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My Cyber Friends

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This is Cassie: Animorph Girl and Makaila Kelsey: Dolphin Girl. Cassie is holding the blue box a.k.a. the Escafil Device that gives the Animorphs their morphing powers. Makaila has a very pretty dolphin necklace and sparkly blue eyes that match the ocean.
Erin, the girl that made this dolphin girl for me, has become a great e-mail friend! I thank her for creating this.

This is Emerald-Primrose. She is my Merbabe.
Click here to adopt one!

This is my dolphin, Amethyst. She loves to swim with humans.

This is my dolphin, Moonbeam. She likes the ocean.

Adoption Certificate
Moonbeam was adopted by Crystal a.k.a. Dolphin Moon on 8/21/98 at Dolphins World on the Web Adoption Agency

This is my orca whale, Shamu. She loves to perform for humans, but she still lives in the ocean where she is free.
This is my orca whale, Waves. She likes to ride the waves on her back.

This is my goldfish, Sunshine. She has her own bowl.

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This is my Woobie puppy. He is named Aldebaron, after the star in the constellation Taurus.
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This is my cat, Ivy. Doesn't she have beautiful green eyes?!
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This is my puppy, Roseblossom. She loves the smell of roses.
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This is my puppy, Butterscotch. He is very friendly, that is why he wags his tail.

This is my mouse, Squeek. He loves to run in his wheel.
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