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Beautiful Handmade Dolls
Recalling the dreams and sacrifices of our pioneer ancestors, Chantilly Heirloom presents the "My Comfort Doll" collection.  In the struggles of crossing the plains and giving up the comforts of the homes they left behind, the little pioneer girls fought back the tears of lost playmates and abandoned toys.  Mothers, with tender emotions, comforted them by taking pillowcases and creating light-weight dolls that could be carried easily and grasped in the dark night.

I started making the Comfort Dolls as a service to children in shelters.  From that experience I began to make the dolls for my little sisters and their friends.  Whether used for a collector's display or for a little angel's midnight comfort these dolls are precious and unique.  The original pioneer pillowcase dolls did not have faces so the little girls could rely upon their own imagination for their companion's expressions and emotions.  I have carried on that tradition in my Comfort Dolls Collection. 

My sisters, Chrystal (2), 
Chalae (5) and Cheyanne (7).

My Comfort Dolls are made from soft material, perfect for cuddling at night.  Because they are handmade, each doll is unique.  They are accented with ribbon and lace.  The dolls are easily washed by machine when tied inside a pillowcase to protect the ribbon.

My Comfort Doll...$20.00+ shipping
Utah residents please include 6.25% sales tax.
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