Griffin Mizelle 1846-1919

William Alexander "Zan" Mizelle Born 02/17/1892 Died 05/02/1960 William was born in Sylvester, Ga , Buried in Rhine City Cemetery, Rhine Ga. He Married Julia Corrie Puckett, Dauther of Jackson Lawrence Puckett, and Naomi Adelaide Goodyear, on 11/8/1916 in Rhine Ga. Julia was born in 01/07/1892 Died 12/06/1977 in Albany, Ga. Buried Rhine City Cemetery, Rhine, Ga

Mamie Mizelle Born / / Died 11/08/1923, She married William C. Maloy Sr. , son of Daniel H. Maloy, and Sallie Wilcox

Mary Mizelle Born 11/23/1877 Died 01/11/1880

Carrie Mizelle Born 03/10/1886 Died 03/11/1950 Died in Rhine Ga., Buried in Rhine City Cemetery

Married 1st. T.P. Jones on 09/14/1906, 2nd married Robert Ephram Ponderon 12/13/1916 Robert was Born 01/28/1875 Died 11/23/1955 , Died in Rhine Ga. Buried in Rhine City Cemetery

Susie Mizelle Born 03/17/1895 Died 08/14/1973 Buried Rhine City Cemetery. 1st Married John Clark Forsythe (Jack) Brophy 09/26/1912 , John was born 07/26/1888 Died 02/14/1922 , Buried Rhine City Cemetery. 2nd. marriage to Ben Jamin Tillman Seigler in 1927 Ben was Born 06/01/1890 Died 05/06/1951, Buried Rhine City Cemetery

Griffin Mizelle Jr. Born 03/17/1888 Died 06/10/1928 Buried in Rhine City Cemetery, Griffin Married Abbie McLeod

David R. Mizelle Born 09/23/1890 Died 09/23/1890

Laura Elizabeth (Lorene) Mizelle Born 04/04/1898 Died 05/ /1951 Married Alvin Warren

Orrina A Mizelle Born 02/22/1902 Died 06/13/1902

Edward F. Mizelle Born 03/25/1879 Died 12/09/1889

Flora Mizelle Born 11/16/1883 Died 06/02/1971 Buried in Rhine City Cemetery, she married Frank Clements Frank was born 02/14/1878 Died 11/11/1930 Buried Rhine City Cemetery

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John C. Mizell ---1909

Marie Mizelle Born 11/16/1885 Died 10/03/1973 Marie was born in Pineview, Ga Died in Atlanta, Ga Married a Holt

William Mizelle Born / / Died / /

Mollie Mizelle Born / / Died / / She married William Boney

Ruby Mizelle Born / / Died / / She married Robert Dennard

Edna Mizelle Born / / Died / / She Married A Mann

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William Mizelle 1852-1936

1st Wife:Mary Jane Cotter

B.S. Mizelle Born / / Died / / Married unknown Williams.

----(Dauther) Mizell Born / / Died / / Married John C. Studstill

Robert Mizelle Born / / Died / /

Carrie Mizelle Born / / Died / /

Gary Mizelle Born 08/24/1893 Died 07/07/1917 Buried Rhine City Cemetery.

2nd. Wife Florence Wilcox:

George Mizelle Born / /1905 Died / /1970 Buried in Rhine City Cemetery

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Flor Mizelle (Clements) 1883-1971

Frank Mizell Clements Born 09/16/1904 Died / / Married Christine Oliver , Oliver was Born 10/20/1906 Died 10/24/1961 Buried Rhine City Cemetery

Andy Griffin (Buster) Clements Born / / Died / /

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Eliza Mizelle (Maloy) 1850-1905

W.M. Maloy Born / / Died / /

J. H. O Maloy Born / / Died / /

D.H. Maloy Born / / Died / /

James W. Maloy Jr. Born / / Died / /

Cassandra Maloy Born / / Died / / She Married Steve Boney

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William Alexander Mizelle 1892-1960

Julia Nelle Mizelle Born 01/27/1918 Died / / She Married John Lunsford Tracy Jr., son of John Lunsford Tracy Sr. , and Nancy Ella Spann on 04/13/1941 in Rhine , Ga . John was Born 07/04/1907 in Sylvester, Ga. Died 07/20/1979 in Sylvester, Ga. Buried in Hillcrest Cemetery Sylvester, Ga.

Naomi Carolyn Mizelle Born 11/27/1926 Died / / She Married William Eugene Roundtree, Son of Ivey W. Roundtree, and Madelyn on 09/11/1947 , William was born 01/29/1925

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Joab Carter Mizell 1808-1888

Martha Mizell Born 11/19/1840 Died 01/14/1899 Buried Ft. Call, Union County.

Susannah Mizell Born 09/16/1843 Died 09/09/1879 Buried Crosby Lake Cemetery, Bradford County, Fla.

Willie Mizelle Born / / Died / / Died Jacksonville during yellow fever epidemic.

Warren Mizell Born 06/09/1845 Died / / Buried near Wellborn, Fla. Married Oni Heath

Josephine E. Mizell Born 11/12/1848 Died 06/02/1913 Buried Elzey's Cemetery.

Nathaniel Mizell Born 07/13/1852 Died 07/22/1896 Ft. Call Cemetery

Katharine Virginia Mizell Born 07/15/1856 Died 08/ /1927 Orlando, Fla.

Sarah Cornelia Mizell Born 11/03/1859 Died 01/10/1954 Buried Dekie Cemetery Lake Butler, Fla.

Note: some people put an (e) on the end of these mizell's.

Warren Mizell 1845

William Mizell Born / / Died / /

Bertie Mizell Born / / Died / /

Orville Leslie Mizell Born 01/25/1865 Died / /

Josephine E. Mizell 1848-1913

Bertie Hale Born / /1871 Died 9/9 /1907 Married Donald Tompkins

Lloyd O Hale Born 6/3/1873 Died 6/5/1893

Olin Peyton Hale Born 5/15/1875 Died 12/9/1949 Married Virginia E. Rodgers

Lanora Hale Born 1/23/1877 Died 8/5/1898 Married H.A.Hewitt.

Willie Mizell Hale Born 3/28/1879 Died 11/23/1952 Married General Jasper Scarborough

Mary Lee Hale Born 2/4/1881 Died / / Married Theodore Adolphus Pinkston

Maggie Zelma Hale Born 1/8/1885 Died 10/31/1944 Married James W. Tompkins

Florence Elizabeth Hale Born 11/19/1887 Died 5/20/1964 Married Henry Oscar Brown

Ava A. Hale Born 5/12/1889 Died 10/20/1890

Josephine Clare Hale Born 6/19/1890 Died / / Married Charlie Crevasse Strandberg

William Mizell III 1779-1847

Luke Thomas Mizell Born 8/ 29/ 1803 Died 9/8 /1877 Settled in Russell Co. Ala., Then was Minister of M.E. Church in Powder Springs, Ga. Born Bullock Co. Ga. Served in The 9th Co. D C.S.A.

John Mizell Born 2//18/1807 Died / / Died in Girard, Alabama

Winnifred Mizell Born 3/10/1805 Died / / Married William Williams, Lived and died at Loggy Bayou, La.

Amos Love Mizell Born 5/28/1809 Died 10/15/1897 Married Mary Bryan Dau. of John Bryan 2/6/1834 moved to Russell Co. Alabama then to Dale co Alabama 1846, Mary was Born 1/02/1817 Died 05/10/1881, The family moved to Texas.Buried at Elm Branch, Texas

Mary Love Mizell Born 2/18/1811 Died 04 /20 /1876 Born Baldwin Co. Ga. Married John Mastin Bennett, Mary is buried at Sanders Cemetery Magnolia, Texas, Died Houston Co. Texas

Charles Griffin Mizell Born 11/6/1813/ Died / /1878 Born Baldwin Co. Ga. Married Martha Laura Brown

William E. Mizell Born 5/5/1816 Died / / 1850 census Russell co Alabama,Killed in North Georgia during the War between the States

Susan Mizell Born 8/9/1818 Died / / Married Daniel Bullard, Susan lived and died at Oak Bowery near Opelika, Ala., Mother of General Robert Lee Bullard

Hope Hull Mizell Born 9/20/1820 Died / / Married Martha Edwards Dau. of Ambrose Edwards. 1850 census Russell co Alabama,Hope Hull was named for the Pioneer Geogia Methodist Minster, Member of the Home Guards C.S.A., Born Baldwin Co. Ga. Died Haw Ridge Ala.

Elizabeth Mizell Born 1/12/1822 Died / / Died Young in Jones County.

Adeline Mizell Born 10/28/1824 Died / / 1870 Born in Jones Co. Ga. Moved to Rusell Co. Alabama in 1835, then moved to Dale Co. Alabama in 1855 Married Rev. Drisham Kennon Died Dale co. Alabama

Jane Love Mizell Born 9/23/1826 Died / / Died Single at Brundidge, AlA. 1850 census Russell co Alabama Jane was born in Houston Co. Ga.

Martha Mizell Born 2/4/1829 Died 10/31/1908 Married Leroy Marion Edwards Bro. To Martha, Martha was born in Houston Co. Ga.

Amos Love Mizell 1809-1897

Susan E. Mizell Born 02 / 15 /1838 Died 10 /22 /1892 Born Alabama 1860 Dale Co. Census, Married William A. Sampy 07/18/1870, Susan Died in Texas

Charles Love Mizell Born 10 / 08 /1841 Died / / 1869 Student Born Alabama 1860 Dale Co. Census, Married Joe N. Solmon 09/ /1865

Fletcher Mizell Born 10 / 17/1860 Died 11/15/ 1860

Amos Bryan Mizell Born 09 /25/1845 Died 10 /02/1929 Born Alabama 1860 Dale Co. Census, Married Emma A. Critten 01/16/1873, Served in the Home Guards C.S.A. Lived and Buried Enterprise Alabama

Amanda Caroline Mizell Born 03/08/1848 Died / / Born Alabama 1860 Dale Co. Census

Daniel Bullard Mizell Born 02/14/1851 Died / / Born Alabama 1860 Dale Co. Census, Married Christina Elizabeth Wilson 06/29/1873

Hardy Price Mizell Born 09/24/1852 Died / / Born Alabama 1860 Dale Co. Census, Married Nannie Coulson 11/11/1879

Martha Emma Mizell Born 09/17/1854 Died / / Born Alabama1860 Dale Co. Census, Married Phillip H. Fannin 07/18/1870

Wesley Soloman Mizell Born 02/16/1857 Died / / Born Alabama 1860 Dale County Census Married Gertrude Ray on 01/01/1880

John William Mizell Born / /1836 Died 01/08/1862 Born Alabama Married Elizabeth Hall Born / /1836 in Fla. John was born in Georgia, 1860 Dale County Cencus. Died during the Civil War,served in the C.S.A.

Cornelia Antoinette Mizell Born 04/16/1840 Died / / Married John J. West on 12/16/1858, Cornelia A. Mizell West Married James J. Fannin on 09/01/1865

Luke Thompson Mizell Born 01/06/1844 Died / / Married Rhoda Haddox on 09/05/1875

Mary Rebecca Mizell Born 01/09/1835 Died / / Married A.W. Fannin on 01/16/1851

Martha Mizell Edwards 1828-1908

Archibald Edwards Born / / Died / /

Cincinnatus Edwards Born / / Died / /

Amos Bryan Mizell 1846-1929

Cincinuatus Love Mizell Born 01/21/1874 Died 08/ /1932 a banker and sucessful businessman in Tallahassee, Florida.

Charles Ferando Mizell Born 03/03/1875 Died 12/12/1933 Businessman and promoter.

Mary Louise Mizell Born 11/20/1876 Died / / Married Harry Moseley, long a widow, a successful businesswomen.

Emma Mahone Mizell Born 03/29/1878 Died / / Married a distant cousin Ben Bell.

Martha Carolyn Mizell Born 03/29/1878 Died / / Married Will Sherrer Martha was a twin to Emma.

Amos Crittenden Mizell Born 01/30/1880 Died / / Married Mary Alma Hodges, he spent many years in Cushing. Oklahoma. A lover of his family.

Luke Marshall Mizell Born 01/03/1882 Died / / Married Flossie Colpitts, a conservative businessman in Live Oak, Florida.

Ila Belle Mizell Born 09/23/1883 Died / / Married James Alexander Smith on Oct. 16, 1904

Susan Mizell Born 08/17/1885 Died / / lived with and cared for her parents until their deaths, Married Clarence Lee , Enterprise, Alabama.

Frances Flurnoy Mizell Born 09/24/1887 Died / / Married Arthur Wilson, lived in Jacksonville, Florida.

Eura Joe Mizell Born 04/22/1891 Died / / Married Clyde Royster, lived in Tallahassee, Florida.

Susan (Mizell) Bullard 1818

Martha Ann Bullard Born 05/29/1860 Died / / Married Rinaldo McKeene Green

Mary Wesley Bullard Born 06/20/1839 Died / /1870 Married J. Williams on 01/17/1861

Elizabeth Pinson Bullard Born / / Died / /

Susan Adeling Bullard Born 05/17/1843 Died / / Married J.S. Hare in 1866

Sarah Jane Bullard Born 12/20/1845 Died 03/24/1937 Married J.H. Richards in 1871

Kathaine Bullard Born 04/21/184? Died 12/ /1948

Emma Eveline Bullard Born 04/23/1851 Died 11/06/1940 Married J.S. Davis in 1887

Winnifred Mizell Bullard Born 11/28/1852 Died / / W.S. Harris in 1880

Lavra Pauline Bullard Born 11/04/1853 Died / / Married J.R. Chapman in 1880

Daniel Walter Bullard Born 02/04/1857 Died 10/04/1937 Married Sallie F. Cullars.

Robert Lee Bullard Born 01/15/1861 Died / /1947 Married Rose Brabson on 04/17/1888

Charles Clarence Bullard Born 06/18/1863 Died / /1919 Married Carrie Fisher on 10/ /1888

Charles Griffin Mizell 1813-1878

Mary Emily Mizell Born / /1856 Died / /1939

Sarah Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Lewis Cole

Adeline E. Mizell Born / / Died / / Married David Brown

William Alexander Mizell Born 09/06/1860 Died 06/25/1937 .

Georgia Bell Mizell Born / / Died / / Married John Samuel Barnes

Charles Griffin Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Annie Brown, Corsicanna, naurro Co. Tx.

John William Mizell 1836-1862

William W. Mizell Born 06/05/1859 Died / / Born Dale Co.Alabama

Charlton Mizell 1727- 1819

Charlton Mizell Jr. Born / / 1773 Died / / 1840 Married Mary Blount In 1798. A daughter of Redding Blount of Camden County. is found in Camden county of a gift of a slave and some personalty, by Redding Blount to his daughter, Mary Blount, dated Feb. 1, 1798, and in the instrument, Charlton Mizell, Jr., was named as her trustee, she being a minor at the time ( Deed Book , pg. 452. Camden County). Record is also found of a deed of gift dated Apr. 13, 1819 from Charlton Mizell to his children, Sally B., Polly Ann, Rebecca, Joshua, William, Jackson and Jehu, all of whom were minors at the time ( Deed Book ,K, pg. 192, Camden County). Charlton Mizell died at his home in Camden County about 1840. In 1810 Camden Co. Ga. Census

Joshua Mizell Born / / 1771 Died / /1842 Married Mrs Sarah Ramsey on 11/20/1820 Camden Co. Marriage Records, In 1810 Camden Co. Ga. Census

John Mizell Born / / Died / / In 1810 Camden Co. Ga. Census

David Mizell Born / / 1770 Died / / 1850 Married 1St. Wife unknown 2nd wife Sarah Albritton, In 1810 Camden Co. Census

Sarah Mizell Born / /1772 Died / /1864 Married John R. Brown of Camden Co. Ga., Sarah is buried in Thomas Co. Ga.

David Mizell 1770-1850

David Mizell was born about 1770-75 in Old St. Matthews Parish, now Effingham County, Ga., a son of Charlton and Elizabeth (Everett) Mizell. David lived in Canden County,Moved to a Place near Lake City, Fla., then called Alligator) to reside. It was there that an Indian Massacre took place in the fall of 1838. At that time the family composed of Mr. and Mrs. John Tippons, a six months old child and a little three- year- old girl, Corneliz, was on the way to the fort for protection from the Indians, They were slain and butched before the horrified eyes of those who had reached safety behind the walls of the fort. All were slain but one infant girl. She was struck a few times by tomahawks and was thrown high into the air to be caught upon the Indians spears. Instead of being frightened, she gave such a shrill cry of laughter that the Indians caught her in their bare hands, laid her beside her dying mother, and fled, the little three- year- old girl, who was chopped in the head with the tomahawks, lived to be 88 years of age, having married a Mr. Mobley in 1861, father of late james obley of Lke Keystone. Cornelia Tippins was reared by her mothers sister, Sarah Ann (Mizell) Sparkman, wife of Byrd Sparkman, whose son Sim, was for many years tax assessor of Hillsborough County.grew up and married there, but the name of his wife has not been learned.

First wife to David Mizell.

Nancy Born. 1814, married John Undrwood Tippins, Jan. 22, 1825..

The Slaughter At Tiffen's Pond South of Sanderson is a small swampy area known as Tiffens' Pond. As is the case of all place names, there is a story behind the naming. In the early 1830's John Joshua Underwood Tippens, originally of North Carolina, brought his wife Nancy and three children into Columbia County (that part of which later became Baker). Due to the Cracker speech habit of substituting 'F' for double 'P' when located within a word, the locale became known as Tiffens rather than Tippens. Mr. Tippens was a son of Phillip and Mary Underwood Tippens of North Carolina. His wife was a daughter of David Mizell from Camden (Charlton) Co., Georgia. Mr. and Mrs. Tippens were married in Camden County at Traders Hill on the 22nd of January 1825. She was sister to ancestors of many Charlton, Baker, Union, Columbia, and Union citizens as well as many families in south Columbia. Her father, David, had recently moved to an area in south Columbia County, Florida (thought to be present Union Co.), and Mr. Tippens attempted removal of his family to the Mizell fortified home during an Indian alarm was the beginning of the incident which is related in this excerpt of a letter written by a neighbor to a relative in St. Marys, Georgia. "It is again my painful duty to inform you of a most shocking Indian massacre - I mean the murder of Mr. John Tippins and family. Mr. Tippins was bringing his wife and children out of Florida to see her parents, and when within a few miles of her father's house, was fallen in with about seven Indians, between 10 o'clock, A.M. and 12 o'clock. Mr. Tippens was shot from his horse, the Indians then made an easy capture of his helpless family and vented their savage spleen by beating them on the heads with their tomahawks. Mrs. Tippins lived (senseless) about forty hours, but did not speak; her skull was smashed in many places by the tomahawk. She died in the arms of her father, Mr. David Mizell. Her children are not yet dead, although the skull of each is factured in many places by the tomahawks. This melancholy occasion took place in this county last Monday not far from Ocean Pond. We are most critically situated. The Indians on the north of us close to the Okefinokee Swamp. On the south in the nation our market road leading from here to any market accessible to us passes through their gateway & we are here exposed on the border of the Okefinokee down both sides of the Indian gangways to the nation and no protection whatsoever from the army." The letter writer, in addition to almost waxing poetical regarding the unfortunate family's slaughter confused a few of the facts. The Tippens were not intending to leave Florida, but, according to the Mizell Family and the Green Family who found them, they were headed toward Mrs. Tippens' father's place to the southwest of them. Mrs. Elisha (Elizabeth Driggers) Green discovered the bloody scene, and left an eyewitness account. Mr. Tippens evidently died on the spot where he fell, shot from his horse. Mrs. Tippens was scalped, and left to bleed to death. The children, the youngest six months old and the eldest three years old, were chopped in their heads with tomahawks, and slung to the ground. Mr. Green was away in the army on a campaign against the Indians in the Alachua area. Mrs. Green and the children found Mrs. Tippens and the three year old Cornelia still living the next morning. Mrs. Tippens died soon after she was discovered. Little Cornelia survived, and died in 1926 at the age of 88. Mrs. Green buried the dead in one of her wagon bodies in presentday South Prong Cemetery (the Green family burial grounds). This 137 year old grave of John Joshua Underwood and Nancy Mizell Tippens and their two infants is located immediately north of Mr. Joe Jones grave. Cornelia was reared by her uncle and aunt, Byrd and Sarah Ann Mizell Sparkman of Alachua County. She married a Mobley in 1861. It would be quite appropriate to have the grave marked in honor of the little family during this history-minded year. Note cwm: Cornelia married William L. Mobley, settled in Hillsborough county and raised a large family ( from The Way It Was by Gene Barber)

Joshua Born, 1816, married Elizabeth Moody..

Joseph born, 1804, married Mrs. Martha Pearce Skipper.. In 1850 Census of Alachua Co. Fla.

Frances Fannie born, 1801, married Rev.James Pearce, Dec. Camden Ga.

Cornelia born, 1800, married N.M. Moody. Camden Co. Ga..

Sarah Ann born, 1800, married Byrd Sparkman. Camden Co. Ga..

Charlton born, 1808, died April 28, 1834, died single..

Enoch Everette born, 1806, mareried 1st. Minerva Parrish: 2nd Ann Jackson Second wife, .

David, Jr. born, 1808, married Mary Pearce, Dec. 1, 1831.. In 1850 Census of Alachua Co. Fla.

Mary born, 1800, married John Pearce, Dec. 1, 1831..

Morgan born, 1820, married Mary Tucker, Served in James Breaker's Old Guards during the Civil War, wounded at Olustee 2/20/1864, Admitted 9/19/1864 , Howard Grove Hospital. (Hartman/Biographical Rosters)

David Mizell came to Camden County with his parents about 1790, and is shown there on the 1794 tax-digest. He served as Lieut, in the Camden County Militia in 1801. He seems to have gone back to Bullock county after the death of his first wife, and remained a few years, returning to Camden to remain there until he moved to Alachua County, Florida, about 1836-37. He lived there until his death. is wife died later, (date unknown). Mr. Mizell was a Captain of the Militia in the 49th Dist., Bulloch Counth, 1807-1809, and served as Justice of Peace, 381st Dist., Camden County, 1813-1814. He served in Maj. Baileys detachment of camden Couny Militia in 1817 to Maj. Baileys detachment of Camden County Militia in 1817 to repel Indian attacks. He was Justice of Peace in Alachua County, Florida, 1848, and served 1849-50 as one of the County Commissioners of that county. The sons of David Mizell scattered in their residence in South Florida as shown by the following public offices held by them:

Joseph Mizell County Commissioner, Hillsborugh Co., 1859-61, held same office in Polk Co., 1861-63.

Enoch Mizell Justice of Peace, Alachua County, 1845-49, Justice of Peace Hernando County, 1849-51 and 1859-61, County Judge, Manatee Co., 1866- 67. At that time Pine Level, Florida ten miles west of Arcadia, Fla. was The county seat.

David Mizell, Jr. County Commissioner, Orange county, 1860-61, and Representative, 1860-63.

Morgan Mizell Justice of Peace, Orange County, 1863-65.

David Mizell, Jr., born in 1808, came from Alachua County to Orange County in 1858. He was the first white settler of Winter Park. Here was a write-up in the Orlando Sentinel-Star about the property on which he planted an orange grove on the shores of Lake Mizell. It is said that his daughter, Nancy, stuck a sycamore switch in the ground, whiach she had used to whip her horse in riding horses back from North Florida. Thes tree still towers into the sky near Lake Mizell. Two or three of the orginal sweet orange tress still survive. The youngest daughter of David Mizell, Jr., Sarah Mizell, Lived to be 102 years of age. Her husband was the late Senator George W. Crawford. Judge John R. Mizell, brother of Sarah, was one to be the founders of Rollins College and a prominent political figure in the reconstruction period of the state.

Nancy Mizell (Tippins)1825

Cornell Tippins Born / / Died / /

Morgan Mizell 1820

Cornelia E. Mizell Born / /1858 Died 06/16/1876

Jessie B. Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Frances Albritton, he was PostMaster 1871-1887

John Mizell Born / / Died / /

Nepoleon Bonaparte Mizelle ( Reads this way on tombstone) Some people put his name as (Morgan Bonaparte Mizzell) Born / /1863 Died / /1921 One of the most colorful characters in early Desoto County was "Bone" Mizzell. He was born in 1863 in the Horse Creek settlement in Manatee County. His father, Morgan, and his uncle Enoch were early pioneers of the area. Bone worked in the cattle industry most of his life, first for his father, then worked at various times for cattle baron, Eli O. Morgan, the Parker Brothers, and was forman for Ziba king. He worked the cattle ranges that stretched from Orlando and south to the upper Everglades. Bone was six feet tall, with a lean rawboned face that was tanned a deep brown, from all the years that he spent outdoors. It's said that he slept on the ground more than he ever slept in a bed. He spoke with a lisp and a slight wheeze, and was teased by his boyhood friends. He developed a sharp wit in defense and was a notorious prankster. Former Desoto County Sheriff, Les Dishong, once said that just the way he looked and talked made you laugh. Life-long Desoto resident, Gene Harn, said that "Bone didn't mean to be funny, it just came out that way." He was uneducated, barely able to write his name, but he managed to keep accounts in his head and remembered dozens of cattle brands. He once owned a grocery store at Pine Level, but his easy going nature and generosity with friends and credit caused him to finally close the store and go back to what he loved the most, riding the range. Bone was a hard drinking man, and knew that one day it would be the death of him. One night after the drink had gotten the best of him, a group of cowboys carried him to a cemetery and left him laying among the gravestones. When Bone woke up the next morning, he looked around, and said, "Here it is Judgment Day, and I'm the first one up." One night he was at a poker game at the Hollingsworth's home with Zeb Parker, Russell King, A. C. Williams, Maury and A. P. Hollingsworth. Sheriff Les Dishong showed up and told them they were under arrest. One of the players said they were not playing for money, just poker chips. Sheriff Dishong said that was the same as money. The next morning in court, the players were fined eighty-five dollars. After everyone paid their fine, Bone came forward and dumped out eighty-five dollars worth of poker chips on the table. Dishong said, "Wait a minute, this ain't money." Bone replied, "You said it was yesterday." By the late 1890's cattle rustling was rampant, and Bone was not immune to the lawlessness of the times. He was charged a number of times with rustling, altering brands and marking unmarked cattle and hogs, and it was rumored that he was stealing for a cattle king. In 1896 he was convicted and sentenced to two years in the state prison. A petition for his pardon was circulated by many of his friends, but they were told that he could not be pardoned until he actually served time. Bone was put on board a train with a brand new set of clothes, thanks to his friends, and a grand sendoff. He arrived at the prison, where the warden gave him a tour of the facilities, and invited him to dinner. Thus, having served time, he was pardoned, and Bone took the next train home. About 1893, Bone heard that his friend, John Underhill, was dying at a cow camp at Lee Branch near Punta Gorda. He arrived to take care of John, who died a few days later. Bone and the cowboys buried him nearby. Shortly after that, a young man drifted into the country and some how teamed up with Bone. The boy told him that he was from a wealthy family that lived in New Orleans, and that he had traveled throughout the world. Eventually the boy died and Bone had him buried next to John Underhill. A few years later, the family in New Orleans, having finally learned of their sons death, sent money to the local undertaker to have his body returned to them. The undertaker paid Bone to find the grave and oversee the disinternment. Bone later confessed to his friends that on the ride out to the grave, there were two things on his mind. One, that the boy had said that he was fed up with everything, most of all traveling. Second, that friend, John Underhill, had always wanted to travel, but never had the money to do it. Bone said, "Well, sir, it didn't seem right. It seemed even less right after a few drinks to sort of fortify us for the digging job. Here was a free train ride ahead, a funeral so damned fine this country had never seen the likes of it--probably with four white horses pulling the hearse." So it was that Bone pointed to the grave of John Underhill, and told his helpers to dig. On July 13, 1921, Bone spent the night at Joshua Creek, at the home of his friend, Leslie H. (Les) Avant. The next day he left for Arcadia by train for Fort Ogden, arriving at the village depot about eleven in the morning. He sent a wire to the Lykes Brothers in Tampa for some money, then lay down on a couch in the depot. Robert Morgan, son of E. H. Morgan, the agent for the Atlantic Coast Line Railway, said that he was worried about Bone, and asked him to sit up. Bone did so, and remarked that, "Yeah, I'd better not lay down, I might die." Robert left for lunch and when he returned found Bone lying dead on the floor. Dr. Aurin was called and pronounced Bone dead. A fellow asked him how he knew that, the doctor hadn't tested him. Dr. Aurin said, "I don't have to test him, I know that right now Old Bone would test a good 90 proof." The undertaker, L. L. Morgan entered the cause of death as "Moonshine---went to sleep and did not wake up." Morgan Bonaparte "Bone" Mizzell's funeral was held the next day at the home of his nephew, Jesse Mizzell Jr., and he was buried at Joshua Creek Cemetery. He was fifty-eight years old. His pallbearers were Leonard Smith, Henry Avant, J. M. Alderman, W. H. Seward, Paul Spear, and Hooker Parker. Some say his wife was Betty Ward

Silas Bone Mizell Born / / Died / /

Sam Mizell Born / / Died / /

Liza Mizell Born / / Died / /

Bradly Mizell Born / / Died / /

Orson Mizell Born / / Died / /

Sally Mizell Born / / Died / /

Nepoleon B. Mizell 1863-1921

Kate Aleatha Mizell Born / /cir. 1887 Died / / Born in Melrose, Fla.

Frances Fannie Mizell {Pearce) 1802

Martha Ann Pearce Born 10/20/1822 Died / / Married Nathaniel Sparkman, Lived Camden, Ga

Samuel Jonathan Pearce Born 05/30/1824 Died / /

James Washington Pearce Born 02/19/1826 Died / / Lived in Ga.

John David Pearce Born 05/02/1828 Died / / Lived in Ga. Married Elizabeth Hancock.

Joseph Mizell Pearce Born 08/20/1830 Died / / Lived in Ga. Married Martha E. Moody.

Mary Caroline Pearce Born 01/15/1833 Died / / Lived in Camden County, Ga. Married Syluester Bryant.

Nancy Pearce Born / /1835 Died / / Lived Camden County, Ga.

Levi Theadore Pearce Born / /1838 Died / / Lived in Camden County, Ga,and Fla. Died single in C.S.A.

George Wesley Pearce Born / /1840 Died / / Lived in Lanier County, Ga , And Fla. Died single in C.S.A.

Isabelle Pearce Born 09/20/1843 Died / / Lived in Lanier County Ga. Married Josiah J. Grooms.

Enoch Everett 1806-1887

George Clinton Mizell Born 07/20/1847 Died 06/06/1895 Married Mary Angeline ( Aunt Polly) Platt, on 10/1/1868 in Manatee Co Fla. Buried Pine Level Campground Cemetery , Fla.

David Wesley Mizell Born 07/14/1849 Died 12/23/1924 Married Rowena Hagan.Rowena was born 08/03/1854 Manatee Co. Fla. Died 10/16/1938 Desoto Co. Fla. Buried Pine Level Campground Cemetery , Fla. In 1900 Fed. Census Desoto Co. Fla.

Annie Amanda Mizell Born 04/12/1851 Died 04/07/1933 Married M.F. Platt, Oct. 22, 1868,in Manatee Co. Fla.

Millard Filmore Mizell Born 04/18/1853 Died 01/12/1936 Married 1st. Clifford Lavonia Alderman , 2nd. Caroline Clements, Married 1 Feb. 1893, Desoto Co. Fla..

Second Marriage to Annie Jackson 1842-1887

Martha Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Andrew Green

Joshua Mizell Born / / 1860 Died / /1941 Married Eugenia Hatch who was Born / /1862 Died / /1937 Joshua Became County Judge in January 1889,he served in this office for only one year. Buried Pine Level Campground Cemetery , Fla. In 1900 Fed. Census Desoto Co. Fla.

Joseph Mizell Born 05/22/1862 Died 05/15/1937 Married Fannie Aronold Joseph was engaged in the mercantile business in Arcadia, Fla. He was one of the original stockholders in the American National Bank, which was merged with the bank that was later known as the Citizens and Trust Company. C.L. Knight and Joseph Mizell assisted the county surveyor in laying out the route of the highway from Tampa to Wall Springs, a portion of which is now known as "Memorial Highway ".

Mary Mizell Born 12/27/1865 Died / /1936 Married John Burdett Sellers. Buried Pine Level Campground Cemetery , Fla.

Fannie Mizell Born / /1868 Died 12/20/1871 Buried Pine Level Campground Cemetery , Fla.

Nancy Mizell Born 04 /22 /1864 Died06 /25 /1953 Married Daniel Thomas Carlton, Born 07/14/1864 Died 01/08/1955 lived at Arcadia, Fla.

Estalena Eva Mizell Born 03/10/1872 Died / / Married John Hagan, Buried Pinelevel Campground Cemetery, Fla.

Missouri Mizell Born 07/21 1875 Died / / Married Thaddeus S. Carlton.

George Clinton Mizell 1847-1895

Alice Minerva Mizell Born 08/20/1869 Died 11/06/1950 Born Desoto Co. Fla. She married Riley Monroe Grantham on Aug. 7 , 1903. In 1900 Fed. Census Desoto Co. Fla.

David Wesley Mizell Born / /1873 Died / /1952 Born Manatte Co. Fla. Died in Desoto Co. Fla. Married Belle Hull in 1907, Belle Hull was born 06/12/1874 Died 05/14/1945 Desoto Co. Fla. Buried Pine Level Campground Cemetery , Fla. In 1900 Fed. Census Desoto Co. Fla.

Bertha Nevada Mizell Born 11/04/1876 Died 03/16/1963 Born in Manatte Co. Fla Died in Desoto Co. Fla. Married a William Byrad Brooker, Buried Pine Level Campground Cemetery , Fla.

Viola Elizabeth Mizell Born / /1879 Died / /1938 Born in Manatte Co. Fla. Married Henry Lawrence Hancock on 04/01/1900.

Ossian Bascom Mizell Born / /1881 Died / /1961 Manatee Co. Fla. In 1900 Fed. Census Desoto Co. Fla.

Enoch Olin Mizell Born / /1884 Died / /1961 Desoto Co. Fla. Buried Pine Level Campground Cemetery , Fla. In 1900 Fed. Census Desoto Co. Fla.

David Wesley Mizell 1849-1924

Oliver Mizell Born 08 /14/1890 Died 10 / /1973 Died in Gadsden , Fla . Buried Pine Level Campground Cemetery , Fla. In 1900 Fed. Census Desoto Co. Fla.

Marcelus Mizell Born 02/03/1878 Died 01/23/1902 Desoto Co. Fla Buried Pine Level Campground Cemetery , Fla. In 1900 Fed. Census Desoto Co. Fla.

Eldred Mizell Born 10/08/1882 Died 06/09/1906 Desoto Co. Fla. Buried Pine Level Campground Cemetery , Fla. In 1900 Fed. Census Desoto Co. Fla.

Millie J. Mizell Born / /1880 Died / / Married C.C. Morgan. In 1900 Fed. Census Desoto Co. Fla.

Zacharias J. Mizell Born / /1888 Died / / In 1900 Fed. Census Desoto Co. Fla.

Floyd Mizell Born / /1894 Died / / In 1900 Fed. Census Desoto Co. Fla.

David Wesley Mizell 1873-1952

David Wesley Mizell Jr. Born 11/11/1913 Died 02/13/1916 Lived and died in Desoto Co. Fla.

Annie Amanda Mizell( Platt) 1851-1933

Francis Everett Platt Born 08/27/1869 Died / /1939 Born in Manatee Co. Fla. Died in Desoto Co, Fla.

Victor W. Platt Born 05/27/1871 Died 2 /7 /1872 Born Manatee Co, Fla. M. William (Billie ) Born 12/ 07/1872 Died / /

Panola Mabel Platt Born 03/28/1875 Died 5 /19 /1955 Born Manatee Co. Fla. Died Desoto Co. Fla.

Solomon David Platt Born 12/20/1877 Died 9/12 /1944 Born Manatee Co. Fla. Died Manatee Co. Fla.

Joshua C. Platt Born 01/29/1883 Died 4 /30 /1948 Desoto Co. Fla.

Mizell G. Platt Born 04/04/1894 Died 6/ / 1973 Died West Palm Beach Fla.

Nancy Mizell(Carlton)1864-1953

Clarence J. Carlton Born 07/12/1892 Died / / Married a Hortense

Thomas Clyde Carlton Born 07/12/1892 Died 03/11/1911 Arcadia, Fla.

Missouri Mizell (Carlton) 1875-

Kate Carlton Born / /cir. 1902 Died / /

Viola Elizabeth Mizell (Hancock)1879-1938

Clyde Hancock Born / / Died / /

Bertha Nevada Mizell (Brooker) 1876-1963

William Byrad Brooker Born 08/07/1901 Died 06/14/

Winifred Brooker Born 07/20/1903 Died 10/13/1976

Millard Filmore Mizell 1853-1936

Cliford Lavonia Alderman 1st. Wife

Lessie Estelle Mizell Born 10/20/1883 Died 10/30/1927 Married Walter P. Speight. In 1900 Fed. Census Desoto Co. Fla.

Thomas Everette Mizell Born 03/09/1887 Died 03/05 /1978 In 1900 Fed. Census Desoto Co. Fla. Married Mamie Elizabrth Beasley in 1911 1st. Wife ,and 2nd Wife Married Hattie Virginia Goolsby, August 20, 1920 a dauther died in infancy. Bunia Whatley Powers From Cullman Alabama 3rd. Wife

Lessie Estelle Mizell (Speight)1883-1927

Lessie Estelle Speight Born 07/1919 Died / / Married Thomas J. Slade Jr. of Cordele, Ga.

Christine Speight Born 02/13/1921 Died / / Married James Smith (devorced)

Joshua Mizell 1860 -1937

William Mckinley Mizell Born 11/08/1896 Died 03/15/1963 Desoto Co. Fla. In 1900 Fed. Census Desoto Co. Fla.

Leon E. Mizell Born 07/15/1893 Died 07/18/1945 In 1900 Fed. Census Desoto Co. Fla.

Thomas Everett Mizell 1887-

Mamie E. Beasley 1st. Wife

Clifford Lavonia Mizell Born 01/08/1914 Died / / Married William S. Harris, Aug. 10,1934

Millard Fillmore Mizell Born 10/26/1915 Died / / Married Ann G. Kurzman. Buried Pine Level Campground Cemetery , Fla.

Mamie Evelyn Mizell Born 06/04/1917 Died / / Married Ferman G. Crews August 26, 1939.

Hattie Virinia Goolsby 2nd Wife

Frances Carman Mizell Born 06/26/1921 Died / / Married Maurice Jackson Waters.

James Thomas Mizell Born 05/14/1929 Died / / Married to Marylin Purvis (devorced)

Phyliss Ann Mizell Born 08/24/1932 Died / / Married Courtney Deaton

Clifford Lavonia Mizell (Harris) 1914

Mary Elizabeth Harris Born 03/08/1935 Died / / Married Thomas W. Putman

Thomas William Harris Born 04/02/1938 Died / / Married Anne Rogers (devorced)

Samuel Earl Harris Born 08/02/1955 Died / /

Mary Elizabeth Harris (Putman ) 1935

Ralph Putman Born 10/ /1954 Died / /

Carlye Putman Born 10/ /1955 Died / /

Deborah Virginia Putman Born / / Died / /

Kenneth Putman Born / / Died / /

Elaine Putman Born / / Died / /

Thomas William Harris 1938

Thais Ann Harris Born 06/15/1961 Died / /

Millard Fillmore Mizell 1915

Thomas Everett Mizell Born 10/27/1945 Died / /

Lessie Estelle Speight (Slade} 1919

Thomas Slade Born / / Died / /

Jaret Slade Born / / Died / /

Judy Slade Born / / Died / /

Christine Speight ( Smith ) 1921

Barbara Ann Smith Born 04/ /1945 Died / /

Joseph Mizell 1804-

Sarah A. Mizell Born / /1834 Died / / Born Fla.

Enoch Everett Mizell Born 06/08/1841 Died / /1902 Born Fla. In 1850 Alachua Co. Census.

Enoch Everett Mizell 1841-1902

Ida Cinderella Mizell Born 01/02/1876 Died 10/21/1956 Married Edward Thomas Wilder

Cinderella (Mizell) Wilder 1876-1956

Edward Henderson Wilder Born / /1898 Died / /

Virgia G. Wilder Born / /1903 Died / /

Alton G. Wilder Born / /1906 Died / /

Ancil W. Wilder Born / /1909 Died / /

Marie W. Wilder Born / /1912 Died / /

Edgar T. Wilder Born / /1915 Died / /

Vera Mae Wilder Born / /1917 Died / /

Lavrel Fae Wilder Born / /1917 Died / /

David Mizell Jr. 1808

Sarah Cornelia Mizell Born / /1840 Died / /1920 Lived in Fla. Married Senator George W. Crawford , Buried Conway Cemetery, Fla.In 1850 Orange Co. Fla. Census

Morgan Montgomery Mizell Born / /1841 Died 02 /21 /1870 Married Emma Roper,In 1850 Orange Co. Fla. Census

Thomas E. Mizell Born / /1842 Died 11 /2 /1861 Killed in battle at Richmond Va. Raised in Fla , In 1850 Orange Co. Fla. Census

Mary Jane Mizell Born / /1844 Died / /1907

John Randolph Mizell Born 12 /7 /1838 Died 11/9/1913 was captured in the battle for Richmond, Va.Raised in Fla. Married Margaret Grooner ,In 1850 Orange Co. Fla. Census

David William Mizell Born / / 1833 Died 2 /21 /1870 married Angeline Augusta May on 12/21/1854, Served in the C.S.A. Buried Old Pioneer Fla.Also served during the Seminole Wars. Hartman/Biographical Rosters.In Winter Park's beautiful Leu Gardens there is a small burial plot holding the remains of a man born in the vicinity of Fort Olustee and Fort Alligator, squatted in an old Spanish fort in Key West, was appointed first sheriff of Orange County, and was gunned down by orders of this writer's third great grandsire. He was Dave Mizell, member of a long- time and large family that stretched from the Carolinas into south Florida. He was born in his father's heavily stockaded farm home in 1833. Within two years the stockade became important to neighbors as they flocked there for refuge during the long Seminole War. Mr. Mizell's biographer Steve Fussell states the young man grew up amid interesting characters, tough pioneer families and rangy backwoodsmen.The story goes that Dave's father, also named David, grew weary of the overpopulated section near the present Lake City and decided to move to wilder country farther south. For a while the family lived in old Benton County near Wanton's agency (the terminus of the old Alachua Trail as recounted in the BCP recently), now among the lakes of the Micanopy area. He soon grew tired of all the new settlers filling the country between Gainesville and Ocala (more properly, between Newnansville and Fort King), and Mr. Mizell, Senior, cast his eyes south again. With the end of hostilities in 1842, former Seminole land opened to settlers who would claim and improve large acreages for each dependent. New counties were being cut out of Monroe and Dade, and opportunities to be in on the groundfloor of the newly emerging counties, as well as vast stretches of cattle- grazing lands (not to mention several herds of Indian cows and horses), drew the Mizells and other families still farther south. Some of Mr. Mizell's biographers either did not know or did not wish to open old wounds, but they en masse omit mentioning that the senior Mizell had difficulties getting along with his neighbors and carried the reputation (unproved but still carried) of cow-stealing. Being connected to both major families involved in the allegations and having done considerable snooping among older wags, this writer is of the opinion that the allegations were not without some justification but that the entire matter smacked of the pot calling the kettle black. One of the Pearce girls, Mary, a relative of the Mizells, later described the journey to south Florida (anything south of Newnansville was "south Florida" in the old days): "It has got so hot, and we all thought it might be on account of our being so far south. It was dry, and there were flies and gnats, and we children would take turns getting out of the wagon and walking in the deep, hot sand. I guess our water had spilled, or maybe we had given it to the team. Soon we were all walking, and thirsty, and leading the team. "It started to rain, and we camped. We had to cook in the rain. Next day, all day it rained and the woods were full of water, with the awfullest, deepest holes in the roads, and the horses were falling down. Then everything stopped. Father said, 'This is it. We're here!' "There was not one house! Poor Mother, we all gathered around her in the wagon trying to keep her dry and warm. It had turned cold then. She told us, 'We haven't seen a house or a person for a week, so don't let yourselves get sick. There aren't any doctors' here.' "Sister Sally was one year old that day. It was Christmas Day, 1858 The David Mizell family settled land on the bank of Lake Rowena in what is now Winter Park. They had no sooner constructed their log cabin when their fears born of the cries for secession and war came true - Florida and her southern sister states separated from the Union and declared war against the United States. The Mizells of central Florida, like so many other Crackers, were not in favor of the Confederacy's actions; but when the battles were imminent, the young men went to serve the new nation. One of the older brothers, John, was commissioned a lieutenant in the Seventh Florida Infantry and was captured by Union forces during the battle of Missionary Ridge. David never saw battle but was stricken with cholera en route to Savannah. Their brother Tom was killed during the battle for the city of Richmond. David's wife drove her wagon up into Georgia to bring her husband home. Some of the family later said that a doctor had recommended a warmer climate near the sea and a diet of fish and vegetable broth for the remainder of Dave's life. Angeline loaded Dave and their one child back into the wagon and headed for the coast. It isn't known how long she stayed there with her sickly husband and her child, but Key West seemed to fit the bill much better. She purchased a sailboat and removed them to the Keys. Key West was in Union hands and probably was relatively free from battles. There in an abandoned Spanish fort Dave recuperated and another child was born (ever notice that no matter how sickly a man is the babies keep arriving?). Some of Dave's enemies later said that it was while he was in Key West that he made the deal whereby he would be appointed sheriff of his home county when the war was over. For reasons never mentioned in family circles, Angeline set sail for Florida's lower east coast and landed her family near Cutler Ridge in the present Miami area. The soil was poor to non-existent and there was little market for fish in those troubled times and in an area where anyone could catch his own, but east coast pines grew abundantly and Angeline set up a pitch plant to supply naval tar to passing ships. The business proved lucrative. Many a ship and small boat sailed into Biscayne Bay for her product. However, a Union gunboat, said to have been angered by Angeline's high prices, set fire to her plant. The south Florida experience had proved to be no more a picnic than north and central Florida so the Mizells sailed up the coast for home. The war, incidentally, was over and so were David's chances of being re- conscripted into the Confederate Army. The United States quickly removed Florida's government and instituted a reconstruction form of politics. Many Florida counties had Blacks and imported Northerners appointed as sheriff, but the Reconstruction Government chose David Mizell for Orange County. Florida had many pro-Union men before the war, but for some reason or another they were mostly ignored except for a distinguished few. Stories of Dave's derring-do have circulated and grown throughout central Florida over the past century. Whatever he might have or not have been, Dave Mizell was a loyal Reconstruction man. In spite of his descendants' tales that he took the job of sheriff to protect his fellow former Confederates, he was never known to have sided with them even when history and all contemporary circumstances proved them morally and legally right. The man was no fool and was well aware from whence came the butter for his bread. John Mizell was appointed judge of Orange County; and, as put by many citizens of the area, "they had the people right where they wanted them. After the Civil War, cattle were scarce and in great demand. All over the South, and especially in the central Florida area, cow stealing became big business. The Mizells and their allies, the Basses, accused the Barber family and their allies of illegally rounding up other people's stock. The Barbers in turn claimed the Mizells were sweeping the woods clean of cattle under the guise and protection of the law. Exorbitant taxes were imposed on unreconstructed Floridians such as the Barbers (originally, as members of the old Whig party they had been opposed to secession but, when it happened, cast their lots with the Confederacy and held out against the United States government after the war). Most were unable to pay the taxes and believed them unjust. Judge John Mizell directed his brother Sheriff Dave to collect in cattle. When Dave "collected" out of Mose Barber's herd he was told, "If you ever enter my herd again, Dave Mizell, you'll leave feet-first." Mose Barber, a part-time resident of Baker and Columbia Counties, was up to his neck in debt and court cases as he tried to hold together his little central Florida empire in the face of insurmountable odds. He lost still another of the court cases and Judge Mizell demanded the Sheriff to collect court costs from Mose. Sheriff Dave knew Barber's finances almost as well as did Barber and realized that instead of getting money he would have to once more visit Mose's cattle herds. In the meantime the Orange County courthouse, like hundreds of others in the South, burned to the ground with all its records. As in other parts of the South, the unreconstructed Bourbon- Democrats accused the Scalawags, Carpetbaggers, and Blacks of the deed. The Reconstructionists naturally returned the accusation. The destruction of land and court records proved beneficial to both sides in many cases. The county, much larger then than now, divided into bitter sides, and many were ready to join in the feud when it began. In early 1870 an Orlando farmer named Bullock approached Sheriff Mizell with a bill of sale for cattle from the Barbers but which he could not collect. Mizell and his brother Morgan and twelve year old son Billy headed for south Orange County (the present Osceola County) to force one of the Barbers (either General or Champion by name) to deliver up the cows to Bullock. When they reached Bull Creek near the present Kenansville, they were ambushed. Sheriff Mizell's killer was never found but a local Barber sympathizer named Needham Yates later claimed credit for the deed and impilcated Mose Barber as his hirer. Morgan returned to the Mizell homestead 75 miles north for help and left young Billy to guard his father's body against the wolves. Billy held to a floating tussock in the middle of the stream all night long clutching Dave's body. Billy said that his father's last words were that no one seek revenge for his death, but Dave's brothers and relatives scoured the countryside for Barbers, killing every one they found. Any captured were shot rather than saved for trial since they were certain the majority of the populace, wanting to be free from the Mizell power, would have been sympathetic to the victims. Mose Barber returned for a short while to the north end of the State to dispose of the remainder of his Florida holdings, and, saying good- bye to his Baker County relatives, departed forever from the state. The Mizells, meanwhile, regrouped their power and soon had the central part of the state in their hands. And, by-the-way, they proved to be a most enlightened political family, today commanding the respect and admiration of their fellow citizens. The body of Sheriff Dave Mizell was brought back to the shore of Lake Rowena to rest under a sycamore planted by his mother when they first arrived in the present Winter Park area. Later on, a lot of folks in that section said, "Orange County lost the first and last sheriff it ever had when Dave Mizell died. (from The Way It was by Gene Barber)

Ann Elizabeth Mizell Born 09 /26 /1830 Died / /1904 , Married Albert Gallatin Roberts.

Nancy Amanda Mizell Born / /1837 Died / / Married William Harrison Holden (1850 Fla. Census) Was responsible for planting the syeamore tree

John Randolph Mizell 1839

Margaret (maggie) Mizell Born / / Died / /

Lena Mizell Born / / Died / /

David William Mizell 1833-1870 ( In 1860 Fla. Census)

Mary Frances Jane Mizell Born / / Died / / In 1850 Orange Co. Fla. Census ,Married William R. Spier on 21 Feb.1878, Spier went by the nickname Whispering Bill.

Sarah Ann Mizell Born / /1857 Died / / In 1850 Orange Co. Fla. Census Married 1st. David Russell

William David Mizell Born / /1858 Died10/27 /1883 In 1850 Orange Co. Fla. Census Married Mary E. Arnold on Jan. 5,1876 She was from Conway, Fla.

Lula Amnda Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Humphrey Thomas Arnold on 02/09/1876.

John Thomas Mizell Born 2/ /1864 Died / / Married Jessie Rodgers on Feb. 1,1888

Joshua Montgomery Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Josephine Byrd on June 7, 1891. Joshua died at an early age, and Josephine remarried to Will Mathews

Della Bell Mizell Born 09/18 /1869 Died 10 /21 /1960 Married M.C. Harper on 12/25/1898 Buried Palm Cemetery, Fla.

Rosetta Mizell Born / /1859 Died / / In 1850 Orange Co. Fla. Census

Anne Elizabeth Mizell 1830-1904 (Roberts)

Mary Elizabeth Roberts Born / / Died / / Married William Larkin Taylor

Steve Roberts Born / / Died / /

Nancy (Mizell) Holden 1837-

Mary Holden Born / / Died / / Married a fellow by the name of Langenbach.

Cora Holden Born / / Died / /

William D. Holden Born / / Died / /

William David Mizell 1858-1883

Alice Ruth Mizell Born / /1880 Died / /

Della Belle (Mizell) Harper 1869-1960

Horace Harper Born / / Died / /

John Harper Born / / Died / /

Mary Harper Born / /1911 Died / /1976 Married Francis Duke

Joshua Montgomery Mizell

Ethye Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Herbert Willis

Bessie Mizell Born / / Died / / Married O.E. Hartley

Sarah Mizell (Crawford)

James Crawford Born / / Died / /

George Crawford Born / / Died / /

Ethyl Crawford Born / / Died / /

Belle Crawford Born / / Died / /

Sarah Crawford Born / /1847 Died 06/09/1949 Married Frank Cullen

Sarah Mizell(Brown) 1772-1864

David Brown Born / /1791 Died / / Married Henrietta F.

Robert Brown Born / /1804 Died / / Married Eliza Ann Clentine Pendergast

Samuel William Brown Born / /1811 Died / / Married 1st Louise Harley 6/23/1834 2nd Elizabeth Hall McCay

George W. Brown Born / /1814 Died / / Married Eliza Copeland 2/3/1840

Charlton Mizell Jr. 1773-1840

Elizabeth Mizell Born / / 1799 Died / / Married 1st Brown 2nd John G. Ivey

. Sarah (Sally) B. Mizell Born / / 1800 Died / / never married In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

Joshua Everett Mizell born12 / 11/ 1801 Died 2 /20 / 1891 Married Letitia R. Paxton on 1/27/1835 She was Born 10/2/1815 in Camden Co. Ga. Mother Martha Mc Cleskey, Father Joseph Paxton, Joshua& Letitia were Married 1/27/1835 in Camden Co. Ga.In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

William Mizell Born / / 1803 Died / / Married Ann Nelson 1/1/1835 Camden Co. Ga. In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

Mary Ann (Polly) Mizell Born / /1806 Died / / 1841 Married James M. Paxton Camden Co. Ga.on 01/26/1831

Jackson Blount Mizell Born 8/17/1814 Died03 /22 /1899 Married Elizabeth Lang,12/29/1847 Dau. of Isaac In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

Rebecca Mizell Born / /1816 Died / / Married Jackson Lived in Camden Co. Ga.In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

Jehu Mizell Born / / 1819 Died / / married 1st Martha Udall Born / /1822 , 2nd Jane Udall, Went to Vermont, moved back to Hamilton , Fla, In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

Elizabeth Mizell (Ivey) 1799

Thomas Ivey Born / / Died / /

Joshua Everett Mizell 1801-1891.

Mr. Mizell Lived on Bailey branch near the Satilla River, and had a large plantation and a number of slaves and was a provinent influential citizen of his county in his day. In 1854 when Charlton County was formed out of Camden, his plantation was placed in the new county and Mr. Mizell was named in the legislative act creating the county, as one if the commissioners to organize it.died Feb. 20, 1891, in his 90th year. Both he and his wife were buried in the family burying ground on his old home place.

Jackson Mizell Born 5/13/1836 Died / /1919- Married Elizabeth McCall Dau. of Stephen Lived in Charlton Co. Ga. In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

James Mizell Born 9/11/1838 Died 10/05/1842 Charlton Co. Ga.

Everett Mizell Born 9/28/1841 Died 04 /27 /1863 died of Typhoid Fever, in C.S.A in Va. Died Single Buried in Hollywood Cemetery Richmond Va.In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

Catherine Mizell Born 1/29/1844 Died / /1888 Married James Smith ( Son of F.M.)Lived in Charlton Co. Ga.In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

Martha Mizell Born 2/14/1846 Died 01/01 /1936 married Felder Lang, Died 1936 Married 02/03/1867 in Charton Co. Fla.

Lucy Mizell Born 11/27/1849 Died 08/07 /1938 married Gray Lang Cousin of Felder Lang Married 04/12/1887 in Charlton Co. Fla.In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

William Mizell Born 6/21/1852 Died 02/12/1930 Married Susan Jane Sandiford Jane was born 13 Sept.1859 Died 11 May 1936 Buried Pineview Cem. Had 9 Children

Joseph Paxton Mizell Born 6/21/1852 Died 12 /24 /1930 Married 1st Caroline Lang Born 1/28/1857 (2) Mrs. Amanda Steawart, Amanda was born 02/14/1862 Died 03/19/1951 Buried Pineview Cem.

Charlton Mizell Born 4/41858 Died 2/19/1859 Lived in Charlton Co. Ga

Jessie Mizell Born 12/20/1859 Died 8/15/1860 Lived in Charlton Co. Ga.

Mary Ann Mizell (Paxton) 1806-1841

Jane Paxton Born / /Cir. 1832 Died / /

Robert Chisholm Paxton Born / /Cir.1834 Died 02/24/1862 Died Henrico Co. Ga.

Jehu Paxton Born / /Cir.1838 Died / /1923 Died Charlton Co. Ga.

Mary Ann Paxton Born / /Cir.1841 Died / /

Jackson Blount Mizell 1814-1899

Mrs. Mizell Died August 6, 1896. Mr. Mizell Died March 22, 1899. Both are buried in the Lang Cemetery at Satilla Bluff in Camden, Ga.

Leroy Leslie Mizell Born 9/5/1848 Died 11/20/1920 never married, Buried Lang Cem. Camden Co. Ga.

Jackson Mizell Born / /1848 Died / / 1850 Camden Co Ga. Census

Caroline Satilla Mizell Born/ /1849Died11/28/1896, Buried Laurel Grove Cemetery, Savannah, Ga. Married 1st. Harry O'Brien 2nd.WM. A Duggars , 1850 Camden Co. Census.

George Montgomery Mizell Born 8/31/1851 Died 7/8/1929 Married Sarah Gertrude Proctor Dau. of Daniel Proctor was born near St. Marys, in Camden Co. Mr. Mizell operated a store in the Scotchville community of Camden Co., And Later owned Locust Ridge Farm near Satilla Bluff, raising farm products and cattle. His last years were spent in Woodbine. Mr Mizell was an active member of Forest View Church a forerunner of the Woodbine Methodist Church. He served as trustee, a member of the Board of Stewards, and Sunday School Superintendent. He was also a member of the Camden County Board of Education, Mr.and Mrs. Mizell are Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery.

Issac Lang Mizell Born 05/17/1852 Died 05/28/1905 Married Hetty Readdick

Stephen McCall Mizell Born 6/22/1856 Died 5/22/1932 married Jessie Oxley

Martha Mizell (Lang) 1846-1936

Letitia Caroline Lang Born 06/27/1868 Died / /

Louise Everett Lang Born 08/24/1870 Died / /

Lucie Bernce Lang Born 11/27/1873 Died / /

Julia Elanor Lang Born 06/14/1876 Died / /

Guy Charlton Lang Born 01/11/1879 Died / /

Kate Mae Lang Born 05/12/1881 Died / /

Jehu Mizell 1819

Joseph Mizell Born / /1845 Died / /1862 Born Ga, Moved to Hamilton , Fla in 1880 Killed during Civil War,

Mary Ann Mizell Born / /1848 Died / / Born Ga, Moved to Hamilton , Fla in 1880 Married William Roberts

Olivia Mizell Born / /1851 Died / / Born Ga, Moved to Hamilton , Fla in 1880

Theodore Adanio Mizell Born 05/31/1853 Died 04/20 /1942 Born Ga, Moved to Hamilton , Fla in 1880 Buried in Sylvan Abbey Cemetery, Safety Harbor , Hillsborough County, FL. , Married Sarah B.

Born Ga, Moved to Hamilton , Fla in 1880

Sarah Mizell Born / /1859 Died / / Born Ga, Moved to Hamilton , Fla in 1880 Married Arthur Moseley.

Nellie Mizell Born / /1862 Died / / Born Ga, Moved to Hamilton , Fla in 1880 Married Joseph L. Gray.

Martha ( Mattie ) Mizell Born / /1864 Died / / Born Ga. Married D.C. Graham, who was Born in Illinois,Stayed in Ill.

Jackson Mizell 1836-1919

Everett Mizell Born 02/17/1879 Died 05/29/1879

William Mizell 1852-1930

Albert T. Mizell Born 11/15/1895 Died 01/14/1967 Buried Pineview Cemetery

Helen Mizell Born / / Died / /

Edna Mizell Born / /1885 Died / / Lived in Fla.

Howard Mizell Born 01/09/1887 Died / /

William Mizell Jr. Born 02/23/1889 Died / /

Susie Mizell Born / /1891 Died / /

Beulah Mizell Born / /1893 Died / /

Oliver Clifford Mizell Born 11/02 /1897 Died / /

Exie Mizell Born / / Died / /

William Mizell 1803

Joshua Mizell Born 06/24/1837 Died 12/01/1912 Served 26th Ga. Regiment, Appointed 1Sgt. 1862 Captured near Peterburg, VA. In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census , Married Martha Johns

Robert Mizell Born 01/01 /1835 Died / / He was Blind

Issac Mizell Born / /1846 Died / / In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

Louvilla Mizell Born / /1842 Married George Washington Garret ,In 1850 Camden Co. Ga. Census

Amanda Mizell Born / / Died / /

Stephen McCall Mizell 1856-1932

Elizabeth Mizell Born / / Died / / Married James Alexander Peeples.

Joshua Mizell 1837-1912

W.H. Mizell Born / / Died / /

Laura Mizell Born / /1882 Died / / Born in Ga.

Jackson Mizell Born / /1884 Died / / Born in Ga.<

Edward D. Mizell Born / / Died / / Born in Charlton Co. Ga.

Matthew Mizell 1813-1883

James Andrew Mizell Born 1/1/1850 Died 2/3/1873 Lived in Lowndes Co. Ga.

Susan Jane Mizell Born 5/6/1851 Died / / married James Jesup Lived in Brooks Co. Ga.

Ann Elizabeth Mizell Born 3/23/ 1853 Died / / 1932 never married

Mary Mizell Born 1/6/1855 Died / / married Preston B. Phillips

George Montgomery Mizell 1851-1929

Warren Key Mizell Born 8/15/1877 Died 05/12/1955 married Lyra James

George Cummings Mizell Born 5/22/1879 Died 5/12/1949 married Mabel Reynolds

Alice Gertrude Mizell Born 3/22/1881 Died 09/05/1963 Buried St. Marys Cem. Fla.

Lula Viola Mizell Born 1/25/1884 Died 12/26/1959 married Bruce Douglas

Anne Elizabeth Mizell Born 4/16/1882 Died 3/19/1965

Cecil Kenneth Mizell Born 7/10/1886 Died 3/19/1975 Buried St. Marys Cem. Fla.

Agnes Mizell Born 4/20/1889 Died 2/ /1977 Married Marvin Pasco Robertson

Florence Lorena Mizell Born 2/13/1892 Died 8/31/1965, Buried St. Mary's Cemetery, Fla0

Mary Madeline Mizell Born 10/5/1894 Died 11/27/1962 married Phillip D. Jory

Lillian Virginia Mizell Born 3/9/1897 Died 9/24/1976, Buried St. Mary's Oak Grove Cemetery, Camden Co. Ga.

Louvilla Mizell (Garrett) 1842

Elizabeth Lizzie (Sweet) Garrett Born / / Died / / Married Thomas

Josiah Mizell 1837-1912

Hamp Mizell Born 05/22/1884 Died 11/14/1948 Married Minnie Colso on 12/06/1910 in Carlton Co. Ga.

David Mizell Born / / Died / / , was Born in Ga.

Hamp Mizell Born 05/22/1884

Jack Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Noli Mae Carter

Jack Mizell

Laura Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Richard Ernest Warren

Laura Warren

Gail Warren Born / / Died / /

Richard Bruce Warren Born / / Died / /

John D Warren (adopted) Born / / Died / /

Jackson Jay Shelder Warren (adopted) Born / / Died 06 /23 /09 Married Betty Nell Chappell

Mark Warren Born / / Died / /

Theodore Adanio Mizell 1853-1942

Issac Theo Mizell Born 07/18 /1883 Died 04/01/1962, Married Emma Saunders, Emma was born 04/18/1886 died 02/02/1970 , both are buried in Sunset Hill Cemetery, Valdosa, Lowndes County, Ga.

Bryan Mizell Born / / Died / /

May Mizell Born / / Died / /

(Three other dauthers that I don't have names for)

Issac Theo Mizell 1883-1962

Lloyd Theo Mizell Born 09/04/1911 Died 12/17/1975, Married Mary Doris Tomlinson on 09/15/1940, Buried Riverview Memoral Gardens Valdosta, Ga.

James Mizell Born / / Died / /

Evelyn Mizell Born / / Died / /

Nell Mizell Born / / Died / /

Lloyd Theo Mizell 1911-1975

Charlton Theo Mizell Born01/11/1943 Died / / Valdosta, Ga.

William Thomas Mizell Born 08/19/1945 Died / / Married Sarah Lindsey , Valdosa, Ga.

Charlton (Charles) Theo Mizell 1943-

Bartow Theo Mizell Born / / Died / /

Lisa Mizell Born / / Died / / Married---Chafin

William (Bill) Thomas Mizell 1945-

William T. Mizell Born / / Died / /

Sarah Shannon Mizell Born / / Died / / Married -----Benefield

William Mizell 1802- 1850 Missisippi Census

James Mizell Born / /1825 Died / / 1850 Missisippi Census

Rebecca Mizell Born / / Died / / 1850 Missisippi Census

William Mizell Born / / 1842 DIED 11/7/1862 WILLIAM SERVED IN THE 27TH Miss Died of Measles in Knoxville, Tenn. 1862 1850 Missisippi Census

Luke Mizell Born / / 1822 Died / / 1865 married Nancy Parker died on his way back from the Civil War at Vicksburg, Miss. Nancy Parker was the daughter of Josie Parker down on Little cedar Creek. 1850 Missisippi Census

Susan Mizell Born / / 1829 Died / / Married Luke Mizell Dec 16,1869. 1850 Missisippi Census

Lucinda Mizell Born / / 1833 Died / / married William Holland 8/16/1877. 1850 Missisippi Census

Phillip Mizell Born / / 1835 Died / / Served in the 27th Miss. Regt. C.S.A. 1850 Missisippi Census

Joseph Mizell Born / / 1839 Died / / 1850 Missisippi Census

Luke Mizell 1822-1865

George W. Mizell Born 04/06/1859 Died 05/08/1935 Married Nancy J. Cooley Born 04/ /1866 Died 04/25/1936 , Dauther of Hub Cooley and Sallie Williams, Green County Missisippi.Had 10 Children. He cut Logs and worked as a woodmen .

Margaret Annette Mizell Born 03/24/1863 Died / /1912 Married Richard Reeves.

George W. Mizell 1859-1935

Eugene Mizell Born / /1886 Died / /1950 Married Ruth Eubanks 1909, Ruth was Born / /1880 Died / /1954 Lived at Green Co. Missisippi ,In 1910 Green Co. Census

Julia Mizell Born 06/01/1889 Died / / Lived in Missisippi ,In 1910 Green Co. Census

Ella Mizell Born 07/ /1891 Died / / Lived in Missisippi,In 1910 Green Co. Census

Willis Mizell Born 07/ /1893 Died / / Lived in Missisippi ,In 1910 Green Co. Census

Catherine (Kate) Mizell Born 03/ /1896 Died / / Lived in Missisoppi ,In 1910 Green Co. Census

Bert Mizell Born 09/ /1898 Died / / Lived in Missisippi ,In 1910 Green Co. Census, Married Viola Mathis on 06/28/1919

Jane Mizell Born / /1901 Died / / ,In 1910 Green Co. Census

Lillie Mizell Born / /1903 Died / / ,In 1910 Green Co. Census

John Mizell Born / /1906 Died / / ,In 1910 Green Co. Census

Neal Mizell Born / /1908 Died / / ,In 1910 Green Co. Census

Margaret Annette Mizell(Reeves)1863-1912

Lyman Ricard Reeves Born / /1882 Died / /1953 Married Lula Parnelia Adams

Charles Reeves Born / / Died / / Never Married

Isabelle Reeves Born / / Died / / Never Married

Eugene Mizell 1886-1950

Cecil Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Lucy Parnell on 11/25/1939

Clifton Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Sallie McLeod on o4-12-1941

David (Measles) Mizell 1800- (1850 Missisippi Census) ( Helveston Family Bible 1844)

John Mizell Born 01/06/1825 Died / / married Maggie Born 1834, In 1850 Missisippi census , Helveston Family Bible 1844

David Sire Mizell Born / / 1834 Died / /1913 Wife #1 Laura Died 1870 #2 Zerilda Holland Born / / 1849 Died / / 1932 married in 8/14/1881 served in C.S.A. 19th Inf. Buried George Co. Miss. at Crossroads Cemetery was a framer 1850 Missisippi Census

Elizabeth Mizell Born / / 1833 Died / / Married Samuel Davis, In 1850 Census

Susan Mizell Born / / 1835 Died / / married Daniel Goff In 1850 Census

Rebecca Mizell Born / / 1837 Died / / married R.H. Bullington, In 1850 Missisippi Census

Martha Mizell Born / / 1838 Died / / In 1850 Missisippi Census

James Mizell Born / / 1840 Died / / , In 1850 Missisippi Census

William Mizell Born / / 1832 Died / /1865 Married Susan Parker died at home from Pneumonia, after being wounded at Spanish Fort Ala. RE: Mobile Public Library Spanish Fort, Ala; 27 Mar,-8 Apr.,65 ( Mobile Campaign). On 17 Mar. 65 Canby led 32,000 troops to attack Mobile from the East. ( Frederick ) Steele was moving with 13,000 from Pensacola to link up with him. The XV1 Corps moved by water from Fort Gaines and the X111 Corps marched from Fort Morgan; the two forces united at Danley's Ferry and on 27 Mar. laid siege to the Confederate Bridgehead at Spanish Fort Maury reinforced the Brigade here and brought its strength to 4,000, Steele closed in on Blakely, five miles north, and on 4 Apr. after a a bridge had been put across Bayou Minette, the two Confederate positions were within the same line of investment.afternoon of the 8th there were 53 siege guns and 37 field pieces in action against Spanish Fort. At 5:30 P.M. the 8th Iowa led the rest of Geddes Brigade in an assault that established a foothold in the Confederate Works. By midnight the place had been capured with about 500 prisoners and 50 guns. The Confederate Commander, R.L.Gibson, reported a loss of 93 killed, 395 wounded, and 250 missing. Most of the defenders escaped over a treadway bridge to Battery Tracy, and from there to Mobile. Canby then reinforced Steele in the Siege of Blakely Ala. 1-9 Apr. 65 See: 1860 Federal Census, Mobile County, Alabama Page 632, Rogers School Record 1888 (Missisippi) Parent Susan Dixon Children Ellen Dixon Age 13 Susan Dixon Age 6 (Lonzo) Allonso Dixon Age 5 Lonzo Dixon was William Riley Mizell's Half Brother born Missisippi, Age 28 1910 Federal Census Mobile, Alabama Susan Mizell remarried after William's Death to Robert Dixon 111 son of Robert, and Elizabeth Dixon Jr. Children : Albert Dixon, Alonzo Dixon, Ellen Dixon, Lennie Dixon.

Lucreca Mizell Born / / 1848 Died / /

Sarah M. Mizell Born / / 1848 Died / / Married Charles Holland on 05/06/1875 ,In Jackson Co. Missisippi Bride& Grooms Page 72 , In 1850 Census

Clarenda Mizell Born / / 1835 Died / / In 1850 Jackson Co. Census , Born Missisippi

Sebra Mizell Born / / 1828 Died / / married Tarleton Holland

Jane Mizell Born / / 1847 Died / / married Jesse Adams

Lydia Mizell Born / / Died / / married John Berry

Jane Mizell (Adams ) 1847

Lula Jane Adams Born 07/29/1871 Died 11/21/1949 Married Joseph Wesley Ranager

Susan Mizell ( Goff )1835

Alice Goff Born / /1859 Died 04/18/1924 Married a Miller Alice was Born in Jackson Co. Missisippi

David Sire Mizell 1834-1913 1850 Missisippi Census

#1 Laura Bearys

Bishop Mizell Born / / 1860 Died / / 1913 Never Married Lived in Green Co. Missisippi

Gilbert Mizell Born / / 1853 Died / / 1933 Married Amgeline Denmark Born / /1865 Died / /1910 Both Born Missisippi.

Laura Mizell Born / / 1862 Died / / 1910 Buried Pilgrims Rest Cemetery ,Married Robert Durham in 1882 Robert was Born in 1854

Sarah E. Mizell Born / / 1865 Died / / 1898 married John M. Walley.

Nancy A. Mizell Born / / 1870 Died / / Died a young girl

#2 Zerilda Hollands Children'

Susan J. Mizell Born 7/30/1882 Died 5/13/1957 Never Married Buried Cross Roads Cem.

Dora Ann Mizell Born 3 /31 / 1884 Died 8/30/1938 Married C. H. Eubanks 11/17/1901 Buried Homes Missionary Batist Church Cem, George Co. Missisippi

Debbie E. Mizell Born 2/28/1886 Died 6/4/1954 Never Married Buried Cross Roads Cem.

Edward A. Mizell Born 10/18/1887 Died 9/27/1952 Never Married Buried Cross Roads Cem. Missisippi

Thomas J. Mizell Born 08/22/1890 Died 09/13/1986 Married Verner Estelle Eubanks 09/15/1925 ,Verna was Born 08/24/1909 Died 03/25/1981, Buried Rocky Creek Cemetery George Co. Missisippi.

John Watson Mizell Born 08/02/1893 Died 01/22/1970 Married Addie Eubanks Dauther of Mutt Eubanks Born 08/01/1906, Buried Crossroads Cemetery George Co. Miss.

John Mizell 1825

Thomas Jefferson Mizell Born 5/14/1853 Died 6/13/1921 In 1910 George Co. Missisippi Census Married Flora Fairly 1879 Greene Co. Miss, she was Born 05/08/1855 in Green Co. Miss. near Leaf, was educated at Salem High School, she died 07/14/1911, Buried Section 7, Township 2s, Range 8w one grave on old Holland property. Thomas was a U.S. Marshall, Miss. Lived in Bendale , Missisippi ( source George Co. Times Newspaper)( MRS. T. J. Mizell NEE FAIRLEY

After an illness of nearly five years, Mrs T.J. Mizell died on the 14th. day of July at home near Benndale. She was the dauther of Mr. and Mrs. Squire Fairley and was born May the 8th, 1855 in Green County near leaf, was educated at Salem High School and was Married to T.J. Mizell Dec. 25, 1880. She lived a devoted life and has left an aged mother, six sisters, one brother, a devoted husband, six children, five grandchildren and a host of friends.

A tribute by her son, H.H. Mizell George County Times Aug. 3, 1911)

Caleb R. Mizell Born / / 1856 Died / /1908 Married Margaret Ann Goff 1879, In 1860 Jackson Co. Missisippi census Buried Cross Roads Methodist Cem.

Josues Mizell Born / / 1858 Died / /

Mary Mizell Born / / 1859 Cir. Died / /

Gilbert Mizell 1856-1933 In 1900 Missisippi Census

Netta Mizell Born 04/ 1887 Died / / Married William O. Ezell on 08/12/1909. In 1900 Missisippi Census

Parmelia Mizell Born 05/ /1889 Died / / Married a Green In 1900 Missisippi Census

Eran Mizell Born 10/ /1891 Died / / Married a Williams, In 1900 Missisippi Census

Albert Mizell Born 11/ /1893 Died / /1956 In 1900 Missisippi Census

Roy Mizell Born 08/ /1896 Died / / In 1900 Missisippi Census

Lee Mizell Born / / Died / / In 1900 Missisippi Census

Walter David Mizell Born 05/ /1899 Died / / Married Addie Turner Mizell In 1900 Missisippi Census

O. Dessie Mizell Born / / Died / / Never Married

John W. Mizell 1893-1970

Roy F. Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Francine Dees.

Roy F. Mizell

Robert(Bobby) Edward Mizell Born / / Died / /

Walter David Mizell !899-

Wilmer David Mizell Born 08/13/1930 Died 02/21/1999 married 1st.Nancy McAlphine on November 16, 1952 2nd.Ruth Cox Mizell

Note: GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF NORTH CAROLINA SESSION 1999 H 1 HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION 1244* Sponsors: Representatives Dockham; Howard, McCrary, Luebke, Barefoot, and Hurley. Referred to: Rules, Calendar and Operations of the House. April 15, 1999 A JOINT RESOLUTION HONORING THE LIFE AND MEMORY OF WILMER DAVID "VINEGAR BEND" MIZELL, FORMER NORTH CAROLINA CONGRESSMAN. Whereas, Wilmer David Mizell was born in Vinegar Bend, Alabama, on August 13, 1930, to Walter David Mizell and Addie Turner Mizell; and Whereas, Wilmer David Mizell was affectionately known as "Vinegar Bend"; and Whereas, Wilmer David Mizell graduated from Leakesville High School in Leakesville, Mississippi, in 1949; and Whereas, Wilmer David Mizell married the late Nancy McAlphine on November 16, 1952; and Whereas, Wilmer David Mizell proudly served his country as a member of the United States Army from 1953 to 1955; and Whereas, during Wilmer David Mizell's early adult years, he pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the New York Mets; and Whereas, Wilmer David Mizell retired from baseball in 1963 and accepted a position with the Pepsi-Cola Company in Winston-Salem working in the field of sales management and public relations; and Whereas, Wilmer David Mizell served as a County Commissioner for Davidson County from 1966 to 1968; and Whereas, Wilmer David Mizell served with honor and distinction as a member of the United States House of Representatives, representing North Carolina's Fifth Congressional District from 1968 to 1974; and Whereas, Wilmer David Mizell served as Assistant Secretary of Economic Development under President Gerald Ford, as Assistant Secretary of Agriculture under President Ronald Reagan, and as a member of the Council on Physical Fitness under President George Bush; and Whereas, Wilmer David Mizell was a staunch Republican who never wavered from his beliefs, which earned him admiration and respect from his peers, colleagues, and the citizens he represented; and Whereas, Wilmer David Mizell was named the Southern Baptist Christian Athlete of the Year in 1951 and was presented the Distinguished Citizen Award of 1969 by George Washington University; and Whereas, Wilmer David Mizell was active in civic and community organizations, including the American Legion, and served as Chair of the Board of Trustees of Toccoa Falls College in Toccoa Falls, Georgia; and Whereas, Wilmer David Mizell was a faithful member of Faith Missionary Alliance Church in Winston-Salem, serving as a lay speaker, deacon, Sunday school superintendent, and church board member; and Whereas, Wilmer David Mizell died on February 21, 1999; and Whereas, Wilmer David Mizell was a devoted husband and loving father and grandfather; and Whereas, Wilmer David Mizell is survived by his wife, Ruth Cox Mizell, two sons, David Mizell and Danny Mizell, two stepchildren, Larry Laws and Linda Pate, four grandchildren and three stepgrandchildren; Now, therefore, Be it resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring: Section 1. The General Assembly expresses high regard for the life and service of Wilmer David "Vinegar Bend" Mizell and mourns the loss of one of North Carolina's beloved and respected citizens. Section 2. The General Assembly extends its sincere sympathy to the family of Wilmer David Mizell for the loss of its family member. Section 3. The Secretary of State shall transmit a certified copy of this resolution to the family of Wilmer David Mizell. Section 4. This resolution is effective upon ratification.

Wilmer David Mizell 1930-1999

David Mizell Born / / Died / /

Danny Mizell Born / / Died / /

Stepchildren: Larry Laws Born / / Died / /

Linda Pate Born / / Died / /

Thomas Jefferson Mizell 1892-

Carl D. Mizell Born / / Died / /

David W. Mizell Born / / Died / /

Thomas Ford Mizell Born / / Died / /

Sarah E. Mizell (walley) 1865-1898

James Mac. Walley Born 04/ /1890 Died / / in 1900 Deer Park Ala. Census

Eugene Walley Born 12/ /1893 Died / / in 1900 Deer Park Ala. Census

John Henry Walley Born 06/ /1898 Died / / Married Emma in 1900 Deer Park Ala. Census

Nettie Walley Born / /1896 Died / / Married John Neely in 1900 Deer Park Ala. Census

Joesphine Walley Born 01/ /1888 Died / / Married Thomas Holland in 1900 Deer Park Ala. Census

Dora Ann Mizell(Eubanks) 1884-1938

Kate J. Eubanks Born / /1902 Died / /

Bernice Flurry Eubanks Born 12/11/1905Died02 /14/1933

Nettie Eubanks Born / /1907 Died / /

Noel Eubanks Born / /1909 Died / /

Edward E. Eubanks Born / /1912 Died / /

Ella Eubanks Born / /1913 Died / /

Walter Lee Eubanks Born / / Died / /

Tommy C. Eubanks Born / / Died / /

Dora Jean Eubanks Born / / Died / /

William Mizell 1832-1865

Agoline Mizell Born / /1860 Died / / Born in Alabama , 1860 Mobile County Census Page 632.Married Robert Dixon Jr. Jackson Co. Missisippi Marriage Record

William Riley Mizell Born 1/16/1865 Died 8/28/1941 married#1 Annie Garlott on 12/9/1896, Jackson Co. Ms. Wife #2 Rosa Lee Dees Married on 8/29/1899 born 3/9/1880 Died 8/28/1941. She was half Creek, Her Mother was born in Alabama, William Riley was born in Agricola Ms. William Worked as a Farmer and he worked in SawMills, He couldnt read or write. My grandmother told me that two men by the name of Haynes ,and Traxley came to my GGrandfathers house around 1902, and stated they wanted to buy the lumber off the land. My GGrandmother who could read and write was sick in bed. My GGrandfather who throught he was signing over rights to the timber signed over all his land. Land located in Agricola, Missisippi, 162.15 acres, Juction of Cemetery Road and Barton Agricola Road, Record of deeds book 24 pages 396& 397

Susan (Parker) (Mizell) Dixon

Lennie Dixon Born / /1883 Died / /1955 Married Huey Mitchel Churchwell on June 6,1878, Huey's old house is located in Agricola, Missisippi, his house is now an Antique Shop

William Riley Mizell 1865-1941

William Warren Mizell Born 11/17/1900 Died 11/20/1961 married Cora. Onelia Trwick Born 4/19/1901 Died 9/30/1991 Born in Stapleton, Alabama. Daughter of William Abner trawick, Mother Carrie Barnes.was an ordain Minster for the Assemble of God He would hold church in the front room of the house, if there was no other place. William built the church at Dogs Road, it was moved later to Airport & Cody Road. Grandfather would load us all up in the back of his old pickup, and away we would go to praymeeting, or dinner on the ground, on certain Sundays. We had homecomeing the 2nd. Sunday in June at Stapton, Alabama. William Worked in a sawmill, He stumpwooded, (Blew up stumps with dynamite and sold them), He was a carpenter, and he farmed. He share cropped at Tanner Williams Alabama. I remember Grandfather notching trees to obtain Turpentine. Lived at Wilmer, Ala in 1943 Per Dad's letter home in WW11

Nancy Mizell born / / 1888 Died 11/8/1966 born in Ms.

Daisie Mizell Born 4/21/1903 Died / / Husband #1 Braxton Wheeler #2 Bosarge #3 Cooper.

John Mizell Born 6/12/1905 Died / / Married 1st. Ruthie Mae Richardson, 2nd. Mattie Missouria Waters, Daughter of Charlie & Orie (Dees) Waters On 6/20/1947 at Jackson Co. Ms. John worked for the State of Alabama Road Dept. Farmed and lived around Wilmer, Alabama. John left home at age 13 and never went back to stay. He worked on farms , and in the woods most of his life. He said it did'nt cost his mom and dad 50 cents to raise him. He was very thoughful and caring man. All who knew him loved him . Surmitted by Nancy Bazor. I remember going out to uncle John's , he was a tall man with a smile always on his face,he owned a farm in Wilmer, Alabama.

Walter Mizell Born 1/29/1909 in Alabama, Died 2/ /1976 Married Lillian Irene Tillman 12/5/1950, in Pascagoula, Ms. Irene was Born 5/15/1916, Daughter of Carey & Laura Tillman

Bessie Mizell Born 1/29/1909 in Alabama, Died / / 1976

Freeman Mizell Born 5/17/1911 Died 11/ /1999 Married Laura Degeer, Thomas Lived in Bayou La Batre, Alabama, and he Shrimped & Or ystered for a living. Aunt Laura, worked at a Packing Plant opening Oysters in Bayou La Batre. I remember many happy times at Uncle Freemans going shrimping when I was around nine years old, with him, to playing with Wayne and Donnie Uncle Freemans sons. Uncle Freeman use to give mom, figs to take home.

Murtice Mizell Born 12/31/1913 Died / / married Herderson she lived in Fairhope, Alabama.

Trula Mizell Born 8/31/1916 Died / / Lives in Birmingham, Ala.

Rosea Lee Dees left William Riley Mizell and all their Children for the excitement of the big city. William tried to take care of his family, but the children were so young, and he had to many, so he put four of them in the orphenage, but the oldest of the four ran away.

William Warren Mizell 1900-1961

Born in agricola, Ms. live in, Tanner Williams, Alabama in 1909, lived in Greene Co. Ms. in 1920 Lived, lived in Stapton, Alabama in 1932, lived in Bay Minette, Alabama in 1933, lived at Tanner Williams Alabama in 1934, Lived at Bates Field, Behind Baker High School. Mobile, Alabama in 1945, Lived at where the house is now, about a mile past Baker High School Going toward Mississippi, 1950- Present

John Mizell Born 9/20/1924 at Bay Minete, Alabama Died 7/28/1972 Buried in Kaysville, Utah. Married Ruth L. (Frances) Owens. Served in the U.S. Navy during WW 11, Operated Landing Craft ( Landing the Troops on the Beaches). Worked for the U.S. Air Force at Mobile, Alabama till 1963 when he was transferred to Hill Air Force Base Layton. Utah. Dad worked hard to support his Family ,he was a good husband,and father. Dad loved to fish, he took us on rides on Sundays. I ran away from home one afternoon when I was small , because I was mad at Dad , I was just past Grandmothers when, dad drove up, he rolled the window down , and said that I was just growing up, and these hurt feelings would past in time. Dad asked me to get in the car, he hugged me and said he loved me , I went home feeling a lot of pride in my father. In 1967, when I was home on leave before going to Viet Nam, Dad took me to board the plane to go back to base, he hugged me and I saw tears coming down his cheeks as I was boarding the plane. I was with Dad at the hospital, just before he went into a coma Dad asked how the kids were, mom and I held his hand, the Doctor said Dad was tired and we should wait in the waiting room. Dad passed away July 28, 1972. Mom told me that dad got a ticket for duck hunting without a licence,over at big creek lake, wilmer, Ala. he was real mad about it

Roy Kenneth Mizell Born 09/08/1944 Mobile Co. Alabama Died 08/03/1956 Roy& Wooddrow& Donald Payne came by the house on their bicyles to pick me up, I was taking a bath, and mom told them I could'nt go until I finished my bath,Roy yell at me that they would meet me on up the road. I finished my bath, and ran out the front door, I jumped on my bicycle, and looked up the road to see how far ahead Roy was when I heard a crash up the road, Mom came out and grabbed me. Roy Mizell, Wooddrow Payne died after being run over by a drunk driver, Donald Payne was shaken up, both boys Funeral was held together, My bicyle was taken away from me, and I was told I would never ride it again.

. Edward L. Mizell Born 05/20/1929 Died / / Married Barbra Jean MIller Born 11/19/1943 Died 04/15/1995. Lesie enlisted in the U.S.Air Force, Worked as an Aircraft Mechanic, was station on Okinawa, Japan , March A.F.B. Calif. and in Idaho U.S.A.. Retired from the Mobile Fire Department, where he worked as a Firefighter. He lives on the old home place where he gardens in Mobile, Alabama

Velma L. Mizell Born 10/02/1931 Died / / Married Jack P. Warren . Velma was born in Stableton, Alabama. Jack retired from U.S. Civil Service, Velma, and Jack live in Forest, MS.

James Mizell Born 06/16/1941 Died / / Jim worked as a Welder on Nuclear Power Plants,and as a Welder in a sawmill. 1st Wife Ann Sirmon 2nd Cindy Jim payed football in High School , likes old cars.

Milton Mizell Born 06/26/1938 Died / / Married Bevley Hoke Served in the U.S. Navy as a radioman, worked as a firefighter, Retired from the Social Security Admin. Lives in Mobile, Alabama , close to Edward Mizell , enjoys gardening on the old home place.

William W. Mizell Born 11/04/1922 Died / / Served in the Army Air Corps, in WW 11 as an Air Force Gunner on B-17's, Station in Kingman,Arz. is a Licence Pilot, Bill retired from Ford Proving Grounds. Lives in Kingman, Arz. Bill ran away from home, when he was sixteen, with another boy, they caught a train out of mobile, Alabama , when they got to Montgomery the Sheriff caught them, and gave them the choice of returning to Mobile, on the next train if they had the money, or going to work in the cotton fields if they did'nt. They caught the next train to Mobile. They got off the train in Mobile, and caught a train to New Orleans La. Bill worked for James Hinton in Tanner Williams after this, and lived on his place , because him and grandfather did't see eye to eye on certain things, Grandfather was real stern, Bill worked for Mr. Hinton until he went into the Service. Married Josephen Jane Edgar Born 09/25/1927 Died 02/02/1992

Fred Mizell Born 10/02/1926 Died / / Born in Stapleton,Alabama, Married Mary Maxine Sirmon Born 06/06/1936 in Mobile, Alabama. Fred served in the U.S. Navy in WW11 in the Seabees in the Pacfic. Fred drove a bus in Mobile, Alabama. Fred worked as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic. Fred lives in Glendora, California with his second wife Empress. Fred came down from where he was living in Michigan to Mobile to be with Granfather, when Grandfather had a heart attack. Fred worked at The Shipyard in Mobile at this time to be with Grandfather.

Jessie Earl Mizell Born 09/25/1935 Died / / Married Ilene Retired from Scott Paper Company. Lives in Mobile, Alabama. Tommy served in the U.S. Army in Korea.

John Mizell 1924-1972

Irene Owens Half Sister Born 12/11/1939 Died / / Married Edward Cunningham , Ed died of cancer, he took pride in being a strong person, Irene likes to fish, and camp in her R.V. with her Husband Ray Kennedy Irene lives in Wilmar, Alabama.

Nancy L. Mizell Born 09/20/1946 Died / / Born in Mobile, Alabama. Married 1st. Husband Johnny Weathly in Mobile, Alabama 2nd Craig Hamilton in Utah, 3rd. Charles Bellenger

JoAnn Mizell Born 4/24/1951 Died / / Born Mobile, Alabama Married 1st John Lopez 2nd Gary Pitzel3rd. Will Jones, JoAnn lives in Garland Utah is a Real Estate Agent

John R. Mizell Born 05/28/48 Died / / Married Mary Wilson Born Mobile, Alabama, Served in the U.S. Marine Crops, Served in Viet Nam 1967,1968,1969,wounded in action, Retired, Past Commander of The D.A.V. Haralson Co. Ga. Retired from the Department of the Air Force, because of Agent Orange.

David Mizell Born 7/1/1953 Died / / Served in the U.S. Air Force, Retired from the U.S. Army, serving 20 years.

June Marie Mizell Born 7/9/1959 Died / / Born Mobile, Alabama Married 1st. Darrel Farmer 2nd. Ken Vaugh

Micheal M. Mizell Born 6/22/1961 Died / / Born Mobile, Alabama Mike works as a tree climber, I remember when, Mike & I went fishing at the pond in Layton, Utah, and Mike caught a ground squirrel and it bit him, I was afraid he would get rabies.

Milton Mark Mizell Born / /1958 Died / / 1958 Infant Buried Tanner Williams Cemetery.

Edward L. Mizell 1929

Edward L. Mizell Jr. Born 10/31/1960 Died / /

Anita Charlene Mizell Born 03/30/1962 Died / /

Michael Kenneth Mizell Born 11/29/1965 Died / /

Theresa Lorrane MIzell Born 01/17/1968 Died / /

Pamela Lynette Mizell Born 11/09/1970 Died / /

Velma L. Mizell ( Warren )1931

William Joseph (Bill) Warren Born 09/01/1952 Died / /

Jack Preston Warren Jr. Born 02/07/1954 Died / /

Carolyine Lucell Warren Born 03/31 1955 Died / /

Sharron Gail Warren Born 08/18 /1957 Died / /

Mary Eileen Warren Born 08/22/1964 Died / /

James Mizell (Jim)1941

Ursula Mizell Born / / Died / /

Terriey Mizell Born / / Died / /

Jamie Mizell Born / / Died / /

Susan Mizell Born / / Died / /

Milton Mizell ( Mick) 1938

Craig Mizell Born 1 /9 / 1966 Died 6 / 26 /1988 was a free sprit, Craig was working in Missisippi when he had an automobile accident, which took his life, he was a good boy, and I miss him.

Jessie Earl Mizell ( Tom ) 1935-

John Mizell Born / / Died / / Lives in Mobile, Alabama

Jim Mizell Born / / Died / / Lives in Mobile, Alabama

Missiy Mizell Born / / Died / / Lives in Baldwin Co. Ala

Jeff Mizell Born / / Died / / Lives in Mobile, Alabama

William W. Mizell ( Bill )1922 -

Jon Roger Mizell Born 10/20/1954 Died / / Married Peggy , Jon works for Ford Motor Co. in Kingman, Arz.

Robert Lee Mizell Born 01/04/1964 Died / / Flys Aircraft

James (Jim) Edward Mizell Born 07/25/1962 Died / / Married Catherine Jim works on offshore Oil Rigs

Fred Mizell 1926

Fred Warren Mizell Born 06/09/1952 Died / / Born Detroit, Mich.

Bruce Michael Mizell Born 05/31/1959 Died / / Born Detroit, Mich.

Brenda Cornelia Mizell Born 03/17/1962 Died / / Born San Diego, Ca.

Phillip Riley Mizell Born 11/31/1959 Died / / Born Detroit, Mich.

Freeman Mizell 1911

Tommy Mizell Born / / Died / /

Donnie Mizell Born / / Died / /

Wayne Mizell Born / / Died / /

Wanitta Mizell Born / / Died / /

Need more info. on above names.

John Mizell 1905-1990

Mattie Waters Children

Nancy Marie Mizell Born 08/20/1948 Died / / Married a Bazor

Murtis Lee Mizell Born 08/18/1950 Died / / Married a Bryan

Clyde Warren Mizell Born 07/08/1952 Died / /

Janice Elaine Mizell Born 03/29/1957 Died / / Married a Flowers

Lena Joyce Mizell Born 10/08/1959 Died / / Married a Murchio

Dewitt Earl Mizell Born 03/13/1961 Died / /

Joe Calvin Mizell Born 06/05/1962 Died / /

Malcolm Dewayne Mizell Born 06/05/1964 Died / /

Tracy Lawahne Mizell Born 11/21/1967 Died / / Married a Miller

Ruthie Mae Richardson's Children

Luther James Mizell Born 10/26/1929 Died / /

William John Mizell Born 05/29/1931 Died 03/08/1988

Carl Raymond Mizell Born 12/04/1941 Died / /

Lois Mae Mizell Born 10/31/1944 Died / / Married a Crawford

Ruby Faye Mizell Born 12/05/1947 Died / / Married a Cotton

Claude Stuart Mizell Born / / Died / /

Nancy L. (Mizell)Bellenger

John Daniel Hamilton Born 11/09/68 Died / / Married Carol Ann O'Brien I am married to a beautiful girl named Carol Anne. We have been married for 15 years. I have a son named Joshua who is 13, and a daughter named Jessica who is nine. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful family. Danny is a Teacher

Stephen Howard Hamilton Born 05/29/70 Died / /

Craig Phillip Hamilton Jr Born 02/05/72 Died / / Married Kathy Green

John Daniel Hamilton 1968-

Joshua Daniel Hamilton Born 04/28/92 Died / /

Jessie Marie Hamilton Born 05/25/95 Died / /

Craig Phillip Hamilton Jr 1972- Kristen Hamilton Born 08/28/1998 Died / /

Step Son D.J. Champion Born / / Died / /

John R. Mizell 1948

John R. Mizell Jr. Born 10/23/1974 Died / / Born Mobile, Alabama < Lives in Roy, Utah, Works in Computers at found. com

Aaron Ray Mizell Born 08/10/1976 Died / / Born Salt Lake City, Utah , Works at logoon in Kaysville Utah , Lives in Layton, Utah

Karrie Jean Mizell Born 12/10/1981 Died / / Born Austell, Georgia, Lives in Clearfield, Utah, Teaches School

Thomas Freeman Mizell II (Tommy Mizell)

married Jeanette Harriet McDonald

2 Children

Thomas Freeman Mizell III

married Pamela Rene Anglin (of Phoenix City, AL)

3 children

1.Thomas Russell Mizell (12/28/1984)


Amanda Renia Jackson (of Grand Bay, AL 8/12/2006)

2.Erica Brooke Mizell (12/22/1988)

3.Chelsey Lynn Mizell

Rebecca Mizell

married John Sutton

2 children

Luke Sutton

Syndey Sutton

Caleb R. Mizell 1856-1908

Lula Mizell Born 08/ /1881 Died / / Born Missisippi ,

Leona Mizell Born 02/ /1884 Died / / Born Missisippi In 1910 George Co. Missisippi Census

Maggie Mizell Born 05/ /1886 Died / / Born Missisippi In 1910 George Co. Missisippi Census

John Mizell Born 03/ /1889 Died / / Born Missisippi In 1910 George Co. Missisippi Census ( John Parker was a border, along with a Mr. Sanders.

Thomas Jefferson Mizell 1853-1921

William R. Mizell Born 02/ /1881 Died / / Born Missisippi

Harmon Hill Mizell Born 12/18 /1882 Died 07 /23/1946 Born Missisippi Married Lorine Goff in Green Co. Missisippi 1905, Lorine was Born 03/08/1888 Died 04/21/1937, Both are Buried at the Fairley Cemetery ,In 1910 George Co. Missisippi Census

Vergie Mizell Born 02/06/1885 Died 06/26/1953 Vergie was Born in Missisippi Married Malcom Knox Black Born 03/12/1870 Died 02/02/1947, Both are Buried at The Fairley Cemetery .

Augustus Knox Mizell Born 02/24/1889 Died04 /27/1943 Born Missisippi Married Lovina Reeves.Lovina(Lou) was born 10/15/1915 1910 George Co. Missisippi Census

Racheal Mizell Born 08/ /1890 Died / / Born Missisippi. In 1910 George Co. Missisippi Census

Lola Mizell Born 05/ /1894 Died / / Born Missisippi

Harmon H. Mizell 1882-1946

John Luke Mizelle Born / / Died / / Married Velma Cochan on 08/11/1941

Maude Mizelle Born / / Died / / Married Maurice Holloman

Harmon R. Mizell Born / /1910 Died 11/ /1988 Married Maudie Mae Rouse, In 1910 George Co. Missisippi Census

Raybon Mizelle Born / /1906 Died / / Married Edna Fairley In 1910 George Co. Missisippi Census

Augustus K. Mizell 1889-1943

Fred Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Minnie Dixon on 03/21/1935

James Mizell 1810-1880

Luke Mizelle Born 01/22/1840 Died 01/ /1917 Married Susan Crawford , Susan was Born 05/16/1848 Died 02/23/1935, Luke& Susan were Married in 1869, lived in Escatawpa, Missisippi. Luke served in the C.S.A. Buried Zion Cemetery. ,In 1850 Jackson Co Census

Sarah Ellen Mizelle Born / /1844 Died / / Married John Foster 02/22/1866, Lived at Basin Missisippi.,In 1850 Jackson Co Census

Phillip Mizelle Born / /1849 Died / / Married Rebecca Grimes Lived at Vinegar Bend, Alabama, Served in the C.S.A. Moved from Escatawpa to Lusedale then to Vinegar Bend.,In 1850 Jackson Co Census, in 1900 Deer Park , Alabama cecsus

info from James Grover Mizell.

Lucy Mizelle Born / /1848 Died / / Married Milton Dickson, Lived at Escatawpa, Missisippi,In 1850 Jackson Co Census

David Mizelle Born / /1854 Died / / Married Annie O. Rice, Lived at Vinegar Bend, Alabama.Born Missisippi in 1900 Deer Park , Alabama cecsus

James J. Mizelle Born / /1856 Died / / Lived at Vinegar Bend, Alabama. Moved from Escatawpa to Lusedale then to Vinegar Bend info from James Grover Mizell. in 1900 Deer Park , Alabama cecsus ( Also see letters of W.G. Mizelle to Folks Huxford 1946)

Luke Mizell 1840-1917

William George Mizelle Born 11/11/1873 Died 06/12/1954, Married Sabra Etta Jones in Jackson Co. Missisippi, Sabra was Born 10/03/1879 Died 03/27/1969 Dau of Alfred and Mary Jane Jones.

Edward G. Mizelle Born / /1876 Died / /1950 Married Edith Aikens

William George Mizelle 1873-1954 (Per Grady Mizelle Family Bible)

Edith Corine Mizelle Born 07/21/1899 Died 05 /21/1988 (Grady Mizelle Family Bible) Married William Hayes Slider

Lola Inez Mizelle Born 11/21/1901 Died / / (Grady Mizelle Family Bible)

William Earnish Mizelle Born 11/09/1904 Died 10/20/1916 Grady Mizelle Family Bible

Winston Grady Mizelle Born 10/30/1906 Died / /1999 Grady Mizelle Family Bible

Henitta Mildred Mizelle Born 12/19/1910 Died / / Grady Mizelle Family Bible

Martha Christine Mizelle Born 10/03/1916 Died / / Grady Mizelle Family Bible

Wesley Everett Mizelle Born 12/16/1919 Died / / Grady Mizelle Family Bible

------ Mizelle Born 08/27/1915 Died / /

Edward G. Mizelle 1876-1950

Douglas A. Mizell Born 03/21/1912 Died 06/25/1976

Kermit Quinn Mizelle Born 11/07/1909 Died 07/17/1940

Lucy (Mizell) Dickson 1848

Jane Dickson Born / / Died / / Born Missisippi

Henry Dickson Born / / Died / / Born Missisippi

Griffin Mizelle 1817 ( In 1850 Misisippi Census)

Luke Mizelle Born / /1848 Died / / In 1850 Jackson Co Census, In 1860 Jackson Co. Fed. Census

Olivin Ann Mizelle Born / /1850 Died / /In 1850 Jackson Co Census,David Mizell Jr. lived with them. Married John Houston Berry, John was a Wheelwright Left Jackson Co, Missisippi for Pine Bluff, Ark.

John Wesley Mizelle Born 05/08/1855 Died 08/13/1932 Married Rebecca Jane Courtney, Reberca's Mother was Lucy McDowell, her father was Jesse Courtney, Buried at Farrell Cemetery.No (E) on end info from the RLDS 1920 Saints Herald, In 1860 Jackson Co. Missippi Fed. Census(Spelled Mizel)

Mary J. Mizelle Born / /1852 Died / / Married J.D. Brazell 01/20/1870.

Matha E. Mizelle Born / /1855 Died / / In 1860 Jackson Co. Missippi Fed. Census

William Wiley Mizelle Born 11/15/1858 Died 09/03/1912 Born Missisippi, In 1860 Jackson Co. Missippi Fed. Census , Married Martha Courney, Martha was Born 05/15/1865 Died 08/23/1943

Nancy Mizelle Born / /1860 Died / / Born Missisippi

Billy Mizelle Born / /1850 Died / / Born Missisippi , In 1860 Jackson Co. Missippi Fed. Census

Charles Reuben Mizelle Born 09/01 /1869 Died /19 /1953 Born in Jackson Co. Missisippi, Married 1st. Ella Young 2nd Ann Porter 5/14/1898, Died in Pascagoula, Ms. Buried at Three Rivers Cemetery in Escatawpa, Missisippi, Ordained a Priest 11/21/1892 in the R.L.D.S. Church.In 1870 Jackson Co, Miss. Census

Hiram Bruneo Mizelle Born 01/15/1865 Died 02/17/1934 Married Annie L. Lambert, In 1870 Jackson Co. Missisippi Census

Harmon R. Mizell 1910-1988

Keith Mizell Born / / Died / /

Lillian Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Goff

John W. Mizell 1855-1932

Minnie Mizell Born 05/28/1887 Died 01/15/1926 Married Edward Miller

John W. Mizell Jr. Born / /1894 Died 03/02/1960 Married Minerva Elelyn Carter, She was born 05/06/1900 Died 09/21/1968, she was born at Moss Point , Missisippi

Annie Mizell Born / /1884 Died / /

Nettie F. Mizell Born / /1885 Died / / Married Joseph Rogers

Bruno Mizell Born / /1889 Died / /

Nollie Mizell Born / /1891 Died / /

Ollie Cowan Mizell Born / /1891 Died / /

Ruby Celeste Mizell Born / / Died / /

Frank Lurono Mizell Born / / Died / /

( One Source was The Parker Connection by Harry H. McDonald)

William Wiley Mizell 1858-1912

Emory Y. Mizell Born 05/18/1903 Died 09/30/1903

Gilbert Mizell Born 04/22/1886 Died 02/02/1902

Edna Mizell Born / / Died / /

Jessie D. Mizell Born / / Died / /

Rebecca (Becky) Mizell Born / / Died / /

Miranda Mizell Born / / Died / /

Viola Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Charles Fiscus

Charles Reuben Mizell 1869-1953

1st. Wife Ella Young Mizell

Charles Edward Mizell Born 10/27/1894 Died 12/07/1952' Married Amanda Vivian, she was born 04/14/1903 in Wester Missisippi, died 11/20/1980 in Pascagoula, Ms. In The 1900 Jackson Co. Missisippi Census.

2nd. Wife Annie Porter

Raymond Mizell Born 06/1/1899 Died 01/12/1976 he was born in Escatawpa , Ms. and died in Pascagoula.Married Clara Wheeler

Minnie Elvera Mizell Born 01/22/1901 Died 12/18/1976 She was born in Escatawpa, Ms. and died in Independence, Mo. She Married John Otis Fiscus, on 04/1929 in Lone, Washington

Lula E. Mizell Born / /1903 Died 03 /07/1999 Married Lewis E. Yawn

Eldora Mizell Born 11/22/1904 Died 10/ /1990 She was born in Escatawpa, Missisippa and Married Ralph Noah Remington.

Lonnie Benjamin Mizell Born 08/08/1906 Died 07/07/1984 He was born in Escatawpa, Ms , Died Topeka, Ks. Bapt. 06/08/1915 at R.L.D.S. Three Rivers Mission,Escatawpa, Missisippi. Married 1st. wife Rella Maloan who was born 06/15/1911, they were divorced in 1939. 2nd wife Bery Claire Shuler, Married on 11/07/1942, she was born 10/05/1919

Ruby Celeste Mizell Born 05/21/1908 Died 11/01/1989 , She died in Independence Mo. She Married Claud Miller 06/11/1926

Annie Leona Mizell Born 09/24/1911 Died / /1998 She was born in Escatawpa, Ms .Married Frank L. Schmid on 09/23/1930

Willie Mae (Billie) Mizell Born / / Died / / Married a Long.

Lillian Agnes Mizell Born 05/31/1918 Died 10/21/1921, Died of diptheria and pneumonia.

Fredrick Marshall Mizell Born 09/16/1920 Died 01/17/1993 Married and divorced Verla Goff.

Mary Ellen Mizell Born / / Died / / Married a Scott.

Info: for above from : Gary Swart, father was Lonnie Benjamin Mizell

Minnie Mizell (Miller) 1887-1926

Armon Eugene Miller Born / /1914 Died 11/21/1932

Hiram Bruneo Mizelle 1865-1934

Annie Oniree Mizelle Born 09/26/1878 Died 03/29/1965 1st. Husband Dewey Tanner of Wilmer, Alabama , 2nd Otto Snow of GeorgeTown, Ala.

Augusta Mizelle Born / / Died / / Married Percy McDonald.

Ethel Mamie Mizelle Born / / Died / / Married Gregory Evans.

Mattie Bell Mizelle Born 11/25/1907 Died 05/29/1920

Lambert Wilson Mizelle Born / / Died 11/27/1965 No Children , Lambert died and is buried in Wilmer, Ala. Cemetery. Married Dorothy H. Ramsay on 07/12/1944

Emma Lucille Mizelle Born 10/20/1916 Died 11/27/1965. Married Harry S. Strickler, Buried at Wilmer , Alabama ,All Methodist

Emma Lucille Mizelle ( Strickler )1916-1920

Mary Ann Strickler Born / / Died / /

Joyce Ann Strickler Born / / Died / /

Emma Jean Strickler Born / / Died / /

Harriet Lucille Strickler Born / / Died / /

Connie Strickler Born / / Died / /

Carol Strickler Born / / Died / /

One source Four Centuries On The Pascagoula.

William Wiley Mizell 1858-1912

Emory Mizell Born 05/18/1903 Died 09/30/1903

Gilbert Mizell Born 04/22/1886 Died 02/02/1902

Edna E. Mizell Born / / Died / /

Jessie D. Mizell Born / / Died / /

Rebecca (Becky) Mizell Born / / Died / /

Miranda Mizell Born / / Died / /

Viola Mizell Born / / Died / / Married CharLes Fiscus

( Source The Parker Connection by Harry H. McDonald)

Nettie F. (Mizell) Rogers 1885-

Elizabeth R. Rogers Born 11/24/1927 Died / / Married Burton Greene

Johnny(Johnnie) J. Rogers Born / / Died / / Married 1st. Louise- 2nd Lois J. Parker

Bruno Clifton Rogers Born 10/02/1908 Died / / married Alfreda

Augusta Melvina Rogers 11/02/1921 Died / / Married Loyd William Standley on 01/01/1942

( Source The Parker Connection by Harry H. McDonald)

Phillip Mizelle 1849- ( In 1880 Washington Co. , Ala Census

John Willis Mizelle Born 11/ /1877 Died / /1956 Born Alabama Married Zella Mills Born / /1883 Died / /1937 Buried Epworth Methodist Cemetery, Washington Co. Alabama. in 1900 Deer Park , Alabama cecsus

Frances Mizell Born 02/ /1880 Died / / Born Alabama,in 1900 Deer Park , Alabama cecsus

James D. Mizell Born 09/11/1883 Died 07/04/1944 Born Alabama Married Lorina Dees Born 03/11/1882 Died 10/22/1939 Buried Epworth Methodist Cemetery, Washington Co. Alabama. in 1900 Deer Park , Alabama cecsus

Albert Stewart Mizelle Born 08/22/1884 Died 05/18/1946 Born Alabama ,Buried Epworth United Methodist Church Cemetery in 1900 Deer Park , Alabama cecsus

David Mizelle Born 08/ /1886 Died / / Born Alabama, in 1900 Deer Park , Alabama cecsus

James D. Mizelle 1882-1944

Lora Virginia Mizelle Born / / Died / /

John Willis Mizelle 1877-1956

Joseph Clyde Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Effie Holland On 10/16/1937, Effie was Born 04/22/1906 Died 02/23/1944, Buried Weldy Cem.

Rebecca Mizell Born / / Died / /

Dorthy Ward Mizell Born / / Died / / Lives in Fla.

Maxine Mizell Born / / Died / / Married IL Turner on 10/23/1938

James Grover Mizell Born / / Died / / Married Ethel Mae

Charles Douglas Mizell Born / / Died / /

David Mizell 1854

Ellia Mizell Born 09/ /1894 Died / / in 1900 Deer Park , Alabama cecsus. Buried Epworth Methodist Cemetery

Julia Mizell Born / / Died / / in 1900 Deer Park , Alabama cecsus Buried Epworth Methodist Cemetery

Nollie MIzell Born 01/ /1892 Died / / in 1900 Deer Park , Alabama cecsus Buried Epworth Methodist Cemetery

Stewart Mizell Born 06 /21 /1883 Died05 /18 /1946 in 1900 Deer Park , Alabama cecsus Buried Epworth Methodist Cemetery

Annie Mizell Born07 / /1888 Died / / in 1900 Deer Park , Alabama cecsus Buried Epworth Methodist Cemetery

Douglas Mizell Born / / Died / / Buried Epworth Methodist Cemetery

1866 Colored Population Dale County Alabama

Tom Mizell

Lucy Mizell

James Mizell

Fade Mizell

Tom Mizell

Tom Mizell

Billy Mizell

Eliza Mizell

Druseller Mizell

Clairborn Mizell

Labon Mizell 09/05/1855 Died 07/03/1996 , Buried Old Zion Cem , Dale Co. Alabama

Black: Mizell's from Georgia's 1870 Census

Daniel Mizell Age 60 Male Black Born Afri.

Andrew Mizell Age 30 Male Black Born Ga.

Dina Mizell Age 45 Felmale Black Born Ga.

Hardy Mizell Age 42 Male Black Born Ga.

Pattence Mizell Age 40 Felmale Black Born Ga.

Samuel Mizell Age 25 Male Black Born Ga.

Mariah Mizell Age 34 Felmale Black Born Ga.

Maeshall Mizell Age 23 Male Black Born Ga.

From: Alabama' Missing Barber ( Pot Of Boiling)

Long eerie shadows of pine and bay trees played grotesquely across the figures four men who stood ominously still in a lonely dirt road that led to the village Vinegar Bend, Ala., a few miles east of the Mississippi state line.

The strange quartet were variously garbed in native blue denim overalls, faded olen shirts and thick-soled leather boots. From the hands of each dangled a high-powered rifle or shotgun. A queer uncertainty of impending action dominated their grim, unsmiling faces.

Wash Dailey, youngest of the four, crushed a cigarette in the dust after two puffs.

"Something's wrong here" , he muttered. " Abe should have been here half an hour ago. You sure you got, this straight?

Joe Shumro straightened his giant frame to full height. Slightly past 40, hes half a head taller than the rest. His sensuous mouth curled into a sarcastic smile. Fierce, narrow-set eyes appraised Daily from head to foot.

"What you so nervous about?" he sneered. "Maybe you'd like to back out of this Daily. Abe said he would be here by dark and that means he'll be here."

The other two stood silently apart, Wesley Berry, whose gray hair and furrowed cheeks branded him the oldest, merely nodded. Emile Gurney turned his bald head and walked furtively down the narrow road.

"Here he comes"

A hundred yards distant, through the somber May dusk, a bent form of the Village Barber , Abe Baxter, was approaching. In his left hand he held a bulging suitcase.Under his right arm was a single barrel shotgun, walking slightly behind him was his 30-year old nephew, Gene Mizelle.

Baxter's worn face betrayed his 45 years. The last rays of the setting sun lighted his features as he came closer, and smiled warmly at the four men whom he had known since childhood.

"Sorry I'm a little late boys," he apologized. "I had some packing to do, where'll we hunt?"

The quartet ignored the apology, shifted nervously. The Tall,black-haired Skumro spoke.

"Did you tell anybody you was going deer hunting ,Abe? Baxter's intuition warned him that something was amiss. These men had more on their minds than an enening deer hunt.

The barber's misgivings increased as tight-lipped smiles crossed the faces of the men about him. Tremulously he added, "Why? What's it to you?.

Joe Skumro merely shrugged.

Baxter notice suddenly that everyone in the party was standing stark still.

Abe thought it was growing late and the time to hunt was short, no one made a move. At last , Wash Dailey the barber's brother-in -law, stepped forward.

"Abe, I want to settle a little business matter with you. I want to borrow $75,".

Baxter eyed him apprehensively, so that was it! Involuntarily his hand sought his bulging hip pocket to feel a wallet containing $1400 in cash.

This money represented the proceeds from the sale of his barber shop at Fruitdale, and his school bus, plus his soldier bonus, lately received. He was aware these men knew that, with the $1400 as a stake, he was leaving Fruitdale to seek new fields in the West.

"I'm not a bank" he stammered. "And I havn't got any money to lend. I need every penny I've got to start a new business."

"You mean to tell me you would't loan a relative $75, with that bank roll you've got in your pocket?" Dailey snarled. The words were not a question but a threat.

Involuntarily the barber stepped backward, his heart beat a crazy taitoo as he saw Dailey's shotgun drop from his armpit to his hand.

"Maybe I could let you have $50," Baxter amended hastily.

There was no response, and frantically he looked about for an avenue of escape, then he saw Wash Dailey's shotgun slowly rise. It was leveled not at him, however, but at his nephew, Gene Mizell.

With all the force Abe could muster he started to run, hardly knowing which way he was headed.

"Shoot him or I'll kill you," Daily commanded, his weapon aimed at Mizelle's head.

The latter, who up to now had been a silent spectator, suddenly found himself an unwilling actor in a gripping melodrama. He brought up his weapon with the deliberation of a helpless automaten and sighted down the barrell at his uncle. As though some fiendish phanton controlled him, his finger pressed the trigger. Abe Baxter toppled crazily in the dust and rolled over twice. The blast of lead had caught him in the shoulder.

Calmly stalking the helpless victim, Joe Skumro pointed his double barreled gun at the back of the barber's neck. The sound of the shot echoed through the hills.

Amazingly, the twice-wounded man refused to die. In barely distinguishable words.

During the entire action Emile Gurney and Wes Berry stood at the side of the road,near the gate to the abandoned John Gardner cabin. Emile, remotely related to the barber's nephew, Gene Mizelle, had not once spoken and appeared genuinely surprised at the rapid sequence of events.

Wash Dailey's harsh voice broke the moment of silence that followed the murder.

"That's what happens to tightwads," he sneered. "Gene , go through his pockets"

Thoroughly cowered by the older man, Mizelle bent over his dead uncle. With growing terror he realized he might be the next victim. The only alternative was to do everything he was told.

He rummaged through Baxter's pockets and found the wallet stuffed with bills. "Get the rest," Dailey snarled. Mizelle reached down again. His fingers clutched the barber's watch and a large pocket knife, an heirloom his father and grandfather had carried.

"Okay" Dailey said. Give me that stuff".

Mizelle tremulously watched as the older man counted off $1,400 in large bills.

"Here take this for your trouble," Dailey said , holding out some bank notes , " And keep your trap shut, remember, you are the guy who did the killing, if anybody in this gang gets caught, you'll be a dead farmhand."

Mizelle was too frightened to observe that he had received only $40 . He pockted the money and said nothing.

He began to consider some method of escape. He thought of going to the Sheriff's office at Chatom, but Dailey's sneer-"you are the guy who did the killing " was still ringing in his ears as he watched his uncle's bleeding corpse being carried to Skumro's farm truck, parked a hundred feet up the road.

Dailey ordered the other four to climb in the truck and then he got behind the wheel. He started to drive to the old Stremich farm where he and Skumro were camping. The place had been abandoned for years.

After three miles of bumping over deep, jagged ruts, the truck jerked to a stop. Dailey sprang from his seat and ordered Mizelle to carry the body into the unpainted shack. Mizelle obeyed. He gently laid his burden on the floor of what once had been a bedroom, then watched Joe Skumro drive spikes to secure the door.

Afterwards all five walked to a spring, with only the moon as witness, they stooped to wash the blood from their hands. Then Mizelle pointed to his jumper and overalls, which were covered with blood, Dailey ordered him to removed them, and bury them in the woods.

Back in the shack, Dailey pointed to Emile Gurney and Wes Berry

Gene Mizelle and his two "guards" lay down on the bare plank floor, Slowly a plan formulated in Mizelle's mind as he listened to the steady breathing of his two companions.

Pushing himself to his knees, he could see the upturned faces of the two killers in the filtered rays of the moon, carefully he raised himself until he stood erect.

With stealthy strides he moved to the door , and slowly pulled at the knob, the squeak of a rusty hinge froze him motionless, the giant form of Joe Skumro turned over, suddenly sprang to life.

"What in hell are you doing there?" he demanded. "I couldn't sleep," Gene stammered , "I wanted to get some air."

Wash Dailey, also arouse and thoroughly angered, snarled, "One more false move out of you , and you'll be shaking hands with your uncle." Dailey sprawled himself across the doorway and soon was fast asleep again.

Slumber would not come to Mizelle, with a shudder he reflected that in the next room lay the corpse of the uncle who in life had been his closest friend. Again and again his feverish mind reviewed the slaying. Just last week he and Abe Baxter had returned from a trip through Arkansas , for two weeks they had been inseparable companions. His uncle had paid all expenses, it had been a wonderful vacation-a bright spot in Mizelle's drab existence as a farmhand, and now Abe was dead.

At dawn Mizelle watched his jailers carefully inspect the nailed door of the other room, Then they went outside and peared into the window to see if the body was visible to possible prying eyes. Finally satisfied, they faced the quaking Mizelle, "What'll we do with him?" Skumro grinned with a mock show of consideration.

"Let him go," Dailey snapped, "after all , he did the job, We're just witnesses, if he ever opens his mouth, it's all of us against him, he don't dare open his trap."

In a daze Gene Mizelle stumbled to the home of a relative. Throughout the day he sat on the front porch gazing into space, several times he opened his mouth as though to speak, but immediately changed his mind. At another home a sneer crossed the face of big Joe Skumro as he turned to Wash Dailey.

"We did the perfect crime," he said, Abe Baxter was leaving home for keeps, nobody will miss him and start snooping around. Him and his wife didn't get along,so she won't think nothing of it."

Six days later Jimmy Morris, a farm youth, was wandering through the woods near Vinegar Bend, as he reached a small clearing his eyes suddenly were attracted by the unusual sight of nearly a hundred giant buzzards circling over a spot not far distant. Curious, he ran forward and came upon the abandoned Donald farm shack. The huge carrion birds were swooping down to the dwelling, when they spotted Morris they winged away.

Jimmy examined the yard but could see no evidence of dead flesh, the chief menu of buzzards. Inside the crude building he encountered an odor so vile that he hurriedly made an exit, curiosity overcame his nausea, however, and he drew a big breath and rushed back into the shack and peered into the dark corners.

Several such attempts failed to reveal the source of the horrible stench, and at last Morris started to leave. He was unaware of a pair of beady eyes that watched his every move from the concealment of nearby foilage.

The hidden figure raised a high-powered rifle and took deliberate aim at the youth, but then the man changed his mind and lowered the weapon. After, he had gone away, Joe Skumro emerged from the thicket and looked stealnily about. He placed an old box near the window at one side of the shack stood on it and peered in through a narrow crevice.

Wrapped in a ragged blanket lay the corpse of Abe Baxter, it had been transferred to this new hideaway from the Stremich farm a few nights before. Careful to tread only on hard ground, Skumro back-tracked to the thicket where he again took up his virgil until dark. He was cursing to himself, Why hadn't Wash Dailey thought of buzzards? Perfect crime, bah!

Suddenly a happy thought crossed the dull brain of the swarty giant, he grinned broadly . Jimmy Morris hadn't actually seen that body and what he suspected didn't matter.

Noiselessly, with the intuition of a born huntsman, he hurried through the woods, reached a small clearing, and after peering furtively about, climbed into his old truck which he had parked in the road. Half an hour later he was talking to Wes Berry and Gene Mizelle.

"I'm going to have a little boiling party tonight," Skumro said, " and you two are going to help me." For the next hour he outline his scheme, Berry nodded in admiration and Mizelle shuddered.

At 9:00 that night the trio trudged through yhe woods, Skumro in the lead, he carried an empty 100 pound lard can. When they got near the Donald shack he filled the can from a spring while Wes Berry started a blazing fire with dead branches, and twigs laid crosswise between rocks. Soon the water was boiling.

"Now," Skumro laughed loudly at his own joke, "we're going to give Abe Baxter a decent burial."

They brought out the corpse and laid it near the dancing flames, Skumro and wes Berry, jesting over the gruesome task, carefully removed every bit of clothing. The fire settled into hot embers and the large pot was bubbling over.

With only the light of a full moon, Skumro hacked at the body with a large hunting knife and placed the pieces in the boiling water. When this was completed he washed his hands in the spring and sat down to wait. Hours that seemed ages of nightmarish horror to Gene Mizelle passed slowly by. Then he saw the giant test his handiwork with several sticks.

"Nicely done, " Skumro muttered. He motioned to Wes Berry and the two drained the can of water.

Then limb, Skumro proceeded to cut flesh from the bones with the hunting knife. He placed each bone in a gunny sack at his feet, permitting the flesh to drop to the ground.

When the fiendish job was ended he tied the sack with a length of hemp and beckened to his companions. Several hundred yars deep in the woods he discovered the low limb of a bay tree. There he hung the last of Abe Baxter.

Returning to the spring, Skumo and Berry carefully gathered the victim's clothing and hid them along an old fence row in high weeds.

The killers had performed what they thought was a perfect crime, provided none of them talked-also provided no prying hunter ran across the gunny sack full of Abe's bones hung on the bay tree.

Either possibility seemed very remote. Dailey and Skumro had forcefully reminded both Gene Mizelle and Emile Gurney that all five were equally guilty in the eyes of the law and that arrest of any one of them meant certain death for all.

Nor did they worry about the bones. Even if they were found, there would be no proof of the actual crime.

As Sheriff, I had known Abe Baxter intimately and seldom went to Fruitdale without stopping to see him. His barber shop was a gathering place for folks from miles around. I had heard of his unfortunate break with his wife and knew that he had left Fruitdale. When he bade his wife and small son a final goodby, he told them he was going forever, They knew nothing of his plans.

Three months passed, close friends of Baxter began to wonder why he didn't write, then someone recalled that the barber had displayed a large roll of bills , on the day of his departure.

When this story reached my office at the courthouse, I listened with interest, but could see no reason to open an investigation. Perhaps in the excitement of starting life anew Baxter had merely neglected to write his cronies.

That year many complaints reached my office of deer shooting out of season, head the list of culprits was the name of Joe Skumro. I turned the reports over to Game Warden H.D. Lyons . With my deputy, G.E. Alday, we went to Joe's home, the Officers, seeing no one about, thoroughly searched the yard, and out-buildings for evidence of illegal hunting, but could fine nothing , then Lyons entered one door of the small abode and Alday the other, hearing a stealthy sound behind him, Alday wheeled to find himself staring into the muzzle of a double-barreled shotgun in Skumro's hands. The deputy saw that the weapon was uncocked and, with a movement so rapid it was almost imperceptible he leveled his own weapon at the big farmer, cocking the hammer on the way up.

"Drop the gun Joe, or I'll fire," he ordered calmly. The big man's weapon thudded to the floor. "You've been shooting deer," the deputy said, "come along with us."

The officers, with some surprise, noted an expression of relief cross the face of their captive. " Is that all you're after"? Skumro sneered. " You ain't got a thing on me."

They did'nt have evidence of deer hunting, but Joe was tried for resisting arrest with a loaded gun, and got a year and a day at Kilby prison. We could'nt figure out then why he took his sentence with a smile.

When a year had gone by and no one had heard from Abe Baxter, I was again mildly curious. Learning that Gene Mizelle had accompanled his uncle to Arkansas, I got from him a list of towns they had visited, and mailed letters of inquiry to police officials, and sheriffs asking them to locate Abe.

None of them had ever heard of Abe Baxter. Murder cases have three elements-a corpse, a motive, and killer or killers.

We began to suspect there was a motive for killing Abe Baxter. We knew Abe left home with his soldier bonus, plus the receipts from the sale of his barber shop and school bus. We knew he had disappeared but months fled by with no proof that there was a corpse or a killer. Then two years after the crime, a strange thing happened.

One night in autumn some 20 farmers near Fruitdale were celebrating the harvest with dance and song. In one corner of the living-room sat a group of young folk. In their center was Gene Mizelle , Abe's nephew, entertaining those who would listen with homespun yarns. Conversation at a lull, Ruth Trilby remarked, " Too bad Abe Baxter isn't with us any more. He sure could fry chicken."

Mizelle stared at her, " Abe won't fry no more chicken," he said slowly. " He's guarding the crossing."

Then, realizing his careless slip, he drew in his breath, glanced quickly from face to face to see if his remark had registered. Someone laughed, it was apparent Gene was just pulling one of his wisecracks. The conversation turned to other topics.

But Ruth Trilby didn't laugh. Barely 18, she had heard rumors concerning Abe Baxter's disappearance. Silently gazing at Mizelle's face, her woman's intuition told her that here was a remark which had deep significance.

Everybody around Fruitdale knew about the old "crossing" . It was a secluded spot in the big woods where an abandoned dirt road crossed a faint foot trail. Ruth quietly left the group in the corner and imparted her suspicions to her friend, Frank Robbins .

The latter grinned broadly, and said that it was probably one of "Gene's crazy remarks." Next day, however, Robbins was setting coon traps in the woods and when he neared the crossing he decided to satisfy a mild curiosity, whistling softly, he headed for the opening.

When he reached a low-spreading bay tree his whistling stopped abruptly. His face turned chalky white and he felt his knees grow weak.

Robbins, like most natives, had hunted ever since he could walk and had seen the carcass of every type of animal in the country. But the bones lying there in front of him on the ground were different. They were human!

More convincing was a rusty shotgun, a man's belt, an old hat, a mud-spattered pair of shoes and a pair of trousers stiffened with exposure. These articles, with the bones, had fallen to the ground when the burlap bag rotted away.

The youth turned on his heel, ran almost a mile to the home of Oscar Weldy on Mill Creek Road and breathlessly told his tale. The latter called Sheriff Sowell, at LeaskesvilleMs. - the crossing being in Sowell's county.

The Sheriff and his deputy, Joe Thomas, soon were gingerly inspecting the strange find. To the untrained eye, it would seem that some hunter had met with an accident and greedy buzzards had finished him off. But Sowell's eye was not untrained. He at once noted that the theory of accidental death was unconvincing. "Look at those clothes," he told his deputy. "See anything wrong there"? As the other officer stared, he added, "They aren't rotted enough to have been on the body when it decomposed. There's something else; if buzzards ate the flesh, why aren't the trousers torn?" " Nope," the sheriff said slowly, " that man died with his clothes off. Either that, or somebody took ‘em off right after he died."

Sowell soon had the story from young Robbins as to how he had made his gruesome discovery from Gene's careless remark of the night before. Sowell called my office at Chatom and I rushed to the scene, arriving about the same time as the coroner. It was quickly evident to all of us that those bones had been there for many months. We began the unpleasant task of gathering up the remains and placing them in a carton. Suddenly I spotted a small metal clamp screwed in a leg bone and my excitement grew. Abe had had a broken leg. A surgeon had repaired the break, I knew, with a metal clamp. A few moments later, the coroner brushed some dirt from the shoulder blade, and exclaimed, " look at this," he pointed to a large ragged hole , obviously made by gunshot. No question now in my mind. This was Abe Baxters body and he had been murdered. It would be an easy matter to locate the surgeon and have him identify his own handiwork. Since it appeared the crime had been committed on the Mississippi side, I found Gene Mizelle, and brought him to the Leakesville, Ms., jail. But if we expected a confession we were deemed to disappointment, for Gene steadfastly and emphatically denied having any part in the murder of his uncle. " I had a dream," he said, looking me streight in the eye. " I often have dreams that come true. This time I saw Abe's body lying at the crossing. Everybody knows I wouldn't hurt him. I liked him better than anyone in the world."

For a solid week he refused to alter this strange tale. We knew we were helpless. Abe Baxters body was positively identified by the surgeon who had repaired his leg. We knew he was murdered, but we had no evidence as to when, where, or by whom.

At length we were forced to release Gene. Then an idea struck me . I was positive that Mizelle thought a great deal of Abe Baxter and that if he really knew anything as to how his uncle met his death he was refusing to talk only because he feared for his own life, if this were true no amount of persuasion could move him. But an emotional appeal might.

After a conference with State Solicitor Joe Pelham; we quietly brought Gene to the latter's office . On the big table were spread the bones of Abe Baxter. "That ," I said to him, "is your uncle. We are convinced that you had nothing to do with his killing. But we're certain you know how it happened. Will you talk if we promise to protect you?

The effect was electric, Gene's eyes welled with tears. He grabbed me by the coat lapels, "I'll talk ," he screamed. "I'll tell the whole story, but you'll have to protect me. They'll kill me. They said they would and they will."

Gene did talk. He told us the whole weird, gruesome story, from beginning to end, detailing th life of horror he had led ever since that night in the dusk two years before. " I really didn't mean to hit him. " he finished sobbing, " but I was so scared I didn't know what I was doing."

The night after the murder, Gene sobbed, Abe's body was carried deep into the woods to the Donald shack and placed in a rafter which opened off the porch. When Skunro discovered the buzzards, the boiling party followed.

Six months later Skumro, Dailey and Berry had taken down the gunny sack from the bay tree limb, scattered Abe's bones at the crossing and cunningly placed his shotgun, watch and clothing where, believing it would appear an accidental death.

But the fiendish killers had overlooked several minor details, as killers generally do.

That night Joe Skumro, Wes Berry, Wash Dailey and Emile Gurney were safely lodged in jail, but each stoutly denied any part in the crime. When news of the confession leaked out a muttering crowd gathered and we were forced to rush three of the prisoners out the back door- Skumro to Mobile, Dailey to Waynesboro, Miss and Gene Mizelle back to Leaksville. We still had no evidence against the killers except Gene Mizelle's signed confession. One man's word against four. A very weak case indeed, if the defendants hired a good lawer.

Jimmy Morris, who saw mthe buzzards over the Donald shack, came foward with his story but it was of slight value as evidence. There was but one chance left, and that a slim one, to pin the crime on the actual killers. In desperation, we were forced to resort to it.

We placed Wes Berry and Gene Mizelle in the same cell and carefully hidden deputy listened nearby. Almost at once Berry said, "We‘re all going to burn for this, Gene, unless you change your story. If you do there won't be any case against us. You just let on like you been crazy half your life and didn't know what you were saying." To the deputy's utter amazement, he heard Gene agree! Had our plan rebounded? If Gene carried out this latest promise our case was shot to pieces and I knew we would have to release them all.

While we were studying what next to do a trusty tipped me off that Skumro had somehow smuggled a hunting knife into his cell and had bragged to prisoners, he was going to kill jailer Whitset and Deputy Alday, he was going to " cut their heads off," he boasted. Whitset and I rushed to his cell. I drew my service revolver, aware of the fierce brutality of the man, and ordered him to throw his knife to me on the floor. For several moments he gazed at us sullenly, then reached in his pocket and tossed the knife forward.

In May, 1932, trials in the weirdest muder case in the history of the South began. We literally held our breath as Gene Mizelle took the stand.

One by one he pointed out his four companions on the night of then murder as the latter sat glumly staring. At three separate trials of Wash Dailey, Joe Skumro and Wes Berry, he repeated the story verbatim. Wash Dailey, Abe's brother-in law, was mad because Abe was leaving home, he said. Joe S kumro wasn't mad about anything, the witness declared. He just wanted Abe's money. Wes Berry, he averred, was ired because he thought Abe had paid undue attention to his daughter. Gene couldn't explain Emile Gurney's presence at the murder and declarer the latter had taken no part whatever in the actual crime.

Just before the trials began, we discovered a surprise witness. Elmer Turner, of Fruitdale, had borrowed a two-bladed knife from Wash Dailey a year before. He still had the knife and was convinced it belonged to Abe Baxter, his friend.

Three juries found Daily, Skumro and Berry guilty of first degree murder. Berry , first to be tried, drew life, as did Wash Dailey, Joe Skumro got 50 years. As the fourth trial, Emile Gurney's attorney put up a brillant defense and his client was subsequently released and completely exonerated.

Gene Mizelle, star witness for the state and the only man to confess the weird story, was indicted on charges of first degree murder, but after Gurney's acquittal, the charges were dropped.

To this day, Gene will freely discuss the crime with anyone who wants to talk about it. He lives on a farm near Fruitdale. Wes Dailey and Joe Skumro still idle their days in Alabama State Prison at Kilby.

And Abe Baxter's bones, at this writing, still repose in the attic of the courthouse at Chatom, unhuried and unclaimed in a brown pasteboard carton. Editor's Note: To spare possible embarrassment to inncent persons, the names Ruth Trilby and Emile Gurney, used in this story, are not real but fictitious.+

Robert L. Trawick Born / / 1817 (was a Blacksmith, Born N.C. Married Sarah Pope) In 1850 Decator Co. Census

Robert L. Trawick 1817-

Abner Uraly Raleigh Trawick Born 10/16/1840 Died / / Married Pharobia Boyett, In 1850 Decator Co. Ga. Census

Tabitha Darkas Trawick Born 12/15/1841 Died / / Married Hurst. In 1850 Decator Co. Ga Census

Louis Trawick Born 02/19/1843 Died / / Never Married ,In 1850 Decator Co. Ga. Census

Phildelphia Ann ( Aunt Delph) Born 07/20/1844 Died / / Never Married In 1850 Decator Co. Ga. Census

Lundsford Nathaniel Trawick Born 11/14/1845 Died 11/10/1917 He was born in Ga. In 1850 Decator Co. Ga. Census Married Juicy Cleemteen Partin ,she was born 05/08/1842 Died 08/20/1897, They Married 11/19/1870 in Conecuh Co. Ala,

Nancy Elizabeth Trawick Born 04/22/? Died / / Married Joseph Barnes In 1850 Decator Co. Ga. Census

John Trawick Born 05/ /1849 Died / /

Wiley MacDavid Trawick Born 03/11/1850 Died / / Married Mandy Bowen

Vina Trawick Borb 09/09/1851 Died / / Married Cabeb Stephen Ward

Trousdel Zedekeah Trawick Born 02/25/1853 Died / / Married Melessa Ann Ward

Sarah Frances Trawick Born / / Died / /

Lunsford Nathaniel Trawick 1845-1917

William Abner Trawick Born 03/09/1880 Died / / Married Carrie Barnes who was born 10/27/1882

William Abner Trawick 1880-1954

Cora Onila Trawick Born 04/19/1901 Died / / Married William Warren Mizell

Samuel Enoch Trawick Born 11/22/1903 Died 11/21/1947 wife Adlaide Born 08/27/1906 Died08/05/1948

Laura Ethel Trawick Born 01/25/1899 Died / /

Bessy Trawick Born / / Died / /

Thomas Walker Trawick Born / / Died / /

Walter William Trawick Born / / Died / /1995

Harvey Trawick Born / / Died / / Married Peggy Merchant Seaman , Harvey , and Peggy had a house in downtown mobile, when I was growing up, My parents would go visit them, us kids would all have a good time playing with their kids, They would take about WW11, Harvey was in a Seaman in it and Aunt Peggy was born and raised in Englang

James Trawick Born / / Died / /

Roy Trawick Born 04/07/1921 Died 02/26/1982 Servrd in U.S. Navy WW11, Disabled Veteran

Louis Marie Trawick Born / / Died / / Samuel Trawick -Jencey Parton

Joe Barnes-Elizabeth Trawick Barnes

Carrie Barnes Born / / Died / / Married William Abner Trawick

Ruth lulu Owens Mizell 10/25/1923-03/11/1993 Father was Mattew Frank Owens, Mother was Etta Jones Owens

Etta Jones Owens 1886-1951 Matthew Frank Owens 1874-

Ruth Lulu Owens Born / / Died / / Married John Mizell

Ben Owens Born / / Died / / Married Velma Velma was Born 04/28/1906 Died 01/04/1975

Maggie McElroy Jones 04/10/1872-03/30/1942 Henry B. Jones 06/18/1866- 11/28/1952

Etta Jones Born 07 /27 /1886 Died 07/19/1951 Married Frank Owens

Nathan E. Jones Born 08/04/1897 Died / / Married Nettie Norton Born 08/14/1896 Died 06/14/1968

Lettie Jones Born 10/14/1910 Died / / Married Jack Dearman Born 02/24/1907 Died 04/23/1992 Lived in Millary,Ala.

Nellie Ethel Jones Born 11/12/1907 Died 09/29/1980 Married Foster C. Clarke Born 05/07/1908 Died 06/08/1983

From: Sandra W. Doolittle

Story goes Owens owned (1872) a store in Escatawpa and he owed my great grandpapa Dr. Joseph R. Waldrop money when . g-grandpapa went to collect it Owens shot him in the back of the head and left him in a field buried under leaves. My great-grandpapa was one mean man...he was six foot-six inches tall... Physician, Minister, Ret. Merch., Justice of the peace. State Rep. of Washington County... and also the KKK.. he once beat up the Judge of Probate while in his klan's robe. The Judge reconized his voice, and his height.... So if Owens was going to take him out... the way he did it was the best way.

Mizell Coat of Arms


French Coat Of Arms

John R. Mizell (Vietnam)

John R. Mizell & Grandmother Cora Onelia Trawick

Carter Letters given to me by Grady Mizelle