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Before, Now, and Forever
Chamrie Logan

As a mother lays her son to rest,
Her tears fall on his little chest.
Thinking his hand was made to mold
Around her finger in a loving hold.

She sits beside him day and night,
His hold on her finger a little tight,
As she tells him how he値l play,
With all his brothers and sisters someday.

In his eyes she sees the pain,
That comes with every breath he gains,
As he struggles to hold his mother tight,
Not yet wanting his spirit to take flight.

Then solemnly he looks at her,
 His eyes full of love,
Flashing a smile for her,
 Brighter than the stars above.

His smile was joyful, and for her alone,
As if to say, 的 have to go home,
But I love you mother, really I do,
And someday I値l come back to you.

展e were meant to be,
Together through eternity.
I was yours before my birth,
And now I知 still yours on this earth.

的 love you more than I can say,
We are one in many ways.
We have always been,
And were always to be together,
Before, Now, and Forever.
copyright 1996 by Chamrie Logan
The above is written for a son.

In 1979 my mother gave birth to her first child.  Marshall Wayne was born six weeks premature and weighed just over three pounds.  He lived in the hospital until his last breath on the day my mother held him while my father held her.  From the time I was born I have been taught about the eternal nature of the family.  Combining that teaching with love for my parents caused me to write this poem when I was twelve.

The poem expresses a beautiful and enduring sentiment for those who have suffered the death of a baby.   I have written two versions, one for daughters and one for sons.  The poem comes beautifully printed on high quality 81/2 x 11 inch paper on either a background of blue sky with clouds or of an LDS Temple and ready to be added to your favorite frame.

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